The Code of Akademeia (魔導院ノ心得, Madōin no Kokoroe?, lit. Knowledge of the Magic Academy) is a section of the Rubicus that contains archives of all gameplay explanations.


Changing Characters and Triggering EventsEdit

Some events at Akademeia can only be triggered by using certain characters.
Attempting to initiate an event with a different character will earn you a hint as to who will trigger the sequence. Change active members at relic terminals.

Free Time and Important IconsEdit

You have twelve hours of time in one day.
Pay attention to characters with the following icons floating above their heads:

  • [Vermilion Bird]: Necessary for proceeding further in the game.
  • "!": Initiates an event, but uses two hours of free time.
  • "?": Offers tutorials and hints for proceeding further in the game (uses no time).
  • Info: Provides a particular service, like selling items (uses no time).

(As you progress through the game, be on the lookout for other icons.)

The ✓ IconEdit

A ✓ over a character's head indicates a cutscene you have already seen.
Talk to the character to view the cutscene again without losing any free time.

Finding Your Next DestinationEdit

When you open the field menu, a [Vermilion Bird] mark on the map will indicate where you need to go.
Follow the Vermilion Bird to reach your next destination.

Advancing to Mission DayEdit

If you are ready to march, speak with Tachinami (or, in his absence, Kasumi) in Central Command to skip ahead to mission day regardless of how much free time you have left. Advancing time will cancel all incomplete events and requests.

Aborting MissionsEdit

If you have lost too many cadets and feel you are unable to complete the mission, select "Abort Mission" from the field menu to quit the campaign and return to Akademeia.
Your squad will lose all items, phantoma, and SPP obtained but retain all EXP and AP earned.
If all members die in battle, however, they will lose everything earned and restart from the last save point.

Adjusting the DifficultyEdit

Adjust the difficulty from relic terminals around Orience.

  • Cadet (Novice): reduces damage received, lowers enemy HP
  • Officer (Intermediate): standard difficulty level
  • Agito (Advanced): increases all enemy levels by 30

Fulfill certain conditions to unlock an even greater challenge.

Exploring the World of OrienceEdit

Stepping out into Orience causes six hours to elapse.
You cannot leave Akademeia if less than six hours remain until your next mission.
While exploring Orience, your HP and MP will automatically recover after each battle, so feel free to use magic to take down your enemies and earn plenty of EXP.
You can immediately return to Akademeia at any time by accessing the field menu.

Fulfilling RequestsEdit

Characters with a "Task" icon ask special requests and favors of Class Zero.
Fulfill tasks for people around Orience to receive various rewards.
Undertaking one of these tasks will not elapse time.
Collect a reward by speaking to the client after completing the task.
On Mission Day, collect your reward by reporting to a proxy at Akademeia.

Expert TrialsEdit

Speak to the tribune at Akademeia's main gate to take part in expert trials.
Participation in expert trials requires twelve hours of free time: six hours to leave Akademeia, and six hours to complete the operation.
Your destination is indicated on the map of Orience with [Vermilion Bird].
Expert trials are extremely difficult, and most cannot be aborted, so proceed with caution.

Combat SimulationsEdit

Select one cadet to fight enemies and earn a small amount of EXP and phantoma.
End the training session at any time by selecting "Abort Mission" or by exiting the arena.
Falling in battle does not result in game over, but the training session ends automatically.
Even if you die, you still retain all EXP and phantoma obtained during the session.

Secret TrainingEdit

Select one squad member to earn EXP and stat boosts in between play sessions.
Longer training sessions earn higher bonuses, but results vary by cadet and training partner.

Enhancing SpellsEdit

Enhance spells at the Altocrystarium and relic terminals around Orience.
In addition, new magic can be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.

Backup from AkademeiaEdit

You can call for backup from Akademeia to receive support from fellow cadets, reduce the damage allies take, and earn Support Personnel Points (SPP).
An SP member will join your squad and fight alongside your leader for a short time.
However, SP unit casualties will be counted in your final mission grade.
Adjust backup settings from "Options" under the "Preferences" subheading of the field menu.

Support Personnel (SP) and SP RankEdit

The Support Personnel (SP) are cadets who provide backup on missions.
Requesting backup earns Support Personnel Points (SPP) and boosts your SP Rank.
Earn a higher SP Rank to access exclusive spells and equipment.

SPP PostEdit

Earn Support Personnel Points (SPP) by requesting backup from other cadets.
Exchange SPP for items at the SPP Post in Central Command.

Knowing TagsEdit

Knowing Tags are found on the bodies of dead soldiers and strewn about the battlefield.
Collect these dominion IDs and return them to the Class Eight moogle.
The reward you receive changes depending on the number of tags you return at one time.

Commuter ShuttlesEdit

Akademeia (in cooperation with Skysoar Airlines) has resumed commuter shuttle service to locations around Rubrum.
The number of destinations will increase as the dominion expands its sphere of influence.

The Prototype Assault Vessel: SetzerEdit

Call the Setzer from anywhere in Orience with [Triangle]+[Circle].

  • Tilt [Left Analog] to steer the airship.
  • Press [Triangle] to boost and [L1] to brake.
  • Hold [R1] to lock on and press [Square] to fire magic shots.
  • Press [Circle] to land on accessible terrain.

The airship can fly all over the world but can only land in certain areas.
Down airborne enemies that engage the Setzer by locking on and firing magic shots.
The amount of gil you earn increases with each successive takedown.


Completed missions can be replayed at any time from "Missions" on the title screen.
Any character may participate in these replays regardless of the data loaded.
Items and EXP earned during replay missions are saved and applied to your current file.
Missions cannot be replayed from a mid-mission save file.
A special icon on the save/load screen indicates a file with a mission in progress.


Moving and Looking AroundEdit

Tilt [Left Analog] to move.
Tilt [Right Analog] to look around, and press [R3] to reset your view.

Fundamentals of AttackingEdit

Press [Square] to draw your weapon and attack.
Note that you will receive more damage when attacked without your weapon drawn.
Adjust button layout from "Controls" under the "Preferences" subheading of the field menu.

Locking On and Switching TargetsEdit

Use [R1] to lock on to a target.
Tilt [Right Analog] left or right or press [L2]/[R2] to switch targets.
Tilt [Right Analog] down to target the closest enemy.
Tilt [Right Analog] up to target fallen enemies or nearby objects.

Casting SpellsEdit

Hold down the assigned button to begin casting a spell, then release to attack.
Certain types of magic take longer to incant than others.
In addition, for some spells, holding the button longer may result in stronger magic.

Abilities and the Ability Gauge (AG)Edit

Press the assigned button to use a special ability (depletes Ability Gauge).
Refill the Ability Gauge (AG) by dealing damage to enemies.
The more damage you inflict, the faster you will replenish AG.

Dodging and DefendingEdit

Press [Circle] while moving to dodge enemy attacks.
Stand still and hold [Circle] to take a defensive stance (depletes Ability Gauge).
For cadets equipped with defense magic, stand still and hold [Circle] to begin casting, then release to unleash a protective spell (uses MP).

Killsight and BreaksightEdit

When locked on to a target, a colored mark indicates vulnerability.
Attack an enemy with a yellow mark (Breaksight) to deal massive damage.
Attack an enemy with a red mark (Killsight) to instantly kill the target.

Phantoma CollectionEdit

Press [Square] while locked on to fallen enemies to harvest their phantoma.
Collecting phantoma restores MP and damages nearby enemies.
Casting magic requires MP, so it is advisable to harvest as much phantoma as possible.

Harvesting Phantoma in BattleEdit

Tilt [Right Analog] up to lock on to a fallen enemy during battle, then press [Square] to collect their phantoma.

Primed StatusEdit

Certain squad formations grant active members Primed status at the start of missions.
These cadets receive Aura and Trance status and also take less damage.

Energy WallsEdit

Neutralize energy walls that block your path by collecting phantoma or by defeating enemy leaders or enemies marked with a special icon on your radar.

Recovering HPEdit

Stand still to recover HP.
Putting away your weapon with [L1] increases the rate at which you recover HP, but also the amount of damage you take.

Status Enhancements and AilmentsEdit

  • Burn: deals damage for a set period of time
  • Freeze: disables movement
  • Shock: deals damage for a set period of time
  • Poison: continuously depletes HP
  • Silence: disables allies' use of magic
  • Stun: disables enemy movement
  • Stop: disables movement
  • Killsight: deals instant death when struck
  • Primed: grants allies Aura and Trance status
  • Aura: doubles power of physical attacks
  • Trance: doubles power of magical attacks
  • Regen: gradually restores HP
  • Haste: doubles movement speed
  • Quick: halves allies' casting time
  • Protect: halves physical damage received
  • Invisible: grants allies invisibility
  • Reraise: automatically resurrects allies when they die
  • Endure: prevents flinching
  • Rage: grants enemies Aura, Haste, and Endure status
  • Freecast: reduces allies' MP Cost to 0
  • Barrier: protects enemies from magical attacks
  • Invincible: prevents all damage

Recovery PortalsEdit

Recovery portals appear in various locations throughout Orience.
Stand on the portals to fully recover your HP, MP, and Ability Gauge (AG).
The portals will disappear after one use.

Switching Active LeadersEdit

Sub in a new active leader with [left or right on the D-pad].
Switching active leaders depletes the Ability Gauge.

Leveling Up Cadets and Deploying Reserve MembersEdit

Cadets who participate in combat will receive experience points (EXP) and level up.
Squad members not currently participating in combat remain on standby in the reserves.
Those who remain in the reserves throughout a mission will not earn EXP or level up.
However, some cadets perform better than others depending on the circumstances.
Prepare for anything by training all of your cadets evenly, then utilize their unique strengths to gain the upper hand in battle.
Adjust your squad formation at relic terminals mid-mission and deploy your reserves, or replay completed missions from "Missions" on the title screen to train other cadets.
When one of your active squad members falls in battle, press [up on the D-pad] to replace him or her with a cadet from the reserves.
Losing all cadets will result in game over.

Interactive SwitchesEdit

An arrow appears over switches and other important objects.
Press [X] to interact with an object.

Enemy LeadersEdit

The leader of an organized enemy unit is marked with a distinct icon.
Defeat the leader to end combat immediately.

Enemy Flight and SurrenderEdit

Remaining enemies start to flee when their leader falls.
Stragglers attempting to escape will be inflicted with Killsight status.
Those who fail to flee the area will surrender.
Approach and press [X] to acquire items from them.

Relic TerminalsEdit

Relic terminals appear in various locations throughout Orience.
Activate them to save your game, reorganize your squad, and check your status.

Summoning EidolonsEdit

Hold [Triangle]+[Circle] to sacrifice your active leader and summon a powerful Eidolon.
Adjust your active squad command from the Squad Formation menu.
Only one squad command may be equipped per mission.

Triad ManeuversEdit

Press [Triangle]+[Circle] to have all squad members unleash a special attack as a unit (depletes AG).
You must have three cadets in your squad to perform a triad maneuver.
Adjust your active squad command from the Squad Formation menu.
Only one squad command may be equipped per mission.

The Ultimate Spell: Vermilion BirdEdit

Hold [Triangle]+[Circle] to build energy, then release to summon the Vermilion Bird.
You must have three cadets in your squad to cast the spell.
Adjust your active squad command from the Squad Formation menu.
Only one squad command may be equipped per mission.

Special Orders (SO)Edit

Review incoming Special Order (SO) transmissions with [Touchpad].
After confirming their contents, you may choose to decline with no penalty.
However, if an SO is accepted, the penalty for failure is death.
Avoid death by dodging three of the portals that appear.
Earn rewards by completing these special tasks. SOs with red icons provide exceptional rewards.

Map of OrienceEdit

Regional DominanceEdit

When the dominion launches an occupation campaign against its enemies, fulfilling the victory condition will end the mission and result in success, but triggering the losing condition will result in game over.

Using the RadarEdit

The yellow arrow on the radar in the upper-right indicates your destination.

Adjusting the View and Checking the Theater MapEdit

Press [left or right on the D-pad] to change your point of view.
Press [Touchpad] to view the theater of operations and enemy information.
Time does not pass while the theater map is open.

Engaging the EnemyEdit

Use magic and physical attacks to defeat the enemy.
Abilities and defense commands are ineffective against enemy units.

Enemy Attack PatternsEdit

Enemy units will attack when nearby and when under fire.
Strike enemy units from the rear to halve damage from counterattacks.

Disrupting Deployment BalanceEdit

Attack enemy units to disrupt their deployment rate and create an opening for dominion troops to invade enemy bases.

Base FortificationEdit

When enemies approach, domains and strongholds stop deploying units and begin fortification, indicated by a [shield] icon.
Direct allied troops to attack enemy bases on the defensive to prevent them from regrouping.

Attacking Domains and StrongholdsEdit

In the field, your squad's attacks will prove ineffective against enemy bases.
Only dominion units can deal damage to enemy domains and strongholds.
Direct dominion troops toward enemy camps in order to achieve victory.

MP RecoveryEdit

Approach a dominion domain or stronghold to automatically recover MP.

Capturing Domains and StrongholdsEdit

Once occupied, enemy domains and strongholds will become dominion footholds from which you can dispatch troops.

Special MissionsEdit

Mog occasionally offers special assignments in the field that provide fittingly exceptional rewards upon completion.

Gaining CommandEdit

Complete special assignments to earn control over the bases and strongholds involved.
The [command] icon indicates a domain or stronghold is under your control.
Press [X] while near these camps to issue commands.

Energy WallsEdit

Energy walls gradually refortify strongholds and protect them against invasion.
The [heart] icon indicates a stronghold is refortifying its defenses.
You cannot infiltrate a stronghold while its respective energy wall is still active.
Neutralize energy walls by dealing enough damage to their respective strongholds using your allied troops.

Invading and Occupying TownsEdit

Although domains fall after they take a certain amount of damage, you must also invade an enemy stronghold before you can occupy it.
Approach and press [X] to initiate an invasion.
Complete special assignments during the operation to earn command over the stronghold.

Receiving MogviceEdit

Press [Triangle]+[Circle] during large-scale operations to ask Mog for strategies and tips regarding what to do next.

Stronghold RanksEdit

Domains and strongholds have ranks indicating the strength of the units they deploy.