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The Annals of Orience (歴史ノ記録, Rekishi no Kiroku?, lit. Historical Records) is a section of the Rubicus that documents the history of Orience. It also doubles as an event viewer for all previously unlocked cutscenes.

Entries are divided into one of the following:

  • Annals (軍事, Gunji?): Text-based records of the history of Orience.
  • Missions (作戦, Sakusen?): Text-based records of missions.
  • Scenes (映像, Eizō?): Cutscenes that can be viewed at any time.
  • Special (特典, Tokuten?): Bonus cutscenes that can only be viewed from the Rubicus, and are not played during the regular storyline.

List of entries Edit

Note: Events in Final Fantasy Type-0 take place in the year 842 RG unless noted.

Event Date Category Unlocked
Federation and Republic
The Ultima War
The Vermilion Dawn
Rise of the Black Tortoise
Establishment of the Dominion of Rubrum
Formation of the Lorican Alliance
Founding of the Militesi Empire
Formation of the Kingdom of Dracobaltia
Institution of a Mechanized Imperial Army and the First Lorican-Militesi War
Dracobaltia: Formation of Monster Military Units
Lorica: Development of Crystal-Powered Armaments
The Rubrumite-Dracobaltian War
The Dracobaltian Coup and the Sealing of Naraku
Establishment of the Kingdom of Concordia
Establishment of Akademeia's Sorcery Division
The Second Lorican-Militesi War
Milites: Invention of Magitek Armor
Concordia: Institution of Dragon Commands
The Third Lorican-Militesi War
The Rubrumite-Concordian War
Rubrum: Implementation of Eidolons
The Rubrumite-Militesi War
Lorica: Creation of the King's Crystal Armaments
The Great Orience War
The Pax Codex and the Fabula Pact
Establishment of Dominion Central Command
Establishment of the Armory Guilds
Establishment of the Chocobo Ranch
Marshal Cid Aulstyne Seizes Control of the Empire
Outbreak of Dominion-Empire Border Disputes
Imperial Invasion of Rubrum
The Akademeia Liberation
The Structure of Akademeia
The Dominion Legions
The Dominion Crimson Wings
The Imperial Militia
Imperial Dreadnoughts
The Royal Army
The Alliance Military
The Cadets' First Deployment
Cadets on the Battlefield
Operation Reconquista
The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold
The Empire's New Magitek Armors
Operation Breakthrough
The Keziah Diversion
United Front
The Infiltration of Iscah
Milites Seizes the Black Tortoise Crystal
Expelling the Empire
The Clash in the Caverns
Operation MA Demolition
A Fog-Laden Foray
The Empire's Ultima Bomb Project
Escaping the Imperial Capital
The Empire's Enhanced Soldier Project
Mission Under Ceasefire
Covering the Cadets
The Reclamation of Eibon
A Charge on the Border
The Battle on the Beach
Colonel Faith's Revolt
The First Battle of Judecca
The Concordian Coup and the Militesi-Concordian Alliance
Operation Vulturnus
The Clash on Big Bridge
The Last Line of Defense
The Retreat from Roshana
Operation Sticky Fingers
Imperial Magitek Engineering
Secret Agents Zero
Operation Dragon Slayer
Thwarting the Royal Ambush
Wyverns in the Woods
The Kingdom's Final Hours
The Climatic Clash at Azurr
Operation Homecoming
Protecting the Defector
The Amiter Resistance
The Excavated Airship
Dominating the Dragon's Nest
The Dominion Legions in the Twilight of War
Colonel Faith's Last Stand
Capturing the Imperial Capital
Machina's Struggle
Invasion of the Rursus