Ru'Aun Gardens.

Ru'Aun Gardens is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

Locations Edit

Islands of the Divine Guardians Edit

RuAunGard Island

View of one of the four islands of the Divine Guardians.

Four floating islands around Ru'Aun Gardens are each guarded by the Divine Guardian of a cardinal point. Adventurers in possession of rare items acquired from NMs in Tu'Lia are able to challenge the four Divine Guardians, collectively known as the Shijin, on these islands. Access to each island is restricted whenever a Divine Guardian is being challenged.

The Shijin are Genbu of the North, Byakko of the West, Seiryu of the East and Suzaku of the South.

Pincerstones Edit

RuAunGard Pincerstone

A Pincerstone.

Various pincerstones can be found around Ru'Aun Gardens. Each pincerstone can be used to activate a nearby blue Zilartian portal for a short while, allowing passage to another island.

Portals Edit

RuAunGard Portal

A portal.

Ancient Zilartian portals are the only mode of transport between the various floating islands in Ru'Aun Gardens. While some portals are perpetually active, others are only temporarily activated by the use of pincerstones.

  • Blue portals are used to transport adventurers between the five main islands in Ru'Aun Gardens and require the activation of a pincerstone.
  • Yellow portals are used to access the islands of the Shijin. Access is restricted whenever the Shijin of that island is being challenged.
  • Red portals are used to transit between the entrances of La'Loff Amphitheater and the major islands of Ru'Aun Gardens.
  • Purple portals take adventurers from the islet connecting to the Hall of the Gods to the main island of Ru'Aun Gardens.
  • Green portals take adventurers back to the islet connecting to the Hall of the Gods.

Data Registration Device Edit

RuAunGard Data Register

A Zilartian Data Registration Device.

Position:(G-9), (I-9)

Two Zilartian data registration devices can be found on Ru'Aun Gardens. Their purpose is to register users who may choose to arrive at Ru'Aun Gardens via a teleportation platform in the Hall of Transference.

Planar Rift Edit

RuAunGard Planar Rift

A planar rift in Ru'Aun Gardens.

Position: (G-5), (I-11), (J-6)

These mysterious rifts are disturbances in the fabric of time and space. It is from here that extradimensional invaders of unknown origin, collectively known as "Voidwalkers", breach into Vana'diel. To stem the tide of invasion, adventurers may volunteer themselves in Voidwatch operations to dispatch these intruders at the source. The fiend Aello can be found at the Planar Rifts here.

Connected Areas Edit

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(F-8), (G-6), (G-9), (H-8),
(I-6), (I-9), (J-8), Ve'Lugannon Palace
(E-8), (F-6), (F-9), (G-5),
(G-10), (I-5), (I-10), (J-6),
(J-9), (K-8) and La'Loff Amphitheater
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Missions Edit

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Enemies Edit

  • Air Elemental
  • Dark Elemental
  • Earth Elemental
  • Fire Elemental
  • Flamingo
  • Groundskeeper
  • Ice Elemental
  • Light Elemental
  • Mimic
  • Sprinkler
  • Thunder Elemental
  • Water Elemental
Notorious Monsters
  • Byakko*(spawned by items)
  • Despot*(lottery spawn off Groundskeeper)
  • Genbu*(spawned by items)
  • Seiryu*(spawned by items)
  • Suzaku*(spawned by items)
Confrontation Enemies
  • Eraser*(spawned in Fields of Valor Elite Training Regime)
Voidwatch Enemies
  • Aello
  • Aello's Handmaiden

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

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Music Edit

The track "Tu'Lia" is used as background music in Ru'Aun Gardens. For solo battles, the track "Battle Theme" is used, whereas "Battle Theme #3" is played during party battles.

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