Royal Vessel is a yacht belonging to Regis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy XV that also appears in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. It can be used to travel the oceans of Eos. It has been seen piloted by Cid Sophiar, Regis's friend, and Noctis Lucis Caelum, Regis's son.


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Cape Caem was used as a hideout by Prince Regis before he became king and the lighthouse was abandoned. The Royal Vessel was left there in a secret dock underneath the lighthouse.

FFXV ride boat

The party on the Royal Vessel.

After the Crown City of Insomnia is attacked by Niflheim, the exiled Prince Noctis finds himself unable to continue to Altissia as the ferry there doesn't run. His party decides to use the Royal Vessel, and the mechanics Cid and Cindy come to Caem to repair the yacht for Noctis's use. Cindy sends Noctis and his retinue out to find mythril. After the boat is fixed, Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto set off to Altissia with Cid steering the ship. During their travels across the oceans of Eos they run into a whale.


Dino preparing the Royal Vessel.

They dock the boat at Altissia and pass the immigration control. They leave Cid in charge of the vessel while they move on, and he may have used it to return to Lucis alone later. After Noctis disappears Eos is gradually overtaken by daemons. Dino Ghiranze, who once tried to aid Noctis to find a ferry to Altissia, informs Talcott Hester that the Royal Vessel has been discovered off the coast of Galdin Quay. The vessel is brought to the harbor at the resort and Dino prepares it for the Kingsglaive to head to Angelgard to uncover the mysteries of the island.

When Noctis awakens in Angelgard ten years later, he returns to Galdin Quay alone on the Royal Vessel the Kingsglaive had brought there for his use. He leaves the ship at the abandoned resort as he moves on.

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In the original release, the trip to Altissia is an in-game cutscene. While the boat moves and the camera spans around it, the party discusses the recent events, rumors they have heard and what they will do once they get to Altissia.


The party spots a whale.

The PC and Royal Edition versions make the boat usable by the player.[1] It has been said the player can explore the oceans freely and fish from the vessel. A cut scene from a trailer shows the party encountering a colossal sea creature that resembles a whale on their travels. It is unknown if this is a boss or not, but the whale has markings resembling the protective runes on havens.



  • A rejected idea for the game included adamantite being a necessary component for the Royal Vessel.[2] Adamantite is obtained from Adamantoise.