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A Royal Tomb.

Royal Tombs are where the remains of the past kings of Lucis lie in Final Fantasy XV. They are hidden around Eos in hard-to-reach areas and many legends surround their locations. Prince Noctis sets out on a quest to locate the Royal Tombs to collect the Royal Arms from their depths, crystalline weapons only the bloodline of the Lucian kings can wield.


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Party and Ancient King FFXV

The party and Cor at a Royal Tomb.

After Insomnia falls at the hands of the Niflheim Empire, the Marshal of the Crownsguard calls Prince Noctis and asks him to meet at the Royal Tomb on the Leide region. Noctis learns his father was killed in the invasion, and Cor explains Noctis must reclaim the royal arms from the tombs of the Lucian kings scattered around Eos, and helps Noctis get started on his mission by directing him to another tomb nearby. In the town of Lestallum Noctis and his friends learn of a legend of a tomb hidden behind a waterfall, and find another Royal Tomb in the depths of an ice cavern.

When visiting the Disc of Cauthess Noctis discovers another Royal Tomb before the astral Titan. Exploring the Duscae region reveals more tombs, but the Tomb of the Tall is hit by grave-robbers and the greatsword once held there is gone.

While en route to Tenebrae after leaving Altissia Noctis and the others are forced to take a pit stop at Cartanica Station; here the group descends into the Old Quarry in search of another royal arm; the Katana of the Warrior.

Ravus Nox Fleuret had the Sword of the Father with him after Regis' death. However, he is unable to use it, causing people to wonder why he keeps it on him.

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List of Royal TombsEdit

Tomb of the WiseEdit

The first tomb visited by party at Cor's advising, and is often circled by enemy birds, but no other guardians. Contains the Sword of the Wise.

Tomb of the ConquerorEdit

Located in the Keycatrich Trench and guarded by an Arachne. Contains the Axe of the Conqueror.

Tomb of the TallEdit


Tomb of the Tall.

The tomb is located in southern Duscae and has no guardians, but was pilfered by daemons. The Sword of the Tall rests at Costlemark Tower, guarded by a Jabberwock.

Tomb of the CleverEdit


Noctis retrieves the Bow of the Clever.

Located deep within the Balouve Mines and guarded by an Aramusha and hordes of Goblins. Contains the Bow of the Clever, hidden behind a slim passage accessed from the room where the boss, Aramusha, was fought, in an upper level.

Tomb of the JustEdit

Located west of the Disk of Cauthess in Duscae. Guarded by nothing but the normal encounters of the region. Contains the Shield of the Just.

Tomb of the MysticEdit

Located at the Disk of Cauthess, guarded by Imperials and located just underneath the dormant Titan. Contains the Blade of the Mystic.

Tomb of the RogueEdit


Tomb of the Rogue.

Located in northern Cleigne within the Myrlwood forest. Guarded by a Treant and contains the Star of the Rogue.

Tomb of the WandererEdit

Located within the Greyshire Glacial Grotto, hidden behind a waterfall in Cleigne south of Lestallum. Guarded by Mindflayers and other daemons. Contains the Swords of the Wanderer.

Tomb of the FierceEdit


The tomb on the map.

Located on a rocky edge of the Rock of Ravatogh. It contains the Mace of the Fierce.

Tomb of the PiousEdit


Tomb of the Pious.

Located deep within the Malmalam Thicket in Cleigne. Guarded by a Bandersnatch. Contains the Scepter of the Pious.

Tomb of the WarriorEdit

The only tomb not located on the Lucian continent, in the quarry of Fodina Caestino of Eastern Tenebrae. Guarded by a Malboro. Contains the Katana of the Warrior.

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  • There being thirteen tombs alludes to the game's origins as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The originally envisioned Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII games had many references to the number 13.
  • Each royal tomb that is not a mandatory quest can be found in a sidequest or hunt. The player can elect to visit the tombs without partaking in these quests and hunts altogether.

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