Rosso FF7 DoC

Rosso is a boss in Chapter 8 of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. With her blade and gun weapon, Rosso is capable of fighting in both long-range and short-range battles. In the first part of battle, players are advised to keep their distance because her weapon combos are very powerful. After she loses so much HP, Rosso will begin to launch shockwaves that travel around in parabola paths to hit the player except when they are behind cover. There is a good way to dodge these, the Rush command. It is best to fight at a distance.

After 50% of her HP is lost, Rosso transforms into Bloodburst Rosso 朱のロッソ バースト (Ake no Rosso Bāsuto?, lit. Rosso the Crimson Burst). Though this form is exactly the same in appearance, even keeping the same HP, Bloodburst Rosso possesses a stronger projectile attack.

Attacks Edit

Attack Damage Type Description
Machine Gun Fire 72 Normal Rapid fire from her machine gun.
Blade Slash Combo 80, 110 Hard A combo of two attacks from her blades.
Ground Shockwave 135 Hard A non-homing shockwave on the ground.
Sickle Shockwave 175 Hard A crimson, homing shockwave that can be dodged with the right timing of the Rush command.
5-Strike Combo 45 x5 Hard A heavy combo of attacks from her blades.