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FFD Rosetta Tower

Rosetta Tower

Rosetta Tower (ロゼッタの塔, Rozetta no Tō?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It probably holds many secrets about Lufenian Civilization as Dr. Unne and her team used to do research here. However, her team were eaten by monsters inside the tower and she had to seal it off.


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The Warriors of Darkness come to this tower under Dr. Unne's guide in search of the Rosetta Stone, which can be used to understand Lufenian. On the top floor, they encounter a stone Guardian, a very strong enemy. The Mask tells them that their friends are still alive, which gives them enough resolve to beat the enemy. They acquires the Rosetta Stone and head back to Lufenia.

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Item Place
X-Potion Chest
Assassin Dagger Chest
Remedy Chest
Dragon Shield Chest
Gold Hairpin Chest
Flame Whip Chest
Wonder Wand Chest
Shuriken Chest
Chouchou Chest



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