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Rosa is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is a White Mage, and the party's primary healer. She can thus use White Magic to support her party, but is not physically strong and thus usually best placed in the back row.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

IV As a mage, Rosa's stats are weighted in magic but despite that Rosa is an adequate physical attacker due to wielding bows, especially when attacking flying enemies weak to arrows.


As a White Mage, Rosa can cast White Magic. She learns every White Magic spell in the game, although some she learns at levels different from Porom. Her other two abilities are Aim and Pray. Aim allows Rosa to charge up a slightly stronger attack that never misses at the cost of executing slower, and is only usable while Rosa is equipped with a bow. Pray restores a small amount of HP to allies if successful, roughly equivalent to a Cure spell.

In the 3D remake release, Pray has a higher chance of success and restores both HP and MP, the amount healed based on a percentage of each party member's max HP and MP. Rosa also learns her White Magic at different levels. In the Advance and Complete Collection 2D releases, completing Rosa's Lunar Trial rewards her with the White Ring, which upgrades Pray to Miracle. Miracle casts Cure on a failure, Cura normally, and randomly casts Curaga and Esuna.

Spell Level Learned
2D*SNES, PS, GBA, PSP 3D*DS, iOS, Android
Cure Known Known
Hold Known Known
Libra Known Known
Slow Known Known
Sight Known Known
Raise 11 Known
Protect 12 Known
Cura 13 Known
Silence 15 Known
Esuna 18 18
Berserk 20 30
Blink 23 23
Spell Level Learned
2D*SNES, PS, GBA, PSP 3D*DS, iOS, Android
Confuse 24 24
Teleport*Known when Rosa is rescued in the Tower of Zot in the 2D release Event 26
Shell 29 20
Curaga 30 31
Mini 30 32
Dispel 31 33
Haste 33 35
Float 35 38
Reflect 36 40
Curaja 38 45
Arise 45 55
Holy 55 60


Rosa's equipment includes most mage equipment such as light tunics, caps, hoods, and robes. Her weapon arsenal includes staves, bows, and arrows.

Bows Staves
Head Body Arms


In the Advance and Complete Collection 2D versions of Final Fantasy IV, each character has his or her own Lunar Trial. Rosa's trial focuses on using her White Magic abilities to heal injured people, culminating in a battle with Lunar Asura.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

FFIV-I- Rosa's Pray, Aim and White Magic return with the same attributes as in Final Fantasy IV. She joins the party at level 30 with all the spells she would normally learn up to that point, including Teleport, and will learn new spells at the same levels as in Final Fantasy IV. She comes equipped with a Healing Staff, Sage's Miter, Sage's Surplice, and Rune Armlet.


Bows Staves
Head Body Arms

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

FFIVTAY Rosa has fairly good HP, the highest of the dedicated mage-type characters, and her Aim ability and decent Strength let her be a respectable attacker. Compared to fellow White Magic users Porom and Leonora, Rosa has greater HP, Strength and Stamina but lower MP and slightly lower Spirit than Porom, and all-around greater stats than Leonora.


Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
15 320 180 12 11 9 11 22
20 497 221 16 13 12 12 27
30 984 309 24 17 18 14 37
40 1571 333 30 23 24 16 48
50 2379 422 36 28 30 18 58
60 3206 512 44 31 36 23 66
70 4069 605 48 34 43 28 71
80 4366 654 50 35 44 30 74
90 4690 702 52 37 46 31 77
99 4971 733 54 38 47 32 79



Rosa can cast White Magic and has the command Blessing, which heals some HP and MP to the entire party similar to Pray in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV.

Magic Level Learned
Cure Known
Hold Known
Libra Known
Sight Known
Slow Known
Raise Known
Protect Known
Cura Known
Magic Level Learned
Silence Known
Esuna 18
Berserk 20
Teleport 21
Blink 23
Confuse 24
Shell 29
Curaga 30
Magic Level Learned
Mini 30
Dispel 33
Haste 36
Float 38
Reflect 40
Curaja 45
Arise 55
Holy 60

Band Abilities
Ability Members MP Effect
Divine Heal
  • Rosa (Blessing)
  • Ceodore (White Magic)
28 Cast White Magic on party, effect is reliant on the phase of the moon. Effects are Curaga and Shell (Full Moon), Curaga and Protect (Waning Moon), Curaga and Esuna (New Moon), or Curaja (Waxing Moon).
X Chaser
  • Rosa (Aim)
  • Cid (Analyze)
12 Critically strike a single enemy, possibly inflicting Instant Death.
Saint Dive
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Kain (Jump)
30 Attack all enemies with divine wrath.
Holy Blade
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Cecil (Fight)
15 Slice a single enemy with a sword wreathed in holy power.
Holy Burst
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
55 Holy magical attack on all enemies.
Holy Ray
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
50 Holy magical attack on all enemies.
Holy Cross
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Cecil (Attack)
  • Ceodore (Attack)
35 Strike all enemies with sword containing holy power.
Pure White Magic
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Leonora (White Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
99 Casts numerous status buffs on all party members including Haste, Protect and Shell, and restore HP and status ailments.
Effect Form
  • Rosa (Blessing)
  • Cecil (White Magic)
  • Kain (White Magic)
20 Cast Curaja, Protect, Shell and Haste on users.
Trinity Crusade
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Cecil (Fight)
  • Kain (Jump)
35 Three fighters combine to attack one enemy.
Final Fantasy
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Cecil (Fight)
  • Edge (Throw)
  • Kain (Jump)
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
75 Attack all enemies and heal party with a powerful combination.
Vibra Prime
  • Rosa (Aim)
  • Cecil (Fight)
  • Ceodore (Fight)
  • Cid (Fight)
  • Kain (Fight)
40 Five fighters slice away at all enemies.
  • Rosa (White Magic)
  • Leonora (White Magic)
  • Palom (Black Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
60 Five fighters combine to cast powerful magic on enemies and heal themselves.
  • Rosa (Aim)
  • Harley (Gil Toss)
  • Izayoi (Illusions)
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
19 Surprise one enemy with an attack.


Bows and Arrows Staves Whips
Shields Head Body Arms


Rosa is fought in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years in Kain's Tale. It is impossible to damage her in any way, and thus the player should only focus on Edward instead.