The Rook is an Imperial Army/Imperial Armament-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII. Rooks fight alongside Dr. Cid in the player's first encounter with him.

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Note: All Rooks share one bestiary entry.

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Dr. Cid has been working on developing thought-driven combat weapons, called 'rooks,' for some time now. Test models saw their first combat use in a recent incident at the Draklor Laboratory. Three new models have been produced based on data collected during the Draklor Laboratory incident.

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Small fighter airship of the Imperial army. Gun turrets placed on the keel, and turrets on the deck make this an effective weapon against air and ground targets. A mainstay of the Imperial Armored Forces together with the newer CB58 Valfarre fighter. The initials of the craft's designer, Doctor C., and the year of its production adorn the hull.


Battle Edit

Four Rooks attack with Doctor Cid, and until all of them are destroyed he is immune to damage. The Rooks will cast buffs on Cid, and will cast Reflect on themselves. Offensively the Rooks can be annoying with Drain and Syphon, but are not terribly powerful.

Strategy Edit

As the Rooks cast Reflect and are resistant to all elements, the player should use normal attacks on the Rooks and not magick. As long as the party's gambits are set up to heal when needed and not waste time attacking Cid, the Rooks should fall easily.

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FFRK Doctor Cid & Rook FFXII

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