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Rogue (双剣士, Sōkenshi?, lit. Dual Fencer) is a Disciple of War class in Final Fantasy XIV, that was introduced in Patch 2.4. It is upgraded to the Ninja with a level 30 Rogue and a level 15 Pugilist.



These agile fighters pride themselves on their skills with knives and daggers to make quick work of enemies.

Lurking in the shadows, adhering to no laws but their own, they punish the wicked, pilfering their ill-gotten gains and delivering them to the downtrodden masses. Thought by many to be mere common criminals, some would say they play an unseen hand in maintaining order in the buccaneer's haven of Limsa Lominsa.

Rogue is a melee damage dealer similar to Lancer and Pugilist. However, their primary stat is Dexterity rather than Strength. Despite this, for thematic reasons, they can equip most preexisting Monk armor (which had Dexterity retroactively added to their sets).

Rogues are considered scouts, in that they can use a Stealth ability similar to Disciples of the Land to assess enemies and launch sneak attacks. This enables some quests and duties to be approached in ways other combat classes cannot.


Ninja Artwork XIV
Hailing from the war-torn lands of the Far East, the secret arts of the ninja were born of necessity, and have since given rise to a unique breed of highly-trained combatants.

Able to manipulate the vital energies of the land, the air, and living beings, they manifest their power through the weaving of signs, unleashing a wide array of attacks against their foes. Master the arts of the ninja and learn to bend the tide of battle to your will.

In practice, Ninja adds a second resource for the former Rogue adventurer to manage: mudras. Ninjutsu abilities can be formed of up to three mudras, and activating a Ninjutsu ability of any sort puts the Ninjutsu "trigger" ability and the mudras on a 20-second cooldown. The Ninjutsu abilities themselves vary significantly in utility, from simple direct damage abilities to self-buffs, crowd control and abilities that interact with other parts of the base Rogue kit.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)


The path of the Rogue begins at the "Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss," a covert name for the Rogue's guild in Limsa Lominsa. Once the armory system is unlocked, any player can speak with Captain Jacke to to learn about their trade and obtain a set of daggers. As underground enforcers of an unwritten Code of pirates, the rogues step in to mete punishment on any pirate groups that go out of line. During the class quests, Jacke has adventurers train under Perimu “Underfoot” Haurimu and V'kebbe the Stray.

During the level 15 Rogue quests "Stifled Screams" and "Slave to the Code," the Rogues' Guild break up a human trafficking ring conducted by pirates known as the Jolly Merchants. After the hostages are freed, they are approached by a Yellowjacket captain named Milala. Fervently anti-piracy, she questions the need for the Rogue's Guild existence, and issues a challenge to recover a set of stolen treasures. Despite her presumptuous and haughty tone, Jacke feels honor-bound by the code to recover the stolen treasures.

The first treasure, the "Cerulean Star", is confiscated from a band of pirates known as the Grinning Curs. Jacke learns that the remaining treasures are in the hands of the Reformist sect of the Bloody Executioners. A black marketeer informant reveals the Reformists are planning to sell the second treasure, an earring called the "Silver Sorrows", to an Ul'dahn merchant visiting at Costa del Sol. Though the earrings were recovered, Captain Milala forces them to hand it over.

The third treasure is the "Black Sarcophagus", actually an experimental weapon developed by Garlemald. It's revealed the black marketeer contact was killed off by the Executioners, who hoped to lure the rogues into a trap. A lone pirate remaining at the scene reveals their leader, Aisibhir, is planning to assassinate Admiral Bloefhiswyn using the Black Sarcophagus. Jacke asks that the information be delivered to Captain Milala, who prepares the Yellowjackets for the impending attack.

During the level 30 quest "Cloying Victory," the Executioners put their plan into effect by attempting to bomb the Mizzenmast. Despite the vigilance of both the rogues and Yellowjackets in the city, the pirates managed to maneuver in the place, with Aisibhir wounding Milala in the process. The adventurer had to disables the Black Sarcophagus before it detonates, and then aids Jacke and the others in taking down Aisibhir. With his plot ended, the Black Sarcophagus is confiscated by the Yellowjackets. However, Jacke managed to swipe the Silver Sorrows from Milala, thus the count was two to one in Rogue Guild's favor. Captain Milala begrudgingly concedes victory to Jacke, who in turn recognizes the adventurer for their dedication to the code.


Following the success over Aisibhir and the Bloody Executioner, Jacke asks the adventurer and Perimu to investigate a group of strangers seen in Wineport recently, a group of foreigners claiming to be from the South Sea isles. As Perimu recounts what he has learned in the town, they are interrupted by the sound of a woman screaming. Investigating the commotion, they encounter a milkmaid standing near several unconscious ruffians, who claims they had accosted her before suddenly turning on each other. Perimu is not entirely convinced of her story, and they follow her trail, finding several wounded farmhands along the way outside the town. They pursue her to Upper La Noscea, but as they approach, a flamboyant man in red garb suddenly appears in ambush. During the skirmish, an associate of the girl appears to drive off the assailant, revealing both to be skilled in blades. They reveal themselves to be Oboro and Tsubame, shinobi from the Far Eastern land of Doma, in pursuit of a traitor named Karasu.

When the soul crystal of one of his fallen brethren suddenly reacts to the adventure, Oboro offers to train them in the way of the shinobi, in exchange for information on local customs and geography. He invites them to meet their hideout, a dock storehouse in Raincatcher Gully. Upon accepting his offer, he explains how his people utilize ninjutsu, an ancient art of magic channeled by performing mudras. He teaches the first mudra, Ten (heaven), and how when used alone it can cast Fuma Shuriken. He has adventurer undergo training session outside to learn how to use it in combat.

In the level 35 quests "Killer Combinations" and "Once Upon a Time in Doma", Oboro teaches the second mudra, Chi (earth), to the adventurer and explains that different mudra can be combined to to perform new ninjutsu techniques. He has the adventurer accompany him to the waterfall at Fool Falls for traditional training, but it is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Karasu and several imperial shadows. Using the new mudra combinations, the adventure and Oboro dispatch the intruders. Oboro laments his carelessness, and reveals how Karasu had killed their master before betraying his people to the Garleans. He further surmises that Karasu's words were an attempt to test the adventurer.

At level 40, Oboro decides to have the adventurer accompany the other shinobi on an attempt to assassinate Karasu, by intercepting him when his unit makes it move on Captain Grymuwil of the Bloody Executioners. At Camp Bronze Lake, they seek out the pirate's lieutenant, Wolfstan, in hopes of learning how to shadow Karasu's moves. Tsubame manages to get the desired information using a revealing swimsuit and liqueur, in which they learn Grymuwil will be at Aleport...and in turn, Karasu. Though they managed to evade his operatives, Karasu still manages to escape them, with his mission to terminate Captain Grymuwil foiled in the process.

Upon level 45, Oboro believes the adventurer is qualified to bear the traditional Doman garb of the shinobi, and arranges a shipment from his village to be delivered to De Neville Checkpoint. The shipment is intercepted by Karasu, who decides to test the ninja's skills by having four pieces scattered around La Noscea, each guarded by an imperial shadows. After recovering every garb, the adventurer returns to the Checkpoint to find Oboro, along with a note indicated that Karasu's "surprise" will be delivered to their doorstep. Immediately sensing danger for Tsubame and the others, Oboro hastily teaches the third mudra, Jin (man), and hurries back to Raincatcher Gully. Evidence of a battle is found outside the storehouse, but no sign of Tsubame. The adventure finds her past the rope bridge south of the river docks, wounded and with Karasu waiting. A duel ensues in the forest, with Oboro and the adventurer triumphing over Karasu. With Karasu apprehended, Oboro was about to execute him for his crimes when suddenly the flamboyant shinobi claimed he was not the one who sold out the village, but rather it was Master Gekkai, who forced him into his service. When Oboro protests that they found Gekkai's body, Karasu notes how it was "burned beyond recognition," implying that he faked his death. He cryptically mentions a encounter will occur at Candlekeep Quay, before seemingly committing suicide in the ravine.

Though Oboro scoffed at Karasu's words, he was torn with uncertainty. During the level 50 quest "Master and Student", Oboro admits he has been shaken by Karasu's last words, and intends to to seek out the truth regarding the traitor alone, insisting that Tsubame and the adventurer have done enough for him. Realizing what he intends to do, Tsubame resolves to fight by his side. She recalls Karasu's cryptic words about Candlekeep Quay. A guard notes that all is quiet, save for a private vessel scheduled to arrive. Tsubame and the adventure wait on the cliff as Oboro approaches the man who arrives at the docks. Confirming his worst fears, Master Gekkai reveals to Oboro that he is the Imperial spymaster of Doma. Incensed by his former master's callous reasons, Oboro draws his blades swearing vengeance. At this point, Tsubame and the adventurer leap into the fray, backing up Oboro. During the final battle, Gekkai demonstrates an exotic ninjutsu technique that enables him to split into multiple copies, but the shinobi ultimately prevail against him.

With Master Gekkai defeated, Oboro feels at peace, and regrets that Karasu did not live to be exonerated. Right on cue, Karasu himself appears, revealing he staged his death in Raincatcher Gully. He returns the final piece of the ninja garb to the adventurer, and tosses Oboro his soulstone, telling him they can use it to claim he was eliminated. When Oboro protests Karasu states that while he did not betrray the village, he still has blood on his hands from his time serving Gekkai, and feels it wouldn't be proper to return to the village. He decides to find a new path for himself in Eorzea. Back at the storehouse, Oboro imparts one final ninjutsu technique, Kassatsu, and reveals he plans to stay in Eorzea to study its culture while Tsubame will return to their village.


Oboro recalls back to his training in Doma, and tells the Warrior of Light that he believes they might learn more if their blade served a master. He then states a missive had just arrived from from Jacke, requesting him immediately. Captain Jacke explains that a thief from the Far East has shown up recently, seemingly a ninja. Oboro reasons that if the thief were shinobi from Doma, and volunteers to help in the investigation. The victim, one Mulfa Kulfa, is met at Summerford Farm, where he demands that Jacke, Oboro, and the Warrior of Light get his orb back. The thieves are encountered at Woad Whisper Canyon, one unconscious, the other a silent girl near the river. At this point Mulfa Kulfa announces her to be the thief, and then reveals his true colors when he orders his sellsword Gilpin to silence Jacke and the others. He is swiftly knocked by the trio, with the double-crossing merchant to follow. Jacke apologizes to the maiden, who remains guarded despite her gratitude. Oboro recognizes her bowing gesture as that of the Far East, and asks why she seems familiar. Her attendant, Akagi, explains that she is Princess Yuki of the Yatsurugi clan, who left her lands in pursuit of bandits that stole her family's treasures. Yuki reveals she already recovered three of the treasures, and will return home once the other two are recovered.

Oboro asks that the Warrior of Light aid the Far Eastern princess as a shinobi, noting that she is a stranger in a strange land, and shinobi sharpen their skills through duty and service. Yuki scoffs at the offer, distrustful of shinobi after what happened when Doma fell. Despite this, Akagi asks that they lend help whenever Yuki's life is in danger, admitting he's not very good at fighting himself. At the storehouse, Oboro implores the Warrior of Light to try to gain her trust, as her life may depend on it.

Akagi summons the shinobi when Yuki attempts to retrieve documents from the Salthounds at Poor Maid's Mill, containing records on black market sales of the missing treasures. Having already infiltrated the base, Oboro devises a plan to create a diversion so her search can progress unimpeded by the grounded pirates using smokebombs. Her infiltration was success, and her martial prowess is revealed when it is shown she slew two coeurls in the process. The shinobi are called again when Yuki attempts to retrieve one of the family jewels at Oschon's Embrace. Though her initial infiltration was a succeess, she has no way out. Knowing her abilities, Oboro suggests using Raiton to mislead the guards into thinking she was fleeing towards the Salt Strand. While the plan works, the Warrior of Light is confronted by a sinister man familiar with shinobi (and Karasu and Gekkai in particular); with Oboro's aid, he his driven off. Oboro suspects he was an imperial operative trained under Gekkai. At the Tempest gate, Yuki retrieved the jewel successfully, but expresses no gratitude. Akagi assures that she is secretly grateful.

Jacke's network uncovers information on the final treasure, the Yatsuragi clan dagger. The dagger is being auctioned off by the the Truehounds, a faction of the Salthounds that returned to the sea. They claim to have liberated the treasure from a Garlean vessel, making it legitimate in the eyes of the thalassocracy, and thus the rogues cannot get more involved. Instead, Jacke directs the Warrior of Light to their new black market informant for more information. The oddly familiar man is cowled, but gets straight to the point: the Truehounds are led by Captain Rosalinde, and have made their fortunes in the Far Eastern seas, and have set up a base on Hullbreaker Isle. To make up for their lack of numbers, they imbibe themselves with pluto to strengthen themselves, and further, have hired a former imperial shadow named Redway - trained in ninjutsu by Master Gekkai. They have currently dropped anchor in Costa del Sol to hit the beach; using this opportunity, the Warrior of Light overhears Captain Rosalinde speaking with Redway about their plans to use the auction as a trap to capture the Yatsuragi princess. Returning to Oboro, Yuki and Akagi are met at the storehouse. She reveals that when the Truehounds raided her family's treasures, her vassals forbade her from fighting back, many perishing in her defense. She vowed to never let others die for her, and reluctantly only accepts the shinobi aid on one condition: that they stay alive, no matter what.

The family dagger was auctioned off to an Ishgardian collector, who paid extra for it to be delivered directly. Yuki plans to intercept the shipment. Under Oboro's advice, their supplies of pluto is swapped for lavender incense, making them sleep instead of their stimulants. The Warrior of Light also overhears the Truehounds will send the shipment through the Dravanian Forelands due to Rosalinde's aversion of traveling through the Black Shroud. While in Limsa Lominsa, Yuki is surprised by a pair of her vassals, and tries to avoid eye contact. The shipment is later accosted in the Smoldering Wastes of Dravania, where the Truehounds were weakened by the incense. Just as Yuki recovers her family dagger, Redway appears with an ultimatum: the princess surrenders quietly, or the newly arrived vassals he recently captured will die. Yuki goes quietly.

In the Level 60 job quest "In Her Defense", Oboro notices several agents are staking out the storehouse, waiting to strike. Luring them out, the Warrior of Light dispatches them. Since Redway was keeping tabs on the storehouse, he realizes the Moraby Drydocks are going to be guarded as well, which will make it difficult to travel to Hullbreaker Isle. Oboro concludes that since only the Warrior of Light is honor bound to Princess Yuki, he will draw Redway's attention and make them believes the Warrior of Light fled. Redway happily takes Oboro into custody, and due to Oboro's earlier feint, left the docks unguarded. The Warrior of Light and Akagi take this opportunity to sneak onto Hullbreaker Isle. On the island, Captain Rosalinde goes back on her word to free the captives, ordering Yuki to be locked up with the others. As Redway brings the captive Oboro forward, they taunt Yuki even further. Just then, the Warrior of Light and Akagi arrive on the scene to rescue Oboro, Yuki, and the other captives. Breaking free Oboro's bonds, the three take the fight to Redway. Once he realizes he's outmatched, he attempts to flee for his life. Rosalinde cuts him down with her axe, much to Oboro's shock, before taking on the group herself where she falls in combat. With their Captain dead, the surviving Truehounds flee, allowing Yuki and her vassals to be freed and the treasures recovered.

Back at the dock storehouse, Yuki informs Oboro that she wishes to write a letter of praise to his village for his role in saving her. As she leaves, Oboro recoils upon hearing this, as Tsubame had told the village elders that he was still recuperating from the battle with Gekkai.

Spoilers end here.


The Rogue class is defined by wielding a pair of daggers. Like the pugilist's arms, they are considered two-handed weapons, but dual-wielded. Visually, the daggers often are shortened variations of Gladiator swords.

In terms of late game armor, Rogues and Ninjas share "Striking" gear sets with Pugilist and Monk, up through item level 110. Above that, they instead wear exclusive "Scouting" sets, though their appearance is typically similar to corresponding Striking versions. As their primary stat is Dexterity, they use "Aiming" accessories at endgame.



Ability Level Type Cast Recast TP Cost Range Radius Class (Job) Affinity
Spinning Edge
FFXIV Spinning Edge Icon
1 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 60 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 150.
Shade Shift
FFXIV Perfect Dodge Icon
2 Ability Instant 120.00s 0y 0y GLA, PGL, MRD, LNC, ARC, ROG (NIN)
Create shadows that nullify damage up to 20% of maximum HP for 20s.
Gust Slash
FFXIV Gust Slash Icon
4 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 50 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Spinning Edge
Combo Potency: 200
Kiss of the Wasp
FFXIV Kiss of the Wasp Icon
6 Ability Instant 5.00s 0y 0y ROG (NIN)
Apply wasp venom to your weapon, increasing physical damage dealt by 5%. Shares a recast timer with Kiss of the Viper and cannot be used simultaneously with any other weapon poisons.

Effect ends upon reuse.

FFXIV Mutilate Icon
8 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 80 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 60.
Additional Effect: Damage over time with Potency of 30 for 18s (combined total potency of 240, 360 traited).
FFXIV Hide Icon
10 Ability Instant 20.00s 0y 0y ROG (NIN)
Blend in with your surroundings, making it impossible for most enemies to detect you, but reducing movement speed by 50%.
Has no effect on enemies 10 levels higher than your own, or certain enemies with special sight.
Cannot be executed while in combat.
Effect ends upon use of any action, including Hide. Otherwise lasts until cancelled.
FFXIV Assassinate Icon
12 Weaponskill Instant 40.00 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 200.
Can only be executed when target's HP is below 20%.
Throwing Dagger
FFXIV Throwing Dagger Icon
15 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 120 15y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers a ranged attack with a potency of 120.
FFXIV Mug Icon
15 Weaponskill Instant 90.00 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 140.
Additional Effect: Increases the amount of items dropped by target if Mug is dealt before or as the finishing blow.
Viper Venom Effect: Changes additional effect to absorb 50% of damage as HP
FFXIV Goad Icon
18 Ability Instant 180.00 30y 0y GLD, PGL, MRD, LNC, ROG (NIN)
Refreshes TP of a single party member for 30s.
Sneak Attack
FFXIV Sneak Attack Icon
22 Ability Instant 60.00s 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
300 when executed in front of target.
Can only be executed when under the effect of Hide or Suiton, and shares a recast timer with Trick Attack.
Aeolian Edge
FFXIV Aeolian Edge Icon
26 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 50 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Additional Effect: When used from the target's rear, has a potency of 180. Combo Rear Potency: Gust Slash with Potency of 320.
Kiss of the Viper
FFXIV Kiss of the Viper Icon
30 Ability Instant 5.00s 0y 0y ROG (NIN)
Apply snake venom to your weapon, increasing physical damage dealt by 10%. Shares a recast timer with Kiss of the Wasp, and cannot be used simultaneously with any other weapon poisons.
Effect ends upon reuse.
FFXIV Ten Icon
30Complete the quest Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night Ability Instant 0.5s 0y 0y NIN
Make the ritual mudra hand gesture for heaven for 5s.
Shares a recast timer with the mudras Chi and Jin.
FFXIV Ninjutsu Icon
30Complete the quest "My First Mudra" Ability Instant 20s 0y 0y NIN
Executes a specific ninjutsu action coinciding with the combination of mudras made immediately beforehand.
If any other ability, spell, or weaponskill is used before the mudras are combined and the ninjutsu executed, the action will fail.
The recast timer will begin cooldown upon ninjutsu execution, or when a mudra timer runs out.

Shares a recast timer with the mudras Ten, Chi, and Jin.

FFXIV Jugulate Icon
34 Ability Instant 30.00s 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 80.
Additional Effect: Silence for 1s
Wasp Venom Effect: Changes the additional effect for Jugulate to Stun for 2s
FFXIV Chi Icon
35Complete the quest Killer Combinations Ability Instant 0.5s 0y 0y NIN
Make the ritual mudra hand gesture for earth for 5s.
Shares a recast timer with the mudras Ten and Jin.
Dancing Edge
FFXIV Dancing Edge Icon
38 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 50 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Gust Slash
Potency increased to 260 when executed from a target's flank during combo.
Combo Bonus: Decreases target's slashing resistance by 10% and HP recovery via healing magic by 20% for 20s
Cannot be stacked with the Storm's Eye status.
FFXIV Shukuchi Icon
40Complete the quest Pirate versus Ninja Ability Instant 60s 20y 0y NIN
Move quickly to the specified location.
Cannot use when bound.
Death Blossom
FFXIV Death Blossom Icon
42 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 120 0y 5y GLD, PGL, MRD, LNC, ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 60 to all nearby enemies.
FFXIV Jin Icon
45Complete the quest Tough Guys Ability Instant 0.5s 20y 0y NIN
Make the ritual mudra hand gesture for man for 5s.
Shares a recast timer with the mudras Ten and Chi.
Shadow Fang
FFXIV Shadow Fang Icon
46 Weaponskill Instant 2.50sBase value; the higher the character's Skill Speed stat, the lower the recast time will be 60 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Spinning Edge Combo with Potency of 200
Combo Bonus: Damage over time with Potency of 40 for 18s (combined total potency of 340, combo 440).
Trick Attack
FFXIV Trick Attack Icon
50 Ability Instant 60.00s 3y 0y ROG (NIN)
Delivers an attack with a potency of 240.
400 when executed from behind target.
Rear Bonus: Increases target's damage taken by 10% for 10s
Can only be executed when under the effect of Hide or Suiton, and shares a recast timer with Sneak Attack.
FFXIV Kassatsu Icon
50Complete the quest "Master and Student" Ability Instant 120s 0y 0y NIN
Resets the ninjutsu recast timer while ensuring critical damage for the next ninjutsu action for 15s.
Smoke Screen
FFXIV Smoke Screen Icon
52Complete the quest "The Impossible Girl" Ability Instant 180s 25y 0y NIN
Creates a wall of smoke, reducing enmity generation of a single party member. Duration: 20s
Armor Crush
FFXIV Armor Crush Icon
54Complete the quest "Ninja Assassin" Ability Instant 2.5s 3y 0y NIN
Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
160 when executed from a target's flank.
Combo Action: Gust Slash
Combo Potency: 220 (280 when executed from a target's flank)
Combo Bonus: Extends Huton duration by 30s to a maximum of 70s
FFXIV Shadewalker Icon
56Complete the quest "Medieval Espionage" Ability Instant 120s 25y 0y NIN
Grants target party member the effect of Silhouette, diverting 80% of all enmity generated to your doppelganger. No effect when target is under the effect of Shadewalker. Duration: 15s
FFXIV Duality Icon
58Complete the quest "Staying Alive" Ability Instant 90s 0y 0y NIN
Doubles the number of non-critical strikes for a single-target weaponskill. Combo bonuses and additional effects will only be applied once. Duration: 10s
Dream Within a Dream
FFXIV Dream Within a Dream Icon
60Complete the quest "In Her Defense" Ability Instant 90s 3y 0y NIN
Delivers a threefold attack, each hit with a potency of 100.


Used with certain Ninjutsu combinations.

Ability Level Type Cast Recast TP Cost Range Radius Mudra Combination
Fuma Shuriken
FFXIV Fuma Shuriken Icon
30Complete the quest "My First Mudra" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 25y 5y Any
Delivers a ranged ninjutsu attack with a potency of 240.
FFXIV Katon Icon
35Complete the quest "Once Upon a Time in Doma" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 15y 5y Chi→Ten or Jin→Ten
Delivers fire damage with a potency of 180 to target and all enemies near it.
FFXIV Raiton Icon
35Complete the quest "Once Upon a Time in Doma" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 15y 0y Ten→Chi or Jin→Chi
Delivers lightning damage with a potency of 360.
FFXIV Hyoton Icon
45Complete the quest "Tough Guys" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 25y 0y Ten→Jin or Chi→Jin
Delivers ice damage with a potency of 140.
Additional Effect: Bind for 15s (PvP 12s).
FFXIV Huton Icon
45Complete the quest "Tough Guys" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 0y 0y Jin→Chi→Ten or Chi→Jin→Ten
Increases attack speed by 15%. for 70s
FFXIV Doton Icon
45Complete the quest "Tough Guys" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 0y 5y Ten→Jin→Chi or Jin→Ten→Chi
Creates a patch of corrupted earth, dealing damage with a potency of 30 to any enemies who enter for 24s (combined total potency of 240 per target).
Additional Effect: Heavy (while upon corrupted earth)
FFXIV Suiton Icon
45Complete the quest "Tough Guys" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 15y 0y Ten→Chi→Jin or Chi→Ten→Jin
Delivers water damage with a potency of 180.

Additional Effect: Grants the caster Suiton for 10s.

Rabbit Medium
FFXIV Rabbit Medium Icon
45Complete the quest "Tough Guys" Ninjutsu Ability Instant 20s 0y 0y After you mess up a Mudra Combination...
Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump...


Name Level Description
Enhanced Dexterity
FFXIV Enhanced Dexterity Icon
8 Increases dexterity by 2.
All Fours
FFXIV All Fours Icon
14 Reduces fall damage.
Enhanced Dexterity II
FFXIV Enhanced Dexterity II Icon
16 Increases dexterity by 4.
Fleet of Foot
FFXIV Fleet of Foot Icon
20 Increases movement speed.
Enhanced Dexterity III
FFXIV Enhanced Dexterity III Icon
24 Increases dexterity by 6.
Enhanced Goad
FFXIV Enchanced Goad Icon
28 Increases amount of TP restored by Goad.
Enhanced Sneak Attack
FFXIV Shadowstalker Icon
32 Increases potency Sneak Attack to 300 (500 when attack is initiated in front of target).
Enhanced Wasp Venom
FFXIV Enchanced Wasp Venom Icon
36 Improves the damage increase from Kiss of the Wasp to 20%. Changes the additional effect of Jugulate to Stun for 2 seconds.
Enhanced Viper Venom
FFXIV Enchanced Viper Venom Icon
40 Improves the damage increase from Kiss of the Viper to 20%. Changes the additional effect of Mug to absorbs 50% of the damage as HP.
Enhanced Mutilate
FFXIV Enchanced Mutilate Icon
44 Extends duration of Mutilate to 30 seconds.
Enhanced Death Blossom
FFXIV Enchanced Death Blossom Icon
48 Increases potency of Death Blossom to 100.


Ninja can cross-class Pugilist and Lancer abilities.

PvP actionsEdit

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Creation and developmentEdit

Though their connection to the archetypal Thief job is only implied in the English class description, the Japanese description explicitly states that they were once called Thieves, but became known as Dual Fencers (双剣士, Sōkenshi?) after developing unique dual wielding techniques with the mariner's knives used in Limsa Lominsa.

The English version makes some reference to this in-game as well; the "Rogue's Guild" was once known as the Upright Thieves, before Admiral Merlwyb's reforms forced them formally underground (though still tolerated by the thalassocracy). "Captain" Jacke's title remains "The Upright Man" as guild leader, and the guild members use large amounts of classic Thieves' Cant in their speech.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Rogue appears with a wind-elemental card, while Ninja appears with a Thunder-elemental card.


A rogue is a vagrant person who wanders from place to place. Like a drifter, a rogue is an independent person who rejects conventional rules of society in favor of following their own personal goals and values.

A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations.


  • In Patch 2.2, Thancred and Yugiri were shown to be a Rogue and Ninja, respectively.
  • As of 2.4, Ninja possesses the widest variety of "crowd control" abilities—having access to a stun, a silence, a move-speed slow and a root. While they are spread among several shared cooldowns, a Ninja is capable of performing almost any kind of crowd control necessary.
  • Ninja is the only job that has its own unique running and jumping animations, though only when weapons are drawn.


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