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FFRK Summoning a Roaming Warrior

Tyro being called into battle as a Roaming Warrior.

Roaming Warrior (フレンド召喚, Furendo Shōkan?, lit. Friend Summon) is a feature of Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Roaming Warriors substitute player characters when called into battle, allowing the use of Soul Breaks that may not be available to the player for any reason (e.g. player does not have a particular character record in his ranks).

Setup Edit

The player can configure one warrior in his collection to act as a Roaming Warrior and make that warrior available to other players on the game grid. Using the game's Profile menu, the player may establish any character as an RW. The default is to use the character's present equipment. Once set, however, that equipment may be used by other player characters in the party. Equipment used by the Roaming Warrior receives a blue "E" badge as of the 12/14 backend update, which may accompany the typical green "E" badge on equipped items.

Summoning Edit

Before the player dives into a Record Realm, he may choose one of ten warriors on the game grid, along with any Soul Break equipped by the warrior and any Record Synergy bonuses applied. The player can then call the warrior up to twice in the Realm without resting. As of the September 13, 2016 backend update, it is possible to refresh the current list in the event that a desired character, Soul Break, or friend player does not appear, which in itself can be exploited to give the player an advantage in any dungeon.

When a Roaming Warrior is summoned, the aura around the summoner will glow bright white instead of orange, and the screen changes to a space theme as the RW's Soul Break is executed.

Social elements Edit

Within the Roaming Warrior framework is a vehicle for players currently online to meet and follow one another's progress, becoming Friends who can be followed. However, no personal data is exchanged beyond a player's unique Friend Code, found in his Profile. The player can follow and be followed by 100 other players, maintained in separate lists; given this, it is entirely possible to store up to two hundred individual players as Friends.

Upon the successful completion of, or graceful retreat from a Dungeon with a Roaming Warrior, the summoner player receives the warrior's invitation to follow him with a message from the summoned player, even if no summoning took place. If the summoner chooses to follow, the character is placed in a queue assigned to him. The player summoned is also given a queue, and can elect to follow the summoner in return.

Rewards Edit

Whenever a Roaming Warrior is summoned, the Keeper from whom one was summoned earns 200 gil per use which can be collected from the item chest after the game server rolls its date forward. In case the player has not visited the game for several consecutive days, the earned gil is summed up from all the previously unvisited days and given as a whole rather than getting money for each individual day.

Gallery Edit

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