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The Rivalry of the Rupies is a major territorial conflict in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift in a series of optional quests, involving two rivaling factions the Nu Mou Nobles and the Bangaa Brotherhood, over the Rupie Mountains from which the battle is named after. The rivalry lasted for an impressive count of 106 (107 counting the final battle) confrontations.


The Nu Mou Nobles and the Bangaa Brotherhood, were two groups living on the territories of the Rupie Mountains and eventually encountered each other, developing a fierce rivalry with one another. Nobody knows what originated the conflict, not even the leaders themselves would remember it eventually.


Both parties would battle several times, with neither gaining a true upper-hand over the other and both ready to fight as soon as any wound mended.

Both the Nu Mou Nobles and the Bangaa Brotherhood would hire Clan Gully in order to bring them resources to each party that would help each respective group in their battle with their rivals. For their help Clan Gully would learn the Arcanist job from Madreth and the Cannoneer job from Mocedad.

The battle would escalate into the The Whitehearth where both clans would face each other six consecutive times, with Clan Gully curiously helping each respective side in them, reaching a total of 106 battles.

A turning point occurs when a rich trade magnate Lord Parkay takes an interest on the land and decides to make a family resort claiming to fix the difficulty of the terrain and performing negotiations with local residents in order to acquire the territory. However it is rumored that Lord Parkay has hired some clans in order to drive out by force those who refuse to sell their piece of land. This is later proven true when House Bowen reveals itself hired by Parkay in order to perform the expelling task.

Watching the threat of interlopers on his land, Mocedad decides to rush and face the foes. However he is visibly outmatched facing the powerful headhunters alone. Clan Gully arrives on time to witness the event as they read Mocedad's note in the Pub. Eventually Madreth also arrives with a member of his own clan knowing that Mocedad would rush to the encounter alone, and the nu mou offers a hand of help in fending off the invaders, surprising the bangaa leader whom accepts the help of longtime arch-rival. Clan Gully watching the two of them on an agreement decide to help and protect both leaders while fighting House Bowen.

Eventually, the three clans are successful in defeating Bowen and his crew, with Bowen congratulating the fierce rivals for defeating him, he retreats claiming he will report to Lord Parkay that the "people of the mountains, have friends in high places" and that it would be best to leave them in peace.


Following the 107th and final battle in which the two clans participate, the two leaders throwing the last of their verbal insults, come to the realization that the invasion made them realize that two groups are much stronger working together, since their respective abilities, magickal and physical compliment each other perfectly, and that it took an incident like this, to open their eyes to realize the foolishness of a conflict none of them even remember how it started and working together is the best way to make the land a more peaceful place. Thus, the two fierce rivals decide to put their differences aside and form a brotherhood.

Lord Parkay would apparently receive the report of failure from House Bowen, since the land would not be subject to any further conflict or invasion, it can be hinted that the greedy millionaire decided to give up on the territory.

The alliance of the two clans became widely known along Jylland with the locals being satisfied with the ending of the vicious fight, with nobody knowing in full truth how the conflict ever started, but without anybody too interested in digging too deep out of fear of reopening the old scars and starting the rivalry anew.