Confident and charming, the rakish Ringabel remembers nothing of the past. The future is another story—this maidens' man possesses a mysterious journal that tells him his destinations and the people he will meet.
—Online description

Ringabel is a playable character in Bravely Default. An amnesiac with attitude, he's found in possession of the enigmatic D's Journal, which seems to foretell events that will occur in the future.

He also appears in Bravely Default: Praying Brage and Bravely Second: End Layer.

D's Journal entriesEdit

Though my memory is gone, this name seems engraved upon my mind somehow. A tattered journal is my sole remaining possession. Who am I?

A man of unknown age, currently experiencing amnesia. Clearly a man of high morals. Taciturn and reflective, I believe I am a gentleman well-liked by all.

  • Likes: Spicy things, juicy things
  • Dislikes: Sweet things



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Ringabel has mid-length pale blond hair styled into a pompadour and light tan eyes. He wears small silver stud earrings. Ringabel's appearance changes according to which asterisk he is using. Across the jobs, he dons the male version of the outfits similar to Tiz, and has a blue theme where applicable.

His default outfit consists of a light blue shirt with fur around the collar and black elbow length gloves. He wears black pants, a white belt with white pouches hanging on each side and black boots. As Alternis Dim, Ringabel wore a dark suit of armor with his helm obscuring his face.

In Bravely Second, Ringabel wears his Dark Knight armor, forgoing the helmet once he reveals himself to the party.

Alternate outfitsEdit

Ringabel has several alternate outfits released as part of downloadable content in the Japanese release, which can be obtained in-game in the Western release. Wakoku Warrior is unavailable in the Western release.

The Melodist's Shirt consists of a long gold high-collared jacket with red accents. He wears a white dress shirt and a white cravat with a blue gem in the center. He wears tan pants and red boots. His Plain Tunic is simply his Freelancer outfit. His Wakoku Warrior outfit is simply a long white scarf around his neck and a white loincloth. He wears brown gladiator sandals and has brown bands wrapped around each wrist. When summoned while wearing this costume in the Western releases, it is replaced with the Plain Tunic.


Ringabel is an amnesiac casanova, seducing women with his adolescent charm. Despite his flirtatious demeanor, he seems genuine in his desire to find his "angel" and from time to time serves as counselor for some of the other characters and gives rare pearls of wisdom that show a cautious and wise side to his otherwise frivolous personality.

Ringabel later learns that he was Alternis Dim, his personality being a solemn warrior who takes his duties seriously and loyal to the Lee family with little hesitation. After regaining his memory Ringabel adopts traits of his original personality and becomes slightly more serious and less flirty.


Bravely DefaultEdit


BDFF Screenshot Ringabell

Ringabel arriving in Caldisla.

My angel of fate...
—Ringabel after looking into D's Journal.

Prior to his memory loss, Ringabel was Alternis Dim, a member of Eternia's Council of Six who is a victim of a dimensional paradox. Orphaned at a young age, Alternis was found by Braev Lee who raises him before he became an officer in the forces of the Duchy of Eternia. During his travels, Alternis kept a journal of his activities, D's Journal, as he gave the Eschalot to the Sky Knights and infiltrated Caldisla to survey its defenses. During his stay, the Great Chasm opened and swallowed up the village of Norende.

After two weeks, he returned to the Duchy and was given a new mission to study the changes stemming from the Great Chasm as Edea joins up with Tiz Arrior and the wind vestal Agnès Oblige on their quest. Alternis has feelings for the Grand Marshal's daughter Edea Lee, taking her sudden betrayal hard as he attempted to secure her safety while dealing with halting the wind vestal Agnès Oblige from awakening the crystals.

During his journey Alternis made an enemy out of Qada when he came to the aid of a boy named Egil who was being tortured for knowledge on the location of the Fire Crystal. When Egil took him through the Underflow to reach the Temple of Fire, Alternis was confronted by Agnès's group and nearly died were it not for Qada's torturous healing prior to being placed in a White Magic stasis chamber by Victor to fully heal from his burns.

Once in top condition again, Alternis learned from Braev that the true threat is Agnès's cryst-fairy guide Airy. After Agnès awakened all four crystals, Alternis attempted to confront them at the Holy Pillar with the goal of killing the fairy from completing the ritual. Once there, Alternis was forced to watch Edea and the others die by Airy's hand as he ended up in another world's newly created Norende Ravine. Losing his memory upon reaching Caldisla with only D's Journal on his person, Alternis gained the named "Ringabel" from the residents as they have met his counterpart of their world and filled in certain gaps of his memory.

A week after his arrival, when Ominas Crowe burned down the old house he took residence in, using D's Journal under the notion it is a tome telling future events, Ringabel joins Agnès and Tiz to meet Edea, whom he refers to as his angel. Ringabel aids the others in battling the Alternis of their world, and is shocked to see his face before the dark knight falls off the Grandship. Ringabel begins to question their journey when he regains parts of his memory after confronting another version of the dark knight. After he regains all of his memories in the Third World, Ringabel remembers he was the Alternis of a world that Airy already visited, and that the fairy is evil. Ringabel confides this information to Tiz, asking him to tell Agnès. During his time in the Third World Ringabel defeats the Alternis of that world to spare him the fate he and the two previous Alternises suffered.

BS D's Journal FMV SS

Edea with D's Journal.

After helping the others defeat Ouroboros, Ringabel sets off to return to his own world. It is ambiguous on whether or not he succeeds. The Pocketbook of R novels detail his adventures after crashing in a completely different Luxendarc where he ultimately departs to return to the Fifth World. In the novels' sequels he succeeds and finds Tiz's body unmoving in Caldisla. On Yulyana's orders, he journeys for one and a half years to search for a way to revive him. On the eve of his return, he is warned of Agnès's impending danger, but before he can act, he finds himself in another predicament involving two parallel worlds.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

BS Ringabel assists Edea, Tiz, and their new allies, Yew Geneolgia and Magnolia Arch, while posing as Alternis Dim. Ringabel first appears to save the group from Yōko and later saves Edea from Geist Grace. Coming to the group's aid during their second confrontation with Yōko, Ringabel comes to Edea's aid and reveals himself to the party along with his mission as an agent of Dimensional Bureau to pursue Yōko. He joins the others in the battle against her and following her defeat, he is forced to leave due to the secretive nature of his job; however, he promises Edea that they will meet again.

Ringabel is lastly heard reporting back to the vice president, confirming the existence of the third key, the Sword of the Brave.

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Bravely DefaultEdit


Ringabel in battle.

Ringabel's stats shift depending on his current job class. Ringabel consistently has great Dexterity and Agility, making him the fastest of the group. Though his Mind stat is the lowest, his Intelligence stat is the second best. His MP and HP are also above average, making him great in the Ninja and Thief classes.


Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

Ringabel is a guest character for a single battle. He assist the party during the battle against Yōko. Using Special Moves of the different weapon types found in the game. Dealing either damage or fully healing the party.

Creation and developmentEdit


Ringabel is voiced by Ryōta Takeuchi in the Japanese version.

He is voiced by Spike Spencer in the English version.

Musical themesEdit

"Love's Vagrant"
Love's Vagrant
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In Bravely Default, Ringabel's theme is "Love's Vagrant" and is played during his "Special Move" sequence.

Other appearancesEdit

Bravely Default: Praying BrageEdit

BDPB Ringabel appears as an obtainable unit.

Bravely Archive: D's ReportEdit

BADR Ringabel appears as an obtainable unit.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Road to DragonsEdit

RtD Ringabel Freelancer


Ringabel appears as an obtainable character. Ringabel comes with Freelancer, Ranger and Merchant jobs, each having an active and party ability.

Rise of ManaEdit

Ringabel appears as a support character.

Fantasy Earth ZeroEdit

Ringabel's costumes appeared in a collaboration event.[2]

Sangokushi RumbleEdit

SR Ringabel

Ringabel appears as an obtainable character.

Battle ChampsEdit

Ringabel makes an appearance as a collaboration character. His outfit is also available for players to wear.

Empire in the StormEdit

Ringabel appears as an obtainable character.

World Cross SagaEdit

WCS Ringabel

Ringabel appears as an obtainable character.

Valkyrie AnatomiaEdit

Ringabel Valkyrie Anatomia Illust

Other mediaEdit


Ringabel appears on sticker sets for the LINE communications app wearing his Freelancer outfit from Bravely Default. The sticker sets he appears in are titled "Bravely Stickers - Volume 1"[3] and "Bravely Stickers - Volume 2".[4]


Bravely Default


"Ring a bell" is a figure of speech referring to when one begins to remember something, or for it to seem familiar to them. This ties in directly with Ringabel being established as a character with amnesia, and is implied by Ringabel himself to have been given to him as an ironic joke.


  • Ringabel's special costume is Melodist's Shirt.
    • The costume itself could be a reference to Revo, the game's music composer, because Revo composes and performs for a group called Sound Horizon where he wears various costumes some being similar in design to the Melodist's Shirt.
  • Ringabel is the only party member who can pilot airships, such as the Eschalot and the Grandship.