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Final Fantasy X-2 Enemy
リュック (Ryukku)
Level HP MP
53 7,800 92
Strength Magic Defense
42 31 39
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
82 82 12
Evasion Luck
18 0
800 3 200
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
- - -
Ice Gravity Holy
- Halves -
Location Den of Woe
Chapter(s) 5
Common Steal Bushido Lore
Rare Steal Bushido Lore
Gil Steal 300
Common Drop Black Lore
Rare Drop Black Lore
Bribe Amount N/A
Common Bribe None
Rare Bribe None
Abilities Grenade, Lv. 2 elemental items, 2-hit physical Attack
Blue Bullet N/A
Status Resist None
Status Immunity Death, Petrification, Silence, Poison, Curse, Eject, Stop, Doom, Delay, Preparation Interruption, Multiple Damage
Other Information This enemy does not Oversoul.
Suffering from the effects of an encounter with Shuyin's Lingering Despair. She seems to think Yuna is an armed guard holding her at gunpoint.

Rikku is a boss fought in Chapter 5 inside the Den of Woe. She is the first of five bosses, followed by Paine.

After some short scenes revealing more about the Crimson Squad and Shuyin, the pyreflies take control of Rikku's body, forcing the player to fight her.


Rikku is the easiest of the five Den of Woe bosses. She hits quickly and twice in one move, but not for much damage. She can also use various items that do elemental damage, such as Grenades and Arctic Winds.


If the player uses a strong dressphere, such as a Dark Knight or Samurai, Rikku will go down quickly.

One may want to enter this battle as a Thief to steal and pilfer gil. Some rare accessories and large amounts of gil can be obtained this way.


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