Final Fantasy XEdit


Beginning of battleEdit

Rikku: This is exciting!
Lulu: Oh, dear...
—Requires Rikku and Lulu present at the beginning of battle at Moonflow.

Rikku: All right! Let's get 'im!
Wakka: I'm countin' on ya!
—Requires Rikku and Wakka present at the beginning of battle at Moonflow.

Please don't make it rumble...
Let's get out of here!
—On the Thunder Plains.

This is gonna be easy!
Let's do it.
—In the Sanubia Desert.

We'll be there soon, Yunie!
—While searching for Yuna in Home.

What should I do?
—On the Calm Lands.

Easy as pie!

Rikku: No problem, guys!
Wakka: Hah, that's just what I was thinking!
—Requires Rikku and Wakka present at the beginning of battle.

Uggh... go away!
—While being chased by Guado Guardians after killing Seymour.

Victory is ours!

Entering BattleEdit

Leave it to me!
Bring it on!
—In general and in Moonflow.

Rikku's back!

I'll take care of 'im!

Rikku: You gotten any better?
Tidus: Just watch!
—Requires Rikku and Tidus present in battle at Moonflow.

If you say so!
I'll do my best!
—At Moonflow.

Needles, I hate needles!
—Against Qactuar.

Rikku: whoa, talk about a hardhead!
—Against Defender.

Wow! Say, is that edible?
—Against Dark Flan.

Who makes these things!?
—Against Demonolith.

Is it me or does he look grumpy?
—Against Varuna.

Uhh... I'm running if you are.
—Against Ultima Weapon.

Time to go, escargot!
—Against Neslug.


Here, this'll pick you up!
Come on, everyone! Look sharp!
Come on! Chin up! Eyes forward!
Here, this will pick you up!
Using a supportive item.

Get out of here!
That's it, take this!
Let's see what this does!
—Using an offensive item.

This should bring us luck!

I hope it's worth it!
Spare Change

Take it, leave us alone, okay?

You, stop! / Don't move or else!

Using OverdriveEdit

Come on! Chin up! Eyes forward!
Final Elixir.

Souped-up Ouch-Ouch Item, coming up!
Aqua Toxin.

Don't forget to thank me if this works!
Hazardous Shell.

Here, catch!

Rikku-approved item coming up!
Frag Grenade.

Trust me, this'll work!

Oookay... You asked for it!
Quartet of 9.

Hey, I've got just the thing!
Hot Spurs.


Rikku is revived by any character.
Oooh... I thought I was gonna die!
I'm fine! I'm fine!
—At Moonflow.

Defeating enemyEdit

—Killing blow.

—Upon defeating last enemy in battle.



See ya!

This is easy!
—After leveling up.

It's all in the wrist.
—In the woods north of Moonflow.

We'll be there soon, Yunie.
—While searching for Yuna in Home.

All right!

Game OverEdit

It's the lightning's fault...
—Game over in the Thunder Plains.


Final Fantasy X-2Edit


Beginning of a battleEdit

I'm gonna whack you good!

I'm on a roll.

Outta the way!

Leave it to me.

This doesn't look so good.
I don't think I'm up for this.
Did I sign up for this?
We are deep pickles.
Rikku: Oh, I need a nap.
Paine: Maybe later.
Yuna: Could be trouble...
Rikku: I don't like this one bit!
Critical Status

With YunaEdit

Rikku: Time to clean up.
Yuna: Right behind you.

Yuna: Let's go Gullwings.
Rikku: Yeah, let's do it!

Rikku: What time?
Yuna: Showtime.

Rikku: I got a good feeling about this one.
Yuna: Me too.

Rikku: Ready?
Yuna: You betcha.

Yuna: This shouldn't take more than... two rounds.
Rikku: Give me one.

With PaineEdit

Rikku: Doctor P. is in the house!
Paine: Stop that.

Rikku: I'm gonna kick you in the spleen!
Paine: Spleen?

Rikku: You're not getting away!
Paine: Confident, huh?

Rikku: I could do this blindfolded!
Paine: Go ahead.
Rikku: Eheheh...

Rikku: This is kiddy stuff.
Paine: Is it?

Paine: An easy match.
Rikku: Haha, great!

With Yuna and PaineEdit

Rikku: Let's finish this, lickity-split.
Yuna: Think we can break our record?
Paine: Let's just win.

Rikku: You think this'll be hard?
Paine: Only one way to find out.
Yuna: Well, what are we waiting for?

Yuna: Bring it!
Rikku: She's sure getting into this.
Paine: She's trying.

Paine: Guess I'll take a break.
Rikku: What?!
Yuna: Hey, we need you.

Paine: Easy.
Yuna: You really think so?
Rikku: Less talk, more fight.

Yuna: Give me a Y!
Rikku: Give me an R!
Paine: Give me a break.

Story-related encountersEdit

Chapter OneEdit

Snake?! Snake... snaake!
—First battle with Recoil

Chapter ThreeEdit

(Western accent) All together now!
—During Machina Mayhem! mission

—Battle against Ifrit

This can't be happening.
—Battle against Ixion

Chapter FiveEdit

Yuna: Shuyin!
Paine: It can't end like this.
Rikku: ...I'm getting ticked off!
Jecht (voice over): Yuna, Rikku, Paine, this is your time. You must defeat it.
—Start of battle against Vegnagun (body)

Rikku: You just don't get it, do you?
Paine: It's no good, he's not listening.
Yuna: Shuyin, please stop this!
Jecht (voice over): Put that crybaby to sleep.
—Start of battle against Shuyin

Changing dresspheresEdit

Now this is my kind of weapon! Who wants some?
Don't worry, I brought enough bullets for everyone!
No one's faster with a gun than an Al Bhed.
I'm gonna pump you so full of lead.
—After changing into Gunner.

Use one of your abilities, I dare you. 'Cause I'll use it right back.
I got a bullet for every fiend.
I'll be taking your abilities now. Thank you.
These aren't your everyday, bang-bang kind of bullets.
—After changing into Gun Mage.

Is it me, or does this outfit have an Al Bhed thing goin' on?
Need some items? I'm your gal.
All items carry the Al Bhed Seal of Approval.
I hate to waste items, but here they come!
—After changing into Alchemist.

So, I chop things up and we win? I think I can handle that.
Oh, you want a piece of me?
Slice and dice is very nice.
Oh yeah, I'm gettin' hot!
—After changing into Warrior.

Rikku, master of the blade, walks with the shadows, cutting down all who stand in her way.
Crouching tiger, hidden Rikku.
No more 'Mr. Nice Guy'.
I'm playing for keeps.
—After changing into Samurai.

I kinda feel like I'm the bad guy.
This armor isn't just for show y'know.
Shouldn't you be running scared by now?
Nice knowing you.
—After changing into Dark Knight.

Why do I have this strange urge to roar?
Bite me. Oh, better yet... let me bite you!
Get in my way, and you're asking for it!
You don't mind if I go a little wild, do ya?!
—After changing into Berserker.

Welcome to your doom, starring me!
Lucky you. You get front row seats.
Like it or not, you're listening.
Once I get a mic in my hands, it's all over.
—After changing into Songstress.

I'm gonna put you in a cast, and I don't mean the broken bone kind. Get it?
Should I burn you or freeze you? Decisions, decisions.
Now it's payback time!
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
—After changing into Black Mage.

And now for some Rikku-brand white magic goodness.
Guess I'm in charge of healing, huh?
You got it, I'll heal it!
Don't worry, I'll take care of ya.
—After changing into White Mage.

All right. Hand it over!
Mind if I take that?
Watch the master.
—After changing into Thief.

He may look cute, but you really don't wanna get on his bad side.
Watch out. He's a little troublemaker.
Time to go crazy and break things!
Monnnn... keeeeey!
—After changing into Trainer.

Live or die by the roll of the dice. Exciting, no?
Prepare to be shaken and stirred.
I'm ready to play!
The fun starts now!
—After changing into Lady Luck.

Ooo, so much fun stuff - I don't know what to do first!
Party! Ah, ah, ah! Party! Ah, ah ah!
Nobody's leaving till this party is finished!
—After changing into Festivalist.

I won't just defeat you, I'm gonna shatter you!
Uh-oh, the floodgates are open!
What's that? Go easy? I don't think so!
Hey! Do you smell something burning? Because I am on fire!
—After changing into Psychic.

Aw, I wanted to be a cactuar.
Oh, no! I think my head's on backwards!
Yeah, yeah. Laugh while you can.
Now why don't I feel tough in this?
—After changing into Mascot.

Time for some serious machina mashing power!
Activate mega-ultra, super-duper assault mode!
You're gonna rue the day!
Stand back! I've got it under control!
—After changing into Machina Maw.

Dressphere abilitiesEdit

General commandsEdit

Pow, right in the kisser!

Get outta here kid, you're botherin' me.

Taaake... this!

Ready or not, here I come.

No holds barred.


Yossha! (Translation: All right!)
Wasshooi! (Translation: Whoosh!)
Konou! (Translation: Grr!)
Choi choi tte kanji! (Translation: Feeling good!)
International/HD Remaster exclusives

—Using Attack with Gunner, Gun Mage, Alchemist dresspheres



There ain't nothin' I can't steal.
Takers keepers.
Don't hold out on me.
—Using Steal or Flimflam abilities

Here you go. Cash on delivery.
I give, and I give, and I give.
Guess this is my rainy day.
—Using Spare Change/Bribe



Time to bust a move!
It only takes me to tango.
Who's your Rikku?
—Using Dance abilities

Ahem.. la, la, laa!
Hey, I'm singin' here!
—Using Sing abilities

Black MageEdit

Well done, please.
You're... fired!
Ooh, I love a good roast!
I like mine toasted!
—When using fire-elemental magic.

Forecast: cold!
What's wrong, cold feet?
I like mine on the rocks.
—When using ice-elemental magic.

Grease lightning!
Astraphobic, not me.
—When using lightning-elemental magic.

Hit the showers!
Catch the wave!
Drink up!
—When using water-elemental magic.

White MageEdit

No more moping!
Chin up, eyes forward!
Cheer up!
Any better?
Booboos be gone!
Gullwing repair service.
—When casting a Cure/Life spell

Time to turn up the heat!
–When casting Shell, Protect, or Reflect

Up and at 'em.
Damage? What damage?
Why heal a little when you can heal it all?
—When casting Full-Cure

Gun MageEdit

I know all about you!
Can't hide from me!
What makes you tick?
—Using Scan

Al Bhed tested, Brother approved!
This one's custom-made, just for you!
Here comes your favorite kind of bullet!
–Using Fiend Hunter abilities

Bullets come in all kinds of flavors!
Ever seen this before?
Eat... NOT lead!
–Using Blue Bullet abilities


Not knowing is the fun part.
A little of this, a little of that.
Who ordered a round of Rikku's Surprise?
—Using Mix

Here comes my trump card!
Oops... forgot to mention I had this!
I wanted to save this for something special.
—Using Stash

Dark KnightEdit

My pain is your pain.
This hurts me almost as much as it hurts you!
Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!
—Using Darkness

Not so tough now, are ya?
You crossed the line, buster!
How do ya like these apples?
–Using Arcana or Wildcat abilities


Lady LuckEdit

Oh, I can't watch.
Gettin' nervous?
Big money, big money.
—Using Two Dice or Four Dice abilities

Look into my eyes.
How do ya like me now?
–Using Tantalize


If something bad happens, don't blame me!
Time to bust out!
I'm getting in the zone.
—Using Berserk

...and you are OUTTA here!
–Using Eject


Go to it.
—Using Attack

Monkey do, monkey do!
Swipe me something good.
Okay, just like I showed you.
—Using Ghiki abilities

Time to monkey around!
One barrel full of fun, coming up!
Swarm, swarm!
—Using Swarm, Swarm!


When I say party... you party.
All together now!
Ooo, I love these!
Fireworks, fun! Yeeheee!
Look at the pretty colors!
—Using Festivities abilities

Fly my pretty, hehehehehahahahaa!
Go, fish!
No one expects the gold fish!
—Casting elemental fish


No mercy!
–Using Excellence


Machina MawEdit


Verifying target!
Ready to fire, sir!
Target locked!
—Using Machinations


Using ItemEdit

Using EscapeEdit


—Deals zero damage or misses

Killing BlowEdit

So long!


—After Rikku or other party member delivers a killing blow


Okay, next please.

We're on a roll!

Oh, yeah!

It's a wrap!

Nice work!


Easy as pie!

Case closed.

It's all in the wrist.

All according to plan!

This is easy!

Yuna & Rikku: Gullwings take the gold!

Yuna & Rikku: Heeyah!

Rikku & Paine: Piece of cake.

Paine: Sorry we had to win.
Rikku: I'm not.

Can we not almost die next time?
Is it just me, or are we almost dead?
Ugh. I'm bushed...
Oh... I thought we were done for.
I've reached my limit. Break time!
Critical Status

Rikku:You okay, Yunie?
Yuna:I'll live...

Yuna:That was bad!



No way...


Oh, rats...

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Final Fantasy X-2: Last MissionEdit

Changing DresspheresEdit

Say hello to my little friend!
—After changing into Gunner.

Anything you can do I can do better.
—After changing into Gun Mage.

Take your poison.
—After changing to Alchemist.

Cut all the things!
—After changing into Warrior.

Stick 'em with the pointy end.
—After changing into Samurai.

This feels nice and evil.
—After changing into Dark Knight.

Time to smash some stuff.
—After changing into Berserker.

Is this thing on?
—After changing into Songstress.

Time for the magic show!
—After changing into Black Mage.

You're safe with me.
—After changing into White Mage.

In a blink of an eye.
—After changing into Thief.

Go crazy, little guy.
—After changing into Trainer.

Deal me in!
—After changing into Lady Luck.

It's so heavy!
—After changing into Mascot.

I've got all the energy I need.
—After changing into Psychic.

I wanna go have some fun.
—After changing into Festivalist.

Let's be quick about it.
How does this look?
Haaaa! That's refreshing.
—After changing into any dressphere.

This is gonna ruin my reputation!
This is definitely not my size.
—After changing into a Leblanc Syndicate member.

Mind if I take a break...?
It's your turn.
—Before switching to another character.