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Base of Pharos at Ridorana.

Ridorana... the great pharos and the bottomless Cataract. No man of Balfonheim would willingly go there, so oft are we warned as children.

The Ridorana Cataract (リドルアナ大瀑布, Ridoruana Daibakufu?) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a strange geographical location on the verge of a huge hole in the ocean.


The Ridorana Cataract is located in the far east of Ivalice, in the Jagd Naldoa region. Since it is located in Jagd territory, it is impossible to reach by airship normally, and the tides surrounding it preclude normal ships from approaching. On the edge of the cataract is a small island with a tall tower called The Pharos, due to resembling a lighthouse. Other than that, not much is known about this region.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

A strange opening in the seafloor that has created an endless whirlpool, drawing the surrounding sea ever downwards. An island is situated at the cataract's edge, on which stands a great pharos surrounded by ancient ruins. Its size suggests that once a great city flourished here, but of its rise and fall nothing is known. The area surrounding the island is jagd, preventing approach by airship, while the proximity of the cataract and its tidal pull make it impossible to reach the island by sea.
Sage Knowledge piece 67


See also: Treasure (Final Fantasy XII)

The most common item treasures are Hi-Potions, Ethers and other common items. With the Diamond Armlet equipped the common item treasure is Knot of Rust and the rare item is a rare Mote.

In the Echoes of the Times Garden, there is a treasure that spawns in the middle of the the east edge that can have the Opal Ring. The Colosseum has many treasures that spawn in the ruined hallways around the center. One treasure that spawns in the right dead-end in the south can have the Cloud Staff.

The treasure near the southern entrance to the opening in the middle of the Colosseum can have the Penetrator Crossbow. Many treasures can spawn in the northeast of the City of Other Days and one of them can have the Ivory Pole.


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Party arrives at Ridorana Cataract.

After following Dr. Cid to the Ancient City of Giruvegan to snatch the pieces of deifacted nethicite he holds, the party found Cid had tricked them and they were only met with the Occuria. The Occuria forged Ashe a sword to cut her own piece of nethicite from the Sun-Cryst and instructed her to find "a tower on the distant shore". After finding out from Reddas such location is found in Jagd Naldoa, the party modify their airship, Strahl, to be capable of flying through jagd and come to the Naldoan Sea, where they find the Ridorana Cataract on the edge of a deep waterfall.

The party leave Strahl and trek through the cataract to the base of the Pharos where they find a message left by the King Raithwall himself.

After Vaan has vanquished every tough Hunt mark Montblanc has given him, he is so impressed with his skills he sends Vaan to vanquish Yiazmat at the Ridorana Cataract coliseum. After succeeding Montblanc tells Vaan why he founded Clan Centurio.


Footfalls of the PastEdit

Ridorana cataract entrance

Entrance to Ridorana Cataract.

The westernmost location of the Cataract where the party arrives when they enter the place for the first time. A Save Crystal and the Strahl can be found here.

Echoes from Time's GardenEdit

Ridorana Cataract Echoes from Time's Garden

Ecoes from Time's Garden.

The Trophy Rare Game Abelisk can be encountered here.




A location similar to an amphitheatre in the south. The map of the Ridorana Cataract can be found here, also the fight with the Ultimate Mark, Yiazmat, takes place in the Colosseum.

City of other DaysEdit

Ridorana Cataract City of other Days

City of other Days.

The Rare Game Pallicant can be encountered here.

Path of Hidden BlessingEdit


The Save Crystal at the Path of Hidden Blessing.

A path in the east containing another Save Crystal and leading to the Pharos at Ridorana.


Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain CallEdit

Ridorana Cataract - Colosseum

The Coliseum.

The Ridorana Cataract's Coliseum appears as the BMS for "Boss Battle".

Musical ThemesEdit

"A Moment's Rest"
FFXII A Moments Rest
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The background theme to Ridorana Cataract is called "A Moment's Rest" (モーメントレスト, Moomentoresuto?).


FF12 Map - Ridorana Cataract


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