Rick (リックス, Rikkusu?) is a character in the On the Way to a Smile novella "Case of Denzel".


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More than a year after Midgar is destroyed, the survivors living in the rubble slowly leave to go to Edge, and only Rick and Denzel remain living in Midgar. When the two realize that they are out of money and cannot afford to trade supplies for food with the Edge residents anymore, Rick suggests they move to Edge for free food. Denzel replies that they will catch and eat rats "like real slum kids"; Rick tells Denzel that he used to live in the Slums, and the rats are inedible due to the pollution from the plate where Denzel lived. Rick leaves for Edge afterward.

Denzel tells Reeve Tuesti that Rick is still alive and living in Edge shortly after recounting this part of his story, but claims the two of them have not spoken to each other in some time.

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Rick is a shortened form of Richard, roughly meaning "powerful leader". It should be noted that both Zack's and Rick's names are irregular in that the Japanese pronunciations differ from the English spelling, being pronounced (and sometimes translated) as "Zax" and "Rix". This may be a common trait for names ending with "ck" within the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.