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XI Reward is a Beastmaster ability in Final Fantasy XI. When used, the player's "pet" is fed Pet Food and recovers HP.

The various Pet Food used is said to be created by the legendary Mithran Beastmaster Choh Moui.

Beastmaster Pet FoodEdit

Name HP cured (approx.)
Pet Food Alpha Biscuit ~30 HP
Pet Food Beta Biscuit ~60 HP
Pet Food Gamma Biscuit ~100 HP
Pet Food Delta Biscuit ~150 HP
Pet Food Epsilon Biscuit ~300 HP
Pet Food Zeta Biscuit ~350 HP

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

TA2 Reward is an enemy ability used by Magick Pots. It instantly KOs the user.

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