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Electromag in Final Fantasy VII.

Reverse Polarity (磁場転換, Jiba Tenkan?), also known as R. Polarity, Magnet, or Electromag, is a recurring enemy ability. Its main use is to change the party's battle formation by moving either one or all characters to the back row, depending on the game. It deals no damage, and is otherwise a minor nuisance to contend with.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Reverse Polarity changes the party's rows from front to back and vice-versa, and is used by several enemies in the game. Magnet is an enemy ability used by Druid, Liquid Flame, and Magnetite. It forces characters in the back row to move to the front row, making it dangerous for mage-type classes.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Reverse Polarity was originally called R. Polarity, is used by Hell's Rider, Visage, Fiend, Schmidt, and Number 024. The spell merely switches the row of the party, and it cost 20 MP for the enemy to use.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Called Electromag, it is an enemy ability used by Hell Rider VR2, and just switches the party's current row.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Reverse Polarity is a Bravery attack for Exdeath. It sends out a circle of energy as the player holds the Dissidia Circle Button button, and when the button is released Exdeath instantly teleports to the circle's location, damaging the opponent if he warps to their location. The ability costs 30 CP to equip and 180 AP to master.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Reverse Polarity returns as one of Exdeath's attacks. If he damages the opponent when he teleports, Exdeath can now cancel out the end lag of the attack by executing one of his counterattacks. It requires 30 CP to equip and 120 AP to master.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Exdeath's cards can use Reverse Polarity. The player Dulls Exdeath, pays one Lightning CP, and discards another Exdeath card to select a Manikin in their Break zone and play it. Reverse Polarity can only be used once per turn.


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