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A Rev from Final Fantasy XII.

The Rev (レベ, Rebe?) are cat-like humanoids that make a small appearance in the Ivalice game series. They have a sub-species, known as the Revgaji (レベガージ, Rebegāji?). Notable Rev include Cid and Lezaford.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII There are at least three featured in the game; two guardians of Marquis Ondore, and one as his agent with the Bhujerba resistance.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit



A certain sub-branch of the Rev known as the Revgaji populates this Ivalice world. Cid of Clan Gully is one of the Revgaji, though treated as a bangaa in battle. Others include the wizard Lezaford and those who operate the Auctions. Their roles in the game suggest that they have no difficulties blending into society and are rather intelligent.

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