FFV iOS Return

Return in Final Fantasy V (iOS).

Turn back time to the beginning of the battle.
Final Fantasy V description

Return (リターン, Ritān?), also known Reset, is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Return is a level 4 Time Magic spell for the Time Mage that costs only 1 MP. The spell can be bought at Regole, Castle of Bal, Quelb, Castle Surgate and Moore for 3,000 gil.

Using the Return/Reset spell during battle will cause the battle to reset. It is useful during fights when a strategy goes awry, or when the player is trying to steal a rare item. Some enemies are also known to use Return/Reset, such as Omniscient. There are also a number of enemies that have Return/Reset available as part of the set of spells that can be accessed when they are controlled by a Beastmaster, even though they don't use it normally. Additionally, casting Return/Reset in a battle begun with an ambush attack will generally reset it to a condition more favorable to the player.

In battles with a timer, the Return spell is supposed to reset the battle and, thus, also re-start the timer. This is bugged in the North American GBA version, but is fixed in the European release.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

FFXIV Return Icon

Return is an ability to teleport the player back to his/her home Aetheryte. The difference between Return and Teleport is that Return will not allow the player to teleport to anywhere else but the home Aetheryte, and Gil is not needed.

If used in instanced duties, the player will return to the starting point of the duty.

To learn the Return ability, the player needs to touch any Aetheryte once.

Final Fantasy Dimensions IIEdit

Return is a powerful magic used by Chronos and Kairos in the ending of the game's second chapter, in an attempt to repair the crystal.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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