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Final Fantasy XI Spell
MP: 150
Effect: Transportation
Duration: -
Casting Time: 8 Sec
Recast Time: 10 Sec
Magic Type: Enhancing Magic
Element: Dark
Jobs: BLM 55

Retrace is a Black Magic spell found in Final Fantasy XI that functions in almost exactly the same manner as the spell Warp II, but instead, "Transports qualified target party member to their nation of allegiance in the past." in lieu of their respective Home Point. It can be learned by Black Mages only. It works similarly to the White Mage spell, Recall.

To learn this spell, the player can buy it from the Auction House, but will be cheaper out questing for the scroll in the Quest The Lost Book. This requires the player to have the Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess expansion pack installed.


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