Weiss & the Restrictor

Weiss the Immaculate and the Restrictor.

The Restrictors (レストリクター, Resutorikutā?) appear in the online multiplayer mode of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. They are members of the 14th SOLDIER force, "Lost Force", and the former leaders of the Deepground before Weiss and his Tsviets took over.

Though many are hinted at, only one known member of the group is ever seen: their leader. He is simply called "the Restrictor" by those around him. Nobody is sure who or what lies behind the mask, but from the voice he is male. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa. His weapon is two short "gunblades".

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Restrictor is a person always wearing a long and black coat that he takes off only to fight. His face is never shown, because he always wears a mask covering his head. Even the Tsviets never knew who he was "behind the mask". He carries two pistols with blades attached to them.

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He is said to be loyal to Shinra, but in Deepground is harsh and cruel toward his subordinates, not hesitating to beat and even kill them when they are not obeying him.

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Through the brutal and inhumane experimentation and testing of Shinra's Deepground program, four individual SOLDIERs who survived its carnage, were recognized as the program's fruits of success. With their background information and traces of existence be highly classified and stricken from all known records, the group would come to be known by all overseers of Deepground as SOLDIER's secret 14th Unit, Lost Force. The confidential unit would soon prove their worth by destroying the 13th Unit, Ragnarok, in a single night, as Ragnarok's discovery of the amoral training program, and their shock and abhorrence at the program's entire purpose, would prove to be a grave threat to Shinra's public face and existence, should word had gotten out about its most darkest, confidential, and highly protected secrets.

The Restrictor leader governed over Deepground, implanting chips into the brain stems of all Deepground recruits so they couldn't turn against him. Recruits had to fight to the death to go up in the ranks, until reaching the rank of Tsviet, the highest and most feared. It was the Restrictors who gave the Tsviets their color codes. Nero the Sable was chained up because he was considered too dangerous. The Player Tsviet in the multiplayer mode is the exception and without knowing, is part of Weiss's plan to take control of the Deepground.

Azul the Cerulean attempts to attack the Restrictor, but is stopped by the implanted chip which prevents recruits from attacking the Restrictor. During a training exercise, the player grabs at the Restrictor's leg, showing how s/he is capable of hurting him.

Rosso the Crimson feels the need to slaughter countless Deepground soldiers because she wants the chance to see the real sky and outside world, rather than a projection. She takes on the Restrictor but after a short battle, the Restrictor lunges his gunblade into Rosso's stomach, and places a foot on her back as she falls to the ground.

Weiss is restrained by chains attached to the throne inside Reactor 0. He tells him he would like to try out his new swords. After the Restrictor breaks the chains, Weiss takes a hold of his swords, and tells him he wants to fight him handicapped as he is confident he is more powerful than the Restrictor. The Restrictor calls forth both Azul and Rosso, letting Weiss test his powers against them. Weiss beats them both even while handicapped and with them in their Arch Azul and Bloodburst Rosso forms.

After the battle, Weiss and his Tsviets turn on the Restrictor. Unable to attack the Restrictor, Weiss orders the player to shoot him. The Restrictor proves powerful, but is defeated. He forces his short gunblade into the player's stomach with incredible strength, and watches as s/he drops to the floor, fatally wounded. Weiss attacks the Restrictor, finally defeating their oppressor.

With the Restrictor dead, the Tsviets are in control of Deepground and the stage is set for their move to the world above in the main storyline in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

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Restrictor TCG

Restrictor appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

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