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XI Resist Silence is a trait in Final Fantasy XI that grants Bards and Scholars slightly improved defense against silence. Bards receive this skill at level 5, while Scholars receive this skill at level 10. There are higher levels of this skill, Resist Silence II, III, and IV. A Scholar can learn Resist Silence II and III at levels 40 and 70, and Bards can learn Resist Silence II, III, and IV at levels 25, 45, and 65.

The resistance of Silence increases with each level. Items that enhance the trait are Antarctic Solea, Cleric's Cap/Cleric's Cap +1, Flawless Ribbon, Elegant Ribbon, Garrulous Ring, Insect Ring, Iron Ram Lance, Reserve Captain's Lance, Scorpion Gauntlets/Scorpion Gauntlets +1, Singer's Mantle, Spagyric Nails, Stealth Earring, and Zenith Crown/Zenith Crown +1. Sweet Rice Cake also enhances the trait.

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