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FFXIV Repose

Repose in Final Fantasy XIV.

Repose (リポーズ, Ripōzu?), also known as Calmness or Sleep, is a spell in the Final Fantasy series.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy VI Edit

Repose (やすらぎ, Yasuragi?, lit. Peace) is an enemy ability used by a two enemies, Rest and Lady. Rest version inflicts Death to a single target while Lady's inflicts Sleep. Both can only be evaded by Fenrir or by having a high Magic Evasion stat.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

MP 26
Effect Puts an enemy to sleep.
Duration 90 Seconds max
Casting Time 4.5 Seconds
Recast Time 30 Seconds
Magic Type Divine Magic
Element Light
Jobs WHM 48

Repose is a White Magic spell exclusive to White Mages. It inflicts a light-based Sleep effect on an enemy. Due to its light element, it is also capable of landing against Undead creatures, like Lullaby, something a Black Magic Sleep spell has almost no chance of doing. Repose has not always been in Final Fantasy XI. It was added in the November 2007 version update.

There are two types of sleep. The difference lies in whether or not monsters resist the sleep ability.

Legacy Final Fantasy XIV Edit

FFXIVL Repose Icon

Repose appeared as an ability in the original version. At the initial release, Repose was a Conjurer spell available for use at Rank 8. The spell cost 3 action points to set and 8 MP to use. When used, the spell would inflict the bind status to all enemies within an area of effect. After the release of patch 1.20, Repose remained a Conjurer spell available for use at level 50. However, the spell no longer inflicted the bind status and instead inflicted the sleep status to a single target. Repose could only be used by Conjurers and White Mages.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

FFXIV Repose Icon

Repose is a Conjurer ability available at level 26. The ability inflicts sleep to a single target for a period of 30 seconds. The ability has a cast time 2.5 seconds and has a cooldown time of 2.5 seconds. The spell can only be used by Conjurers and White Mages.

Gallery Edit

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