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FFD Rended Void

Rended Void.

Rended Void (次元のほころび, Jigen no Hokorobi?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It comprises of four different areas.


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The Warriors of Light and Warriors of Darkness enter Rended Void to find and obtain pieces of Dark Matter.

Rended VoidEdit

The Warriors access this area through Deist Forest. They come up against a group of soldiers. After they defeat them, they gain the first piece of Dark Matter.

Rended Void: EarthEdit

The Warriors enter this area through Alfheim. They encounter a revived Asmodai. By defeating the general, they obtain a piece of Dark Matter.

Rended Void: FireEdit

The Warriors get to this place through a rift Castle Falgabard. They defeated the reincarnated Baugauven and acquire a piece of Dark Matter.

Rended Void: WaterEdit

The Warriors come to this place through a rift in Rusalka. After defeating the revived Styx, they obtain a piece of Dark Matter.

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Rended VoidEdit

Rended Void: EarthEdit

Rended Void: FireEdit

Redned Void: WaterEdit



Voids are vast spaces between filaments (the largest-scale structures in the Universe), which contain very few or no galaxies.

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