Rela Cyel SS

Rela Cyel.

The ruins of Rela Cyel is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. The party heads here to find proof to overthrow Alhanalem's impostor. It is here that the party reunites with Meeth, as she had been living in the ruins with Moogles for several years.


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Rela Cyel was a gigantic dam that contained the waters of Lake Cyela while serving as an Elemental Shrine for the citizens of Rebena Te Ra in which studies of the managing of crystals were conducted under the guidance of, presumably, master Alhanalem. Also it is one of the powerful elements. Because of a sudden, massive malfunctioning of the temple's internal mechanisms, the people and the soldiers within were forced to evacuate at the imminent threat of a structural collapse.

During this course of events Princess Tilika went missing and Sir Latov and the Oracle Aleria the Starsinger entered the temple in search for the missing princess. At the lowest level they found the princess, imprisoned within a Crimson Crystal by Cu Chaspel attempting to offer her as a sacrifice for the Lunite moongod for it to come down into the planet.

When Tilika thwarted Chaspel's plans at the cost of her own life, the ensuing explosion all but accelerated the structure's collapse. Later, Sir Latov and Aleria regained consciousness, just outside the temple, only to find it already in the ruined state that, many years later, greeted the Fated Twins.

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Note: An item marked with * is one-time only.

Normal Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (G)*
  • DEF Boost*
  • Magical Weapon Recipe
  • Knight's Helmet Recipe
  • Fire Hat Recipe
  • Ice Hat Recipe
  • Thunder Hat Recipe
  • Knight's Uniform Recipe
  • Fiery Garb Recipe
  • Icy Garb Recipe
  • Thunderous Garb Recipe
  • Reddish Emblem Recipe
Hard Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (N)*
  • DEF Boost*
  • 500 Gil
  • Amethyst
  • Ash Kitty Cloak Scroll
  • Ash Kitty Hat Scroll
  • Branded Weapon Scroll
  • Crystal
  • Crystalline Weapon Scroll
  • Dark Crystal
  • Dragon God Armor Scroll
  • Dragon God Helm Scroll
  • Explosive Mask Scroll
  • Fireproof Armor Scroll
  • Frost-free Helm Scroll
  • Heat-hating Helm Scroll
  • Perdition Tome Scroll
  • Petite Amethyst
  • Petite Emerald
  • Petite Sapphire
  • Playful Soul Scroll
  • Queen's Insignia Scroll
  • Refined Crystal Scroll
  • Refined Sapphire Scroll
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Seraph Dust
  • Silver Armor Scroll
  • Sub-zero Armor Scroll
  • Thief Headwrap Scroll
  • Thief's Uniform Scroll
  • White Dust


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