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Japanese nameReks
Voice actor(s)
Hideki Tasaka
Voice actor(s)
Yuri Lowenthal
Final Fantasy XII Character
No, sir. I want to fight. For my homeland and for my parents.

Reks is a minor character in Final Fantasy XII. Vaan's elder brother by two years, he fights to protect what little family he has left. Reks is the playable character during the game's prologue that works as a tutorial.



Reks has white-blond hair and pale blue eyes. He wears a short leather shirt that bares his midriff, curved pieces of armor either side of his neck; plated bracers and leather fingerless gloves, strips of leather round his waist with a groin protector, black trousers under metal and leather greaves, and flat brown shoes with the toes cut away. A blue brooch upon his chest resembles the one his brother Vaan wears, and in a dream sequence it is implied he also left Vaan a silver ring with a blue motif. In the Final Fantasy XII manga it is revealed Vaan's chestplate originates from Reks.


Reks is a timid, somewhat pessimistic young man, unsure of himself but determined to fight for his brother and for Dalmasca. His strong sense of duty is evidenced in him joining the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca at the end of the war when it was already clear they could not win against the Archadian Empire. He respects his captains Basch and Vossler, and justifies his purpose within the army when Basch objects due to his age.

Reks doesn't hesitate in face of danger, and encourages others to go on while he stays behind alone to dispatch enemy soldiers, despite being the least experienced of their squad. Reks's honest and perhaps naive nature make him a perfect witness for the Empire to use in a conspiracy to set up Captain Basch.


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See also: Battle of Nalbina Fortress
Reks and Noah

Reks and Gabranth in the Final Fantasy XII manga.

Five years ago Reks lost his family to a plague. Only fourteen years old, he had to take care of his younger brother Vaan, with help from Penelo and her family. Always kind to others, he helped a seeq named Jovy who was wrongly accused of being a thief. He was known to love Galbana Lilies, a type of red desert flowers.

Three years after losing his parents, Reks joined the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca and fell under the command of Captain Basch, to whom Reks reminded of his own brother. Having been one of the few to survive the initial Archadian assault, he forms part of the detachment sent to stop King Raminas from signing Dalmasca's unconditional surrender at Nalbina Fortress after rumors spread it is but a conspiracy to assassinate him.

Holding back to defend the rear from the Imperial forces, Reks becomes separated from his company. When he reaches the throne room, he is distraught to find his slaughtered comrades lying at the feet of their murdered King. Basch appears from the shadows and stabs Reks in the torso, leaving him to witness his confession and subsequent arrest. Though mentally and physically destroyed by the events, Reks is able to corroborate the Empire's version of events to Vaan and Vossler and as a result, Basch is convicted on high treason.

Reks's Death

Reks wounded.

Reks dies of his wounds, never knowing that the man truly responsible was Basch's twin brother, Gabranth, and that the whole scheme had been orchestrated by Vayne Solidor. In the manga version Vaan claims Reks was interrogated as a co-conspirator on Raminas's murder, and died from the methods used to force a confession.


Reks is a playable character in the beginning portion of the game that acts as tutorial for the player. As such he is not easily killed and the player can't change his equipment. He has the magicks Cure and Thunder and is equipped with Mythril Sword, Buckler, Leather Cap and Leather Armor.


Reks starts at level 3 and his levels are not transferred to Vaan, who starts at level 1, unlike later in the game where Vaan's level determines the levels of the allies that join the party later. Considering his stat development, Reks is the second fastest playable character in the game after Reddas.

Level HP MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
3 112 - 118 32 - 35 24 22 23 35
4 129 - 139 34 - 39 25 22 24 35
5 148 - 160 35 - 42 25 23 24 35
6 168 - 183 37 - 45 26 23 24 35
99 4,401 - 5,188 233 - 378 74 67 55 46

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Reks TCG

Reks appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.



Reks's Japanese name may translate to "Lex". [view  · edit  · purge]Lex is a given name. It is a common male name in the Netherlands, and is sometimes short for Alexander.


  • Reks's sprite is unlocked in the Sky Pirate's Den after the player has earned over 500,000 Clan Points, granting the title Record Breaker.
  • Reks was Jovy's biggest hero before he met Vaan, declaring that he is his new hero.
  • "Reks's Blade" is an exclusive weapon for Vaan in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, which raises Attack by 40 points and has "EX Core Absorption +15%" as an effect.
  • Reks shares his English voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, with Cecil Harvey from 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV and the Dissidia series.

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