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Beowulf! I had thought the joy of your embrace forever lost.
—Reis Duelar

Reis Duelar, also known as Reis Dular, is a secret character from Final Fantasy Tactics. She is Beowulf's fiancée, but the confessor Celebrant Bremondt wants her to himself.




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Reis and the CurseEdit

Reis was originally engaged to the Templar Beowulf Cadmus. The two loved each other deeply, but Reis had also caught the eye of Celebrant Bremondt. Bremondt became delusional and wanted Reis all to himself. Believing he could buy her love with money and gifts, he tried everything he could to get Reis to love him.

However, Reis only cared for Beowulf. Enraged, Bremondt labeled Beowulf a heretic and stripped him of his rank as captain of the Gryphon Knights of Lionel. To make sure he was out of the picture forever, Bremondt prepared a curse for Beowulf. However, as he cast the spell, Reis pushed Beowulf out of the way, sacrificing herself for the one she loved. When the curse took effect, Reis lost all her memories and became the Holy Dragon. Confused, she started wandering Ivalice, and Beowulf went after her.

Removing the CurseEdit

Beowulf and Reis at Nelveska

Ramza, Beowulf, and Reis in human form at Nelveska Temple.

She later found herself in the coal mine of Mining Town of Gollund. She was threatened by a group of monsters lead by Syneugh, but Beowulf arrived with Ramza Beoulve and saved her. Beowulf then began looking for a way to revert Reis back to normal. At Nelveska Temple, Reis, Ramza, and Beowulf fought and defeated Construct 7 and collected the Cancer Zodiac Stone off the bot. Beowulf was able to use it to change Reis back into a human.

Bremondt's RevengeEdit

When Beowulf and Reis return to Lionel, Reis laments that as long as Beowulf is a heretic, they cannot return home. Beowulf then tells Reis that as long as he is with her, he will always be home. Beowulf then leaves Reis to go and see if Ramza needs him. Just as Beowulf walks away, he hears Reis screaming. Running back, he sees Aliste Rosenheim, a former comrade in arms. He had been hired by Bremondt to kidnap Reis and take her to Lionel Castle.

Beowulf takes Ramza to the castle and together they manage to fight past Aliste and make it to Bremondt. When Bremondt became cornered, he panicked and used his own dark magic on himself, turning himself into a Dark Dragon. However, even in this form he was no match for Ramza and Beowulf, and was eventually killed. Beowulf then found Reis in one of the castle's rooms, and the two of them were reunited once again. Beowulf could not convey how much he appreciated Ramza's help. Both remained with Ramza throughout his quest to defeat the Lucavi.

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In Chapter 4, after witnessing an optional scene in the Clockwork City of Goug with Besrudio Bunansa, the player can go to the tavern in Mining Town of Gollund to hear to the "The Haunted Mine" rumor. In the tavern in Lesalia the player can take the coal mine job and have Beowulf join as a guest. After fighting a series of fights at the mines the player can recruit both Beowulf and Holy Dragon Reis.

To get Reis as a Dragonkin the player must fight at Fort Besselat, buy a flower from a flower girl at the Trade City of Sal Ghidos, return to Goug for another scene Besrudio, go to the tavern at Zeltennia Castle for the "Cursed Isle of Nevleska" rumor that opens up the route to Nelveska Temple. Winning the battle at the temple transforms Reis to the Dragonkin job.


During the battle in Gollund, Reis's level depends on the party's level, and she starts with 31 Bravery and 32 Faith.

Reis starts as a Holy Dragon, and is nearly identical to the Dragons that can be encountered as regular enemies, only able to use all three elemental breaths minus the physical techniques, such as Charge and Tail Sweep. She absorbs Holy-elemental attacks.

Transforming Reis into Dragonkin unlocks her true potential. Dragonkin is a special job all about taming dragons and using dragon powers to aid allies. Dragonkin has the highest HP, MP and Magick growth among all jobs, as well as an excellent Attack stat that surpasses even that of the Sword Saint's. The Dragonkin's impressive stat growth comes at a price: she can equip only female-exclusive equipment.


When fought in the eleventh Rendezvous battle: All-Star Melee, she is 2 levels higher than the highest level deployed unit. She starts with 62 Bravery and 64 Faith in her default Dragonkin job, equipped with a Cachusha and a Septie'me. She has access to the Dragon and White Magick commands, as well as the abilities First Strike, Brawler, and Move +2.

When fought in the fourteenth Rendezvous battle: Brave Story, she is level 99 and starts with 70 Bravery and Faith. She uses her default Dragonkin job, and is equipped with a Cachusha and Japa Mala. She has access to the Dragon and White Magick commands, as well as the abilities Lifefont, Dragonheart, and Arcane Strength.


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