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Take heed. Never bow out of what you begin. So long as you carry the blood royal, so long as you carry my name…carry your head high.
—Regis to Noctis

Regis Lucis Caelum is a major character in the Final Fantasy XV Universe. He is the main protagonist of A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV, and also appears in Final Fantasy XV and the feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

As the king of Lucis, he is referred to as King Regis or Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII. He uses the Ring of the Lucii to channel the power of Insomnia's Crystal. With it, he maintains the Wall, which gradually drains his life-force. Regis thus feels ambivalent his son, Noctis Lucis Caelum, would have the same fate befall him.



Regis is a rapidly aging man with gray hair and green eyes. In his youth, his hair was black. On most occasions, Regis wears a black suit with thin, white stripes, and a black cape. He wears a gold brace on his right knee, and black shoes. Regis uses a cane to walk, and a silver, hornlike crown on the right side of his head, held behind his ear. The crown may be intended to allude to Bahamut who has curved horns on his helmet in his true appearance and on the Kingsglaive emblemKingsglaive Symbol Art. The golden ornaments on his cane and braces also have wing motifs, like the royal arms do.


Regis believes those of his royal bloodline are strong of heart and will, although he is deeply saddened by the fate that awaits Noctis. His son's safety is his first priority. He helps Noctis grow and shows him what it means to be a king. Out of everyone he meets, Regis has the greatest impact on Noctis's life.[1] Regis wants Noctis to find his own path in life. As such, he asks Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto to not guide Noctis, but rather stand by his side as he finds his own way.


Regis uses the Ring of the Lucii to channel the power of the Crystal, and thus can use magic. Through the ring he creates and maintains the Wall, a magical barrier that shields the Crown City from outsiders. This gradually drains Regis's life-force, and thus he is unable to command the Old Wall. He is a skilled swordsman capable of summoning weapons from thin air. He uses the Ring of the Lucii to cast powerful spells, such as Thunder and Protect.


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Thirty years ago Regis met Ezma and promised her the threat behind the sealed doors in the dungeons of Lucis would be dealt with once the war with Niflheim was over. Many years later Noctis unknowingly fulfills the promise by clearing out the daemons behind these doors when the war with Niflheim was over, ironically, with Niflheim's victory.

Regis and the others in battle

Concept artwork of a younger Regis battling Niflheim troops alongside Cor Leonis, Cid Sophiar, and Clarus Amicitia.

In M.E. 725, Regis fought alongside Cid Sophiar, Clarus Amicitia, Cor Leonis and Weskham Armaugh on their trip to Accordo. Due to the defeat of the Lucis-Accordo allied forces, the Niflheim army had invaded the three regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne, where they began establishing bases followed by a period of peace. Lucis challenged the empire but were pushed back. Regis, as the Lucian prince, had traveled to Accordo with a select few to seek the restoration of an allied force, but was forced to withdraw to the Crown City due to the Lucian army's defeat. The range of the Wall was pulled back to Insomnia's ramparts to maintain the strength to resist the empire's invasion efforts.[2]

Regis had a falling-out with Cid, and became the king of Lucis in M.E. 729. Regis reconciled with Cid, and the two stayed in contact via letters but never saw each other again in person, as Cid lived in the outlands, now outside the Wall. Regis married his childhood friend, Aulea, in M.E. 732, and four years later, the couple has a son, whom they named Noctis. After Aulea passed away Regis became the sole parent to their son. Regis began to uphold the magical Wall that isolates Insomnia from the rest of Eos, but doing so drains his life-force and he thus ages rapidly. His seat of power is in Citadel, one of the most prominent buildings in Insomnia, where the Crystal is also kept.

In M.E. 744, Regis traveled to Tenebrae to visit Noctis, who was recuperating there from a serious injury. As depicted in Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, their motorcade had been attacked by a daemon, and though Regis had saved Noctis by summoning the the Royal Arms, Noctis had fallen to a coma. Regis had stayed by his son's bedside and given him a Carbuncle figure as a charm that would protect him. After Noctis's near-death experience, he became withdrawn but befriended Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae where was recuperating.


Regis escapes Tenebrae with Noctis.

As depicted in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Niflheim attacked Tenebrae. As Regis fled with Noctis and Luna, the young Prince Ravus called out to him and begged for help. Regis had no choice but to ignore the boy's pleas, and he does not return for Lunafreya when the girl elects to stay behind with her older brother. Ravus would always blame Regis, but Luna understood the king's actions.

As depicted in the Omen short film, at some point, Regis spoke with the deity within the Crystal, who demanded one more life (Regis's). After gaining the final soul, the Ring of the Lucii would accumulate enough power for his successor to be the True King. Regis decides to prioritize Noctis's safety over even Insomnia.

In M.E. 756, Regis is offered terms of peace by Ardyn Izunia, the chancellor of Niflheim. Forced to accept the proposed treaty, the Regis sends Noctis to Altissia to marry Lunafreya alongside his friends Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia, and Prompto Argentum. As told in Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting Ways, Regis is so busy with the treaty-signing preparations he doesn't have time to see Noctis when the latter comes to the Citadel. The day before Noctis is to depart, Regis spends all day in meetings. He speaks with Gladiolus's father, Clarus Amicitia, and ponders how the future generations will remember him, and hopes Noctis will one day understand why he sent him away without telling him the truth; he knows the treaty to be a trap, but doesn't have the strength to uphold the Wall for much longer and feels they are out of options. Expecting an attack, Regis has the Crownsguard on duty to protect the citizens and has the Crownsguard's usual duties taken over by the Kingsglaive.

As implied in the Omen short film, Regis knows Noctis is the King of Light spoken of in prophecy. He therefore needs to make sure Noctis is safe, and to that the Lucian heirloom that allows one the control of the Crystal will be delivered to him.


Regis with Nyx and Luna.

As depicted in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Regis welcomes Iedolas Aldercapt, the Emperor of Niflheim, to Insomnia with a grand party. Regis remains suspicious of his guest and believes he intends to steal the Crown City's Crystal. Regis's fears are confirmed when Niflheim's magitek infantry attacks on the day of the treaty signing. As Iedolas and Ardyn take the Crystal, Regis teams up with Clarus Amicitia to battle Imperial General Glauca. Clarus is killed, and Regis continues to duel Glauca alone. He is overpowered and the Ring of the Lucii is severed from his hand. A Kingsglaive soldier Nyx Ulric and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret come to Regis's aid, and with them, he escapes down a secret passageway with the ring.

At the end of the passageway Regis gives the Ring of the Lucii to Lunafreya and asks her to pass it on to Noctis. He begs Nyx to take Lunafreya to Altissia, and later sacrifices himself to Glauca so the two can escape. His spirit joins the rank of the Lucian kings that still watches over the world. Regis argues in favor of Nyx among the Lucii when Nyx puts on the Ring despite not being of the royal bloodline. Regis convinces the kings to grant Nyx the power of the Ring, albeit, at the cost of Nyx's life at dawn.

When Noctis hears of the events he tries to return but finds Insomnia blockaded. He at first doesn't understand why his father hadn't told him the truth, but as urged by Cor sets out to collect the Royal Arms of his forbears and to forge covenants with the astral gods of Eos. Cor explains to Noctis that the day Regis sent him on his journey, he hadn't wanted Noctis to remember him as the king, but just to be his father. Cor tells Noctis Regis always had faith that when the time came, Noctis would ascend for the sake of his people.

Luna delivers the Ring of the Lucii to Noctis just before her death, and Noctis learns of his destiny as the King of Light when he finds the stolen Crystal in the Imperial capital. Ten years after King Regis's death, Noctis returns, ready to fulfill his destiny. He challenges Ardyn, really the immortal embodiment of the forces of darkness, in the ruins of Insomnia.


Noctis, as the True King, is supported by his friends and his father when he erases Ardyn from existence.

Regis's spirit is summoned from within the Ring of the Lucii to help Noctis bring an end to the Starscourge, a plague that has left Eos in perpetual darkness. Holding his father's sword, Noctis, wearing King Regis's old attire, sits on the throne while the spirits of the past kings attack him while Regis watches on. As Noctis's soul is taken by the Ring, he, alongside his father, Luna, and the past kings of Lucis, delivers a finishing blow to Ardyn's spirit. His destiny fulfilled, the Ring of the Lucii breaks and the sun rises.

Regis's voice declares Noctis and Luna a man and wife as their spirits share the throne seated above a banner bearing the name Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV.

Regis's actions served as the first step to fulfilling the prophecy by sending Noctis away from Insomnia. He had foreseen the treaty with Niflheim was a ruse, and knew he would need to die for Noctis to get the power of the True King.

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Other appearancesEdit



Regis stands before Insomnia's Crystal.

Omen is a short film that was revealed at Paris Games Week 2016. It details a premonition King Regis has about the fate of his son, Noctis. Hoping to avert this future, Regis asks Insomnia's Crystal how many more lives it needs. The Crystal claims it needs only one: Regis's. Regis asks for the gods' forgiveness, as he apparently decides to accept the treaty the Empire is offering.

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XVEdit

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Creation and developmentEdit

King Caelum

Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII sits on his throne in a trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

In the trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII released at the "Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere" in January of 2011, Regis sits on his throne and talks to himself. He faces off against Iedolas Aldercapt and is shown to wield a falchion with an engine attached to its hilt.

When Final Fantasy Versus XIII became Final Fantasy XV, Regis was redesigned. He was made to look older, but not because his original design no longer suited the game.[3] At Tokyo Game Show 2015, it was revealed maintaining the barrier that protects Insomnia causes Regis to age rapidly. Director Hajime Tabata also stated the film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV would explain this in greater detail.[4]


A close-up render of King Regis's face, as it was originally designed.

Regis was redesigned to resemble Jon Campling, a British actor who confirmed his likeness would be used for the character in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.[5] To maintain an immersive experience, this design was carried over into Final Fantasy XV.[6]

When Hironobu Sakaguchi first saw Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, he pointed out Regis's eyes were too immaculate, clear, and childlike. They were not the eyes of someone with a lifetime of experience. Sakaguchi claimed Regis's eyes prevented immersion; they gave away the fact he was a CGI character. Director Takeshi Nozue took this into account and decided to further polish his film.[7]


Regis and the Regalia.

The car Noctis and his friends drive in Final Fantasy XV, the Regalia, belongs to King Regis and represents him on their travels.[4] The bond between Regis and Noctis, as well as the Regalia and its representation in the story of Final Fantasy XV, was important to Hajime Tabata. He explained that in Japan, children are proud of their father's car; it is a "big thing" to go on a ride and have one's father explain the car's functionalities. Tabata listed this as a wonderful experience from his childhood that he wanted to present within the game.[3] In the Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV the young Noctis identifies Regalia as his safe haven, associating it with his father.


King Regis's Japanese voice actor is Tsutomu Isobe. He shares his Japanese voice actor with Douglas Hein from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

In the English version of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Regis is voiced by Sean Bean. In Final Fantasy XV, he is voiced by Jim Pirri.


A static bust of King Regis is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2017.


Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV


Regis is the genitive singular form of the Latin word rex, which means "king" or "ruler."

Lucis, meaning "of the light," is the genitive singular form of the Latin word lux, which means "light."

Caelum means "sky" in Latin.

Regis Lucis Caelum is a Latin phrase that means "sky of the king's light" or "sky of the light's king." Like Noctis, Regis is named in accordance with a theme pertaining to light and the sky.



Monument to Regis embedded to the floor of the Citadel.

  • Regis is Hajime Tabata's favorite character in Final Fantasy XV.[8]
  • There is a monument to Regis on the floor at the center of the Citadel. When the party returns to Insomnia's ruins, the penultimate boss sits atop this piece.

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