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Regalia, also identified by its license plate RHS-113, is the party's car and mode of transportation on the field in Final Fantasy XV. It is a black convertible.

According to director Hajime Tabata, players should consider the car a member of the party, as one would consider an airship of previous Final Fantasy games also a piece of the party.[1] The car symbolizes the open world and the freedom in the game,[2] as well King Regis's presence, as the car was originally his. The car is a metaphor the journey will be preserved by his father and also represents the relationship between Noctis and him.[3]

The car transforms into a flying vehicle and Regalia will be the only aircraft controllable by the player.



Regalia's design.

The car is a black four-seat convertible with dark leather interior. The hubcaps have chocobo talon motifs as homage to the birds usually being a common field transport method in the series. It has a single license plate at the back that lights up in the dark. The plate reads "Insomnia" above the "RHS-113," referring to the capital of Lucis and Regis being its 113th ruler. The bottom of the plate says "The Royal Capital," further denoting this.

The real world Cadillac Ciel concept car resembles the Regalia in appearance. It also resembles the real world Maybach Exelero sports car, particularly in the front bumper and grille. Tabata has said this about its design: "I can't really tell exactly you which company we looked at, but certainly the design of the car in the game was inspired by German car manufacturers and a couple of British cars, as well."[3] At a Final Fantasy XV fan meeting event in Tokyo, it was revealed Regalia was designed by researching Rolls-Royce luxury cars.[4]

When the game was known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the car resembled the Jaguar S-Type and had a panoramic roof that stretched to its trunk.

The player can customize the car with different "skins", and some were available as preorder bonuses. In-game, the car is upgradable with increasingly elaborate models.


Final Fantasy XV Party In Regalia 2015

The party driving the Regalia in Highroad.

Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends—his royal advisor Ignis, his bodyguard Gladiolus and his childhood friend Prompto—head out to meet Noctis's fiancée Lunafreya Nox Fleuret in Tenebrae in Regalia, King Regis's car. On their way, the car breaks down they need to raise the funds to have Cindy repair it.



When driving in the rain, the roof comes up.

The car can be set to autopilot driven by Ignis, or be driven manually by the player. The player can use the shoulder buttons to zoom and change camera angle while driving, put up/down the drop top by pressing and holding R3/Right stick press, and honk the horn by pressing Triangle/Y.

During car rides one can listen to the characters' conversations. The car can be customized to change up the specifications and the paint job. The car's trunk acts as the party's storage. The car radio plays various Final Fantasy music.

FFXV regalia flying

Regalia flying.

The Regalia is indicated on the map with Regalia-ffxv-mapicon. If the player becomes separated from the car, they can summon it. Enemies can attack while the party is riding in the car and they must get out to fight. In auto mode the player sets a destination and the car will begin running towards it with Ignis taking the wheel, but the player can stop anywhere. The car runs on gasoline, like the cars in Final Fantasy VIII, and can run out; gasoline is replenished at gas stations. "Joyride View" lets the player travel along the party and see how the characters interact. "Driver View" lets one see the road through Ignis's eyes, and a "Scenic View" shows the drive from a more cinematic perspective. Spots labeled with a ParkingSpot-ffxv-mapicon are parking spots and the car can automatically park. There are no loading screens when driving or flying The day one patch adds the ability to enter the menu while the car is on auto-pilot and a shop accessed from the car. After Ignis can drive during the night, the player can pull up the shop menu while the car is in Auto Mode and no daemons will appear on the road.

Flying Car FFXV E3

Regalia Type-F.

The Regalia can fly, and thus become the player party's airship. The player will obtain the flying Regalia post game as an additional challenge; when certain conditions are met, the car is remodeled to the flying model. The player can maneuver it anywhere on the skies of Eos, but landing the car wrong can lead to a game over screen. The player can fly anywhere, but can only land on roads. The game has areas that are only reachable via this ultimate model.

Creation and developmentEdit


A car in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

A black car appeared in trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII that appears to have been the precursor for Regalia in Final Fantasy XV. A pre-production designRegalia-Design-FFXV prioritized conveying character over realism, a design that was changed to pursue a look of modern day luxury car befit for the king. It was designed as a black convertible with the idea in mind its look could be customized.[5]

Regalia is Regis's car and represents the party traveling with him, and has been described as a metaphor "for the prince taking his father's love, burdens, and bond on the road to his destiny."[6] How the bond between Noctis and his father and the focus on the car is going to be represented in the story was personally important to Tabata. He explained that in Japan kids are proud of their father's car, it being a big thing to go on a ride and to get the car's functionalities explained by one's father. He described this as a wonderful experience on my his childhood that he wanted to present within the game.[7]


Concept artwork of Regalia and King Regis.

The car was initially designed with the steering wheel on the right (like cars in Japan have), but this was changed to the left side after long discussion at the company.[8] Part of this reason was that they needed to consider the world's lore: cars were first developed in Niflheim then exported to other nations, who adapted to suit the exported cars' design. The reason for left-hand drive in-game was that a large number of people in Niflheim are right-handed. When looking at the lore, the team decided to adjust driving so it was uniform rather than having the signage and necessary driving positions changing and confusing players.[9] The team decided to make it right-hand traffic, left-hand wheel to express the taste of the journey like a road trip in the United States. There was an idea to let players choose the direction of the traffic, but this was deemed too cumbersome.[10]

The developers looked at games like Need for Speed in making the driving mechanics enjoyable. The driving is meant to replicate the feel of controlling a car without going into the nitty-gritty. Walking is primarily reserved for reaching places that can't be entered by car.[1] The Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer shows the party driving on a stone arch near an astral shard, but the car cannot be driven off the road.[11]

In the master version available at Gamescom the player held the right trigger to accelerate and the vehicle steered itself, with U-turns and parking automated animations activated by a single face button.[12] When the game was next featured in PAX West, freedom to let the player steer the car was added. Allowing players to freely steer the car impeded on some of the progress in the game, so the team wanted to make sure the game was perfected prior to implementing that aspect, and to solve any issue that might emerge from that.[13]

When designing Regalia's flight capabilities Square Enix met with Avalanche Studios (developers of Just Cause). The actual development work wasn't done as a collaboration, but Square Enix sat down with Avalanche and discussed their LOD development methods. The way the LOD system handles textures was something Square Enix learned from and used the information of that meeting to develop the system themselves for Final Fantasy XV.[14]

It has been said that car radio that plays the player's own mp3's would be possible in Japan and the United States, but that European laws are stricter.[15]

The car was planned to be included in the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo, but was removed. Hajime Tabata explained his reason for the decision to be that he didn't want the demo to deviate too far from what the fans expect from a Final Fantasy game by making it driving-focused.[16]

Other appearancesEdit



Noctis crashes Regalia.

Noctis drives the Regalia in the trailer Omen unveiled at Paris Games Week 2016. He drives the car alone through the landscape and stops by a petrol station, but when he spots Luna's dog Pryna sitting on a field he crashes the Regalia. The trailer depicts a premonition king Regis had of his son of a future he wants to avoid.



Regalia is Latin plurale tantum for the privileges and the insignia characteristic of a sovereign. The word stems from the Latin substantivation of the adjective regalis, "regal", itself from Rex, "king". It is sometimes used in the singular, regale.

Regalia's ultimate model is "Type-F", suggesting the models start from Type-A. Using the suffix Type might draw upon the East Asian production model variant identifier suffix (, shiki?) or "-Type", that began to saw use in the 1920s in Japanese and Chinese manufacturing, particularly in the military industries. This featured prominently in director Hajime Tabata's previous game, Final Fantasy Type-0, whose Japanese names for the types of l'Cie are also Type-A and Type-B.


  • During the livestream talk show on October 2, 2014, Hajime Tabata brought up the internet memes featuring the Final Fantasy XV party in the car, looking off to the side, that had been Photoshopped in a number of ways. Square Enix released art assets of this scene for fans to mess around with to encourage more memes to bring publicity for the game.[17]
  • The Regalia would be worth 50 million yen ($440,000).[4]

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