FFXII Reflectga

Reflectga in Final Fantasy XII.

Reflectga (リフレガ, Rifurega?) is an upgrade of the Time Magick spell Reflect exclusive to Final Fantasy XII. It is a Time Magick 7 license that costs 110 License Points. Reflectga grants Reflect status to all allies in range. It can be bought in Archades for 6,800 gil and (initially) costs 24 MP to cast.

In the Zodiac versions, Reflectga is a Time Magick 9 License that costs 100 License Points. Reflectga cannot be bought, and can be obtained from a chest in The Edge of Reason area of the Feywood. Available for the Time Battlemage and Machinist job classes; although Machinist must obtain the license for Famfrit first.