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Kana レフィア
Romaji Refia
Age 14
Hometown Kazus
First meeting Cid's airship
Final Fantasy III Character
Raised in Kazus by the mythril smith Takka, whose rigorous training led her to run away from home... again.
Final Fantasy III instruction manual

Refia is a playable character from the remake of Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Refia expressing her hatred of toads.

Refia has medium length ginger hair and red eyes. Her Freelancer outfit is a white long-sleeved blouse with a blue vest, black leggings, and thigh-high boots. Refia's theme color is blue, shown in her Job armors. Although most of her outfits are the same as the others, a few like Summoner are feminized. Her cross-shaped brooch is also used to distinguish her Job outfits from her allies'. Refia notably sports various hairstyles among her appearances, ranging from braids to ponytails to pigtails and the like.

Refia is described by Doga and Unei as the light of affection. As the sole female of the party, Refia is more of a motherly character than a love interest, and often scolds her companions for their unruly behavior, like Desch's crushes on other women despite being faithful to Salina, or even Luneth's casual behavior when meeting Sara Altney and Aria Benett. Refia does have a rebellious streak, what with her habit of escaping her father's blacksmith training, but deep down she does care for him and was initially torn between joining her allies or staying grounded in Kazus. In the opening FMV, Refia is seen as a White Mage, reflecting her caring nature.

Refia is also shown to have a hatred for toads, despite the party being required to transform into them in order to reach certain locations like the Tower of Owen. Thus, she is shown reacting when the party reaches areas they would need to be small enough to swim through.


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FFIII Refia White Magic FMV

Refia as a White Mage from the opening FMV.

Refia was raised by the Kazus village blacksmith, Takka. She became tired of her strict blacksmith training and ran away from home. When she tries to escape on Cid's ship, Luneth and Arc find her and ask for her help in making a Mythril Ring to lift the Djinn's curse, but she doesn't have the skill yet and says that they should go to Sasune, as her father made one for the king there. She begs to go with them, wanting to help her hometown, and they agree.

Although she is chosen as a Warrior of the Light after the battle with the Djinn, Takka orders her to stay in Kazus when they return there and she leaves the party briefly, feeling guilty for having run away earlier and upsetting him. Her absence is only temporary, however, as she stows away on the airship again. She remains in the party thereafter.

Later on, Cid tells Refia (as well as the rest of the party) that when they were all mere toddlers, Refia and her biological parents went on board Cid's airship. During the trip, the airship flew into a strange and violent cloud, causing the ship to crash onto the Floating Continent. It is unknown what happened to Refia after this; it is possible that Takka might have found her near Kazus. She and the boys also learn that they were all originally from the surface world below their floating island.

When the party travels to Canaan, Refia befriends Salina and is outraged that her boyfriend Desch ran off to Dragon's Peak. When the party climbs the mountain themselves to find the Mini spell, they find Desch in Bahamut's nest. After they flee the dragon, Desch joins the party temporarily. She and Desch have an odd friendship; while they like talking to each other and she tries to help him remember his past, she also tells him off thoroughly for hurting Salina's feelings and talking about meeting other girls. She is deeply upset when he jumps into the furnace in the Tower of Owen.

After the adventure is over, Refia realizes how grateful she should be to Takka for raising her, and decides to become his apprentice at last. She also tells Desch off one last time.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Raised in Kazus by the mythril smith Takka. Became a Warrior of Light and embarked on a journey to find her own way in life. Her deeply loving heart can hold off the power of darkness.
—Character Description

Refia appears as a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. She is depicted in her default Final Fantasy III outfit. Her abilities are Advance, Fire, Focus, Ninjutsu, Pounding Kick and Spellbook. She was first introduced in the event, Final Fantasy III - Saronia Castle Mysteries.

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Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

Refia appears in several character cards.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Refia appears in several trading cards in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. She is depicted with her CG render in her own card, but also appears in several cards displaying different job classes.

Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Virtual WorldEdit

FFIII Virtual World Refia

An avatar dressed as Refia from the Square-Enix Members Virtual World.

Users in Square Enix Members Virtual World community can make their character appear as Refia. Refia's hair costs 100 crystals and her clothes cost 480 crystals.



Refia is a Turkish name that means "lofty" or "above".


  • In Dissidia, the Onion Knight's "Luneth" costume uses Refia's Onion Knight coloring instead of Luneth's; Luneth's costume is purple, Onion Knight's default costume is bright red, which is Ingus's color.
  • Because of her hatred of toads, Refia will have a saddened expression on her face whenever the party discusses turning into toads. Why Refia despises toads is never explained in-game, nor does it elaborate on whether or not she has a phobia of toads.

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