Hunts its prey with swift leaps and poison claws.

Red Panthers in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are nimble beasts that are related to Coeurls. They are among the first and most common enemies encountered, and are quite tough to bring down because of their high HP and Counter ability.



Red panther command. Rake with poison claws.
Ability Effect MP
Poison Claw Poison claw attack damages and poisons target. 8
Rend Bite target's weak spot to deal damage.


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.


Ability Effect
Reveal Finds and reveals concealed units.



Mission Information
Turf Defense Mission: Help Nargai! The Coeurl and Red Panther here will likely move close enough to each other that the player can damage both at once with an area effect spell.
Turf Defense Mission: Help Kudik! Two Red Panthers defend their turf in this mission.
Mission #044: Snow in Lutia This is the first time that Red Panthers appear, and they can be difficult for an under-leveled clan. Take out the weaker Goblin first.
Mission #045: Frosty Mage The enemy Black Mage in this mission controls two red Panthers and a Floateye.
Mission #004: Desert Peril Two Red Panthers and a Coeurl make up the core of the monsters in this mission.
Mission #052: Friend Trouble A record three Red Panthers have been attacking travelers heading though the Kudik Peaks.
Mission #051: Desert Rose There are two Red Panthers among the oasis guards.
Mission #034: Magewyrm The Red Panther and an Antlion must be defeated before the clan can reach Magewyrm Gerland.
Mission #054: For A Song The Red Panther is one of the three monsters here.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Nargai Cave Tribites There are three Panther-type enemies in this clan, which should be taken out one at a time.
Kudik Peaks Kudik Beasts The Red Panther duo reappears in this encounter.



Panther is a mythological creature that resembles a big cat with a multicoloured hide. Under medieval belief, after feasting, the panther will sleep in a cave for three days, then roars emitting a sweet odor that draws in any creatures who smell it (the dragon being the only creature immune). They are eaten by the panther, and the cycle begins again.

The term panther may also refer to the big cats leopard, cougar or jaguar. Black and white variations also exist.