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Red Giant is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0.

Enemy Compendium Edit

The crimson armor-clad creature wanders the empty halls of a forgotten airship hidden away in the southern reaches of Milites. Unlike the iron giant, however, the red giant's health constantly regenerates, forcing the opponent into a battle of attrition. Moreover, it goes into overdrive when under attack, boosting its maneuverability and its offensive capabilites in a pinch.

Battle Edit

Strategy Edit

The Red Giant is similar to the Iron Giant in battle except that it attacks quicker, is stronger. The Red Giant is also under a permanent Regen effect. Getting a Killsight strike is the only way to kill the Red Giant but, is tough to get.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Wolframite is a tungsten-based mineral containing iron, and is a primary source of tungsten ore.

Related enemies Edit

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