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The Red Crystal is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is fought alongside Galdes, where it initially does nothing except explode after a timer has expired, and in the battle with Great Galdes, in which they will cast various level 1 elemental spells.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

It is highly recommended to defeat the Red Crystals quickly to avoid being overwhelmed by constant spells, and are a big threat due to the high chances of being inflicted with Stun from Great Galdes' Quaga and Meteorga spells. If the player is stunned and then hit by a Blizzard spell by a Red Crystal, that character is more than likely going to die so avoid this at all costs.

Four to five Red Crystals are around at the start of the fight, and can be brought back again by Great Galdes. Once Great Galdes loses half of his HP, the battle will shift to its second phase and the Red Crystals will no longer be around.

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