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FFV Recover

Recover in Final Fantasy V.

Recover (かいふく or 回復, Kaifuku?), also known as Heal, Remedy, Restore, Heal 3, Restore III and Recovery, is a recurring ability in the series that either removes status ailments or restore HP.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy II Edit

Restore III (Recover and Heal 3 in older translations) restores a moderate amount of HP to the target; it is the equivalent to a Hi-Potion.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Heal (Remedy and Restore in older translations) restores HP equal to 1/10 of max HP. This ability is used by Cagnazzo, Lunasaur, Dark Bahamut, Defense Node, Brachioraidos, Lunar Dragon, Lunar Asura, and Proto Deathmask.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Heal functions the same way as it did in the prequel.

Final Fantasy V Edit

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Recover from various conditions.

Recover functions as an Esuna-type ability to the party for free, and is learned through the Chemist class at level 4 for 135 ABP. Recover removes Blind, Poison, Mini, Toad, Silence, Confuse, Paralysis, Sleep, and Old. The ability was meant to remove Petrify as well, but does not do so.

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

Restore HP

Recover is learned from the Guardian Force Leviathan for 200 AP. It can also be learned by any GF with the item Healing Ring, provided there is a space for the GF to learn this ability. It restores all HP to one target, and can instantly inflict 9,999 damage on any undead enemy.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Edit

Cure is an enemy ability, the weaker version has an attack power of 0 while the stronger version has an attack power of 25. Both version restores HP to a single target. This ability is used by Mage, Sorcerer, Thanatos, and Water Hag.

Final Fantasy Legend II Edit

Recover is an ability that has infinite uses, it also increases a Robot's HP by 9. The target that has this ability will recover 10% of maximum HP automatically during battle at the end of every round. This ability can be used by Anubis, Behemoth, Byak-Ko, Cancer, CatWoman, Corpuscl, Earth, Hydra, Jorgandr, Kirin, Rakshasa, Revenant, Su-Zaku, Susano-O, Toadstol, Treant, WereRat, WereWolf, and Fenrir.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Edit

Recovery is the third ability for the Wayfarer class and cost 3 AP to use. The ability gives the Regen status, causing the user to recover some HP each turn.

Bravely Default Edit

Recover is an enemy ability that fully restores the user's HP. It is used by Braev the Templar and Airy.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

Recovers a small amount of allies' HP and MP after battle.

Recover is a level 6 ability of the Ranger class, requiring 120 AP to learn. It requires 1 slot in order to equip and use. It restores 1% of a character's maximum HP and MP after each battle, affecting the whole party and stacking with itself.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit

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Gallery Edit

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