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Final Fantasy XI Spell
MP: 125
Effect: Teleports qualified party members within area of effect to Meriphataud Mountains 'S'.
Duration: Instant
Casting Time: 10 Seconds
Recast Time: 20 Seconds
Magic Type: Enhancing Magic
Element: Light
Jobs: WHM 53

Recall-Meriph is a spell from Final Fantasy XI. It teleports party members within area of effect who have the Meriphataud Gate Crystal (key item) to the Meriphataud telepoint, which is a forgotten telepoint in the Meriphataud Mountains of 20 years past, during the Crystal War. As a Recall spell, it is available only to White Mages, level 53 or higher.

Recall-Meriph is learned by using a scroll which can be obtained by completing the quest Requiem for the Departed.

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