Reaver is a large feral beast that wanders the Wildlands in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It is the only enemy of the Behemoth family to appear in the game. The Slaughterhouse version called Reaver Rampager.

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Reaver uses strong physical attacks and transforms after its HP drops to around 75%, and heals for about 6000 HP after the transformation. A one-on-one fight with this creature requires caution as its attacks can be devastating or can leave Lightning open if not blocked. After lowering its health to around 25%, Reaver will start to spam Fira, though it may still occasionally use Diving Strike. A perfect block will mitigate all damage dealt while a normal block will lessen damage. Repeatedly Perfect Guarding a Reaver's blade attack while it stands will break it. From then on, the Reaver can only cast Fira.

Reavers are weak to ice and thunder damage. They can be staggered via magic and physical attacks, and after being staggered twice, they can be launched.

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Applying Deshell and Deprotect makes Reavers take more damage. The player should aim to stagger the Reaver, as this will make the battle go faster, especially by launching them. While it is useful to break its blade, it is often easier to kill the Reaver outright while it is staggered.

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Reaver is an archaic term that means "to rob, plunder, or steal."

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  • Reaver spawns more frequently at night.
  • The drop rate of Shard Blade increases after breaking his sword with a Perfect Guard (during his 2nd form).

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