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If this song doesn't sell, it means that I don't have what it takes to be an artist. If that happens then I'll give up with good grace.
—Koda Kumi

real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba (real Emotion/1000の言葉) is a single containing the J-pop songs used in Final Fantasy X-2, sung by Koda Kumi. Unlike the original soundtrack versions, these tracks are full versions. The songs featured on the single were also featured on Kumi's album Grow into One as well as her first compilation album Best ~first things~.

The single itself was significant in the singer's career, as it was set to be her deciding single. Koda Kumi pinned her hopes on the single and decided that, should the single not do well, she would retire as a singer. However, after the single was a hit, Koda Kumi's hopes were restored in her ability and she continued singing.

Track listEdit

  1. "real Emotion"
  2. "1000の言葉" (1000 no Kotoba, "1000 Words")
  3. "real Emotion" (instrumental)
  4. "1000の言葉 (instrumental)" (1000 no Kotoba (instrumental), "1000 Words (instrumental)")


The single debuted in the top 10 of the Oricon Music Charts, becoming the singer's first top 10 release, and by the third week had peaked at #3. It charted for a total of 28 weeks, selling a total of 281,379 units in 2003 and it became the #24 single of the year.[1]


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