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Now you'll get a lesson in humanity from Clan Rose!

Reaker is a non-player character moogle from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Taking the appearance of a typical Mog Knight and the leader of Clan Rose, she set up a trick in the shape of a girl named Mogumi to lure Montblanc to the Materiwood.

Story Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Reaker and her fellow clan mates.

My dearest Montblanc, I think of you always. If we could meet, I would much like to tell you how I feel in person.
—Mogumi, Townsgirl
—Mission Description

Reaker only appears in Mission #089: Moogle Bride, where she was the one who set up the trick in form of a townsgirl and wanted to give Montblanc a "lesson in humanity". Because she is the leader of Clan Rose, Reaker became the enemy boss. At the ending, she said that she and Montblanc would be perfect together.

Reaker has four moogle units with her, a Black Mage, a Time Mage, a Thief, and a Juggler, all fellow moogles.

Spoilers end here.

Battle Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Weapon: Venus Blade
  • Armor: Opal Armor
  • Shield: Opal Shield
  • Accessory: Gold Hairpin

Stats Edit

Level Max HP Max MP Move Jump Evade Weapon Attack Weapon Magic Magic Power Magic Resist Speed
34 270 118 3 2 52 428 469 274 384 134

Abilities Edit


Mog Knight command. Use momentum to deal damage.

Skill Effect
Mog Attack Damages and knocks back target.
Mog Rush Double damage, Half Accuracy.
Mog Aid Recover some HP and cure status ailments.
Shieldbearer Allows shield-wielding, regardless of Job.

Animist command. Borrow strength from animals.

Skill Effect
100% Wool Bestows Shell and Protect.
Tail Wag Inflicts Charm.
Friend Summons random spirit from Summoner's skillset.
Skill Effect
Counter Follow up an enemy attack with an attack of your own.

Etymology Edit

Reaker's Japanese name, "Reika", means "lovely flower". This is related to her clan name, while her alias "Mogumi" is a formation of "Megumi", which means "blessing". Otherwise, the name "Mogumi" might be based on the Final Fantasy IX moogle, Mogmi. Another possibility could be it is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of "moogle", which is "Moguri".

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