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Ravus Nox Fleuret is an antagonist in Final Fantasy XV[2] and its associated media, including the feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.[2] The older brother of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and a former prince of Tenebrae, Ravus now serves Niflheim as a high level staff officer in the Imperial army.[3] His desire is to end Lucis and the Caelum dynasty, ever since the fall of his homeland to Niflheim twelve years prior to the events of the game.[4]



Ravus is an adult man with an imposing physical build, shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, and a chiselled face. In his role as a Niflheim staff officer, he wears a large-collared black and white frock coat trimmed with purple, and armored boots. After the events of Kingsglaive and during Final Fantasy XV, his left arm is covered in dark and elaborate armor, with an emblem of a white wolf on the pauldron and also his eyes turn yellow.


12 years before the main events of Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy XV, Prince Ravus was a kind and welcoming person, living in peace with his younger sister and mother. Now, having lost his birthright, Ravus is a man who is haunted by the past: he blames the people of the Lucian Council and the Lucian Royal Family, particularly King Regis, for the murder of his mother, even though Sylva was murdered by Niflheim (particularly Glauca), although this can be possibly due to the fact that King Regis ignored his plea for help during Tenebrae's invasion. His hatred for the Lucian family has grown ever since, contrasting Lunafreya's stable faith in them.

As one of the Niflheim delegates attending the Lucis-Niflheim peace treaty, Ravus remained unfazed as a battle engages in the room of the peace treaty and does not show interest in Niflheim's objective (Lucis' Crystal); instead, he seeks to gain the power hidden within the Ring of the Lucii.


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Twelve years before the events of the game, the kingdoms of Lucis and Tenebrae were allies. King Regis was visiting a young Noctis as he was recuperating from his near death experience. Niflheim then invaded Tenebrae; during the attack, Ravus's and Luna's mother, Queen Sylva, was killed. Regis attempted to flee with Lunafreya, either not hearing or unwilling to return for Ravus. Luna decided to stay behind with her brother, who was grieving beside their mother's body. Seemingly betrayed and abandoned by Lucis, Tenebrae agrees to become a province of Niflheim (while still retaining some autonomy due to Luna's role as the Oracle) and have allied themselves against Lucis. Ravus and Luna thus become subjects under Niflheim's rule.

KingsglaiveFFXV Ravus SS3

Ravus pleads for Regis' help.

During the events of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, twelve years later, Ravus is now a commanding officer in Niflheim's army and is a part of Niflheim's party attending the peace treaty event in Insomnia, Lucis. Lunafreya attempts to leave for Lucis by herself, but Ravus prevents her from doing so.

As the peace treaty is signed, the Niflheim delegation springs a surprise attack and kills most of Regis' council and secret operatives within Insomnia, and destroys the city's protective barrier, allowing the Niflheim army's airships to enter the Crown City. Amidst the fighting General Glauca attacks Regis, cutting the Ring of the Lucii from his hand. Ravus, having wished for Lucis' downfall ever since his childhood, attempts to put on the ring and access its powers. The Ring, however, violently rejects him and severely burns his left arm before he can get it off.

Some time after Kingsglaive and during the events of Final Fantasy XV, Ravus encounters Noctis and his party, his injured left arm covered in armor.

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Creation and developmentEdit


Ravus is voiced in Japanese by Yuichi Nakamura.[5] He shares his Japanese voice actor with Cid Raines from Final Fantasy XIII and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Trey from Final Fantasy Type-0. He is voiced in the English version of Kingsglaive by Trevor Devall as an adult, and by Zachary Gordon as a child.[6]


Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV


Ravus is a Latin word, which as an adjective translates to "gray". As the conditional of ravi, it can translate to "to delight" or "to enchant".

Nox means "night" in Latin.

Fleuret is the French name for a light fencing foil or small sword.


  • Until his reveal, Ravus was known as the "Hooded Man" due to his appearance in multiple pieces of media related to Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Versus XIII wearing a hood and/or a mask.[3]


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