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Ravus Nox Fleuret is a character in the Final Fantasy XV Universe, being a minor antagonist in the feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the secondary antagonist in Final Fantasy XV. The older brother of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, he is the former prince of Tenebrae and a high-ranking officer in the Niflheim Empire's army.

Updates planned for the end of March will add more story content for Ravus.[1]



Ravus is a young man with an imposing physical build. He has heterochromatic eyes with the right eye being blue and the left eye being purple. His hair is the same shade as his sister's in the Kingsglaive film, but in the game it is an even lighter blond. He wears a white and black frock with a large collar that has a purple trim, and armored boots. After his left arm is severely burned, Ravus replaces it with a magitek prosthetic that bears the symbol of a white wolf on its shoulder. In the game, his face a more hollowed in the cheeks as opposed to the full square jaw from the film, and his hair extends in front of his forehead instead of being brushed back.

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After transforming into a daemon, his left side spews black fluid and develops a black horn. The fluid turns purple when he takes more damage. A daemon-like appendage replaces his metal arm and his chest pulsates with mutilated flesh.


In his youth, Prince Ravus was kind and welcoming. He lived peacefully alongside his mother, Queen Sylva, and his younger sister, Lunafreya. Ravus's demeanor changed after Tenebrae was lost to Niflheim. Upon seeing King Regis of Lucis abandon Tenebrae for the sake of his son Noctis's safety despite Ravus's pleas for help, Ravus has since sought to take revenge on the kingdom and Caelum line.

As an adult, Ravus is haunted by the past. He blames the Lucian royal family for the death of his mother and the loss of his country. His sister is the opposite, as she has faith in both, causing them to be at odds. At first, Ravus seeks the power of the Ring of the Lucii, a Lucian royal heirloom that grants one the accumulated power of the past kings. As he comes from the Oracle lineage, Ravus believed he would be eligible to wield the Ring and replace Noctis as the King of Light for the prophecy. He becomes even more bitter after he is rejected by the Ring, showing spite towards Noctis for being the Chosen. He begrudges Noctis for being unaware of the risks Lunafreya takes to help him.


Artwork of Ravus with Luna.

Despite their conflicting views, Ravus cares deeply for Lunafreya and does his best to protect her, such as hiding her from Niflheim's clutches while she forges covenants with the Six. He disapproves of Luna sacrificing herself for Noctis's sake, and is angered at having to helplessly watch his remaining family slowly perish. Once her work starts becoming too dangerous for her to remain in Lucis, Ravus sends an escort to return Luna and her companion, Gentiana, back to Tenebrae. Although Ravus wishes to save his sister, he reluctantly encourages her to pull through and fulfill her duties as Oracle despite her failing body.

When he is made a daemon, Ravus retained enough of his personality to request for Noctis and his friends to put an end to his misery, implying he wants to die on his own terms.


KingsglaiveFFXV Ravus SS3

Ravus begs King Regis for help.

When Ravus was sixteen, the kingdoms of Lucis and Tenebrae were allies. King Regis of Lucis came to Tenebrae with his son, Prince Noctis, who was recuperating from a serious injury. Niflheim invaded the Fenestala Manor, which remained autonomous due the the Oracle's linage, and Ravus watched his mother give her life to shield him from the blade of Imperial General Glauca and the fires of the magitek soldiers. Desperate for help, Ravus called out to King Regis who fled with Lunafreya and Noctis. His pleas were ignored, as King Regis was being pursued by Niflheim's troops while carrying Noctis, and was thus unable to stop and help. Lunafreya let go of the king and opted to return to her brother's side. The siblings became subjects under Niflheim's rule. Sometime after Tenebrae's complete annexation, Ravus became an Imperial army officer while his sister endured a rough childhood.

Ravus in Niflheim and Lucis peace treaty

Ravus attends the treaty signing.

Twelve years later, Ravus is a commanding officer in Niflheim's army. He travels to Insomnia to witness the signing of a peace treaty between the Empire and Lucis. Lunafreya attempts to go to the city too, but Ravus stops her, refusing to tell her Niflheim’s true plans. He ignores Luna's reasoning that it was Niflheim who murdered their mother and that King Regis is not to be held accountable.

After the peace treaty is signed, Niflheim steals Insomnia's Crystal, and the Wall around Insomnia falls. The Crystal is the power of light in the world of Eos, said to have been given to the care of Lucian dynasty by the Stars. In exchange for protecting the Crystal, the Lucian bloodline wields the power of kings which is passed onto the royal heirloom, the Ring of the Lucii. Regis had used the Ring to uphold a magical Wall around Lucis, a feat that had slowly eaten away at his life-force.


Ravus picks up the ring.

Ravus picks up the Ring of the Lucii after Glauca cuts it off King Regis's hand. He attempts to obtain the power within it, but is deemed unworthy by the Lucian kings of old. Ravus screams in agony while his left arm is severely burned.

Ravus returns to Niflheim for treatment for his wounds. He brings with him King Regis's sword, although he doesn't have the power of kings necessary to wield it as a weapon. Ravus is appointed the high commander of the Imperial army in the wake of Glauca's death. His left arm is replaced with a magitek prosthetic that greatly enhances his strength.

Ravus meets with Verstael, Aranea Highwind, and the other officials of Niflheim to discuss what should be done with Lunafreya, the Oracle. Luna had escaped Insomnia with the Ring of the Lucii, intent on finding Noctis and passing it on to him so Noctis can defeat the Niflheim Empire. Ravus is ordered to kill his younger sister by Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt, but Verstael convinces him to reconsider. Ravus is given full control over the magitek infantry and, although he is ordered to capture Luna, he refuses to even entertain this idea.

FFXV TGS ravus with patry

Ravus converses with Noctis and his friends.

Ravus later encounters Noctis and his friends—Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia, and Prompto Argentum—when they attempt to reclaim their car, the Regalia, from an Imperial military base. Ravus taunts Noctis and Gladiolus, intimidating them with his unnatural strength, but Ardyn Izunia stops him from fighting them. Noctis has already forged two covenants with the astral gods of Eos with Luna's help, but Ravus is annoyed at Noctis's obliviousness of the danger this puts Luna in.

Ravus and Ardyn travel to Altissia to slay the Leviathan before Noctis can form a covenant with the deity. Slaying Leviathan is his main task as high commander, but in truth, he is desperate to slay the Hydraean for personal reasons. With every astral Luna beckons, her life is cut shorter, as is the price of making a pact with a god.


Ravus meets Ardyn in Altissia.

At some point during her stay in Altissia, Ravus is able to speak with a weakened Luna in secrecy. He helps her into a more comfortable position as she slumps in her chair. Luna requests Ravus to deliver the Ring of the Lucii to Noctis in her stead as she is dying, but Ravus turns away at the sight of the Ring. When Luna informs him that her flesh is failing her, Ravus insists that delivering the Ring is her calling and that, although she may no longer have the strength to complete her duty, she has the willpower to find the strength. He encloses the ring in Luna's hand and comforts her. The day before Luna gives her speech, Ravus visits the church of Altissia where Luna was to be wed to Noctis. Ignoring the rain, he continues to gaze somberly at the empty church until Ardyn arrives and asks if he has spoken with his sister. Ravus lies to Ardyn that he has not, as she is kept by Altissia's government.

Once Luna dies by Ardyn's hand, Ravus informs Maria, his and Luna's faithful servant, of the tragic news. He reveals that Luna's dog Pryna died the same day Luna did, likely of heartbreak. Ravus tells Maria of his plans to safeguard Regis's glaive for Noctis. Enraged at his sister's death, he lashes out against the Empire. The Empire retaliates by sending daemons to overwhelm and torch House Fleuret and the surrounding lands in Tenebrae, including Luna's treasured field of sylleblossoms. Niflheim pushes the blame of the catastrophe with Leviathan onto him, as it had been Ravus's duty as high commander to kill the astral. Niflheim thus has an excuse to sentence Ravus to death.

Ravus talking to Iedolas before his death

Ravus talking to Iedolas before his death

Luna had convinced Ravus to help Noctis, whom he referred to as "his King", and he pledged to return Regis's sword to him. He resisted arrest and confronted Iedolas in Gralea, the Imperial capital, before taking the Crystal that he would only permit Noctis to obtain its power and stop the Starscourge. The emperor sent daemons to kill Ravus, and they threw him down from the emperor's throne room to the lower floors of Zegnautus Keep. Ravus was injured but still alive. Ardyn, disguised as Noctis making his way for the Crystal, walked past Ravus, who presented Regis' glaive to him falling for the disguise. Instead, Ardyn sliced his arm off and killed him, scattering letters he had written to Luna about how he had insisted Noctis was unworthy of her sacrifice, to taunt the real Noctis once he arrived.


Noctis finds Ravus's body.

When the real Noctis arrives and finds the capital void of people and overrun with daemons, he finds Ravus dead, surrounded by fallen magitek soldiers. Noctis thanks him for his role in attempting to help. He reads the letters scattered around Ravus's body, which explain how Lucis was becoming too dangerous for Luna to stay in, and so he sent an escort for her in Gentiana.

Ravus had conversed with Luna among her field of sylleblossoms and implored her to stop sacrificing herself for Noctis, whom he believed unable to fulfill the prophecy as the King of Light. Luna was convinced that Noctis is the Chosen King and that Ravus of all people should know this, as he was personally judged by the Lucian kings of old and rejected. Ravus had accused his sister of "throwing [her] life away" and remained speechless when Luna answered that she was aware of it, but that it was her choice.


Ravus as a daemon.

The daemonic energy that was fueling Ravus's magitek prosthetic is used by Ardyn to revive Ravus as a daemon to battle Noctis and his allies. With what little that remains of his humanity, Ravus begs for Noctis and his friends to kill him. After defeating him, Gladiolus comments that it was a sorry end for a man with hopes and dreams.


Ravus is fought as a boss at the end of Chapter 13. Ravus is immensely strong and quick with incredible endurance. In a single move, he can force the entire party into critical health if the player is not cautious. Throughout the battle, Ravus curses Ardyn for the misfortune brought to him. Luna's trident, Trident of the Oracle, is very effective against Ravus.

The second stanza of the battle against Ravus contains the Imperial theme, changed into a sinister and threatening tone. This is due to Ravus's high stature in the Imperial army.

Spoilers end here.

Creation and developmentEdit

Versus XIII Noctis VS Robe Man

The "Hooded Man" faces off against Noctis Lucis Caelum.

A character that appears to be the precursor to Ravus was a white-clad man that appeared in trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. He appeared to fight on the side of Niflheim and to wield powers similar to Noctis's, summoning crystalline weapons. Until his name was revealed, Ravus was known only as the "Hooded Man."

Ravus's appearance changes slightly between Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy XV. His face has hallowed out more in the latter, and his hair is slightly shorter and more messy in the front instead of brushed back.


Ravus's Japanese voice actor is Yuichi Nakamura.[2] He shares his Japanese voice actor with Cid Raines from the Lightning Saga and Trey from Final Fantasy Type-0.

Ravus's English voice actor is Trevor Devall.[3] Zachary Gordon plays young Ravus in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Ravus speaks in a florid manner in both the Japanese and English languages.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV


Ravus is a word that means "gray" in Latin. As the conditional of ravi, it can also translate to "to delight/enchant."

Nox means "night" in Latin.

Fleuret is the French name for a light fencing foil or small sword.


  • Ravus shares the trait of having heterochromia with Yuna from Final Fantasy X.
    • However, in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, both of his eyes are gray.

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