Gria Ravager
Ravagers use brute strength to crush their foes.

The Ravager, known as Bastard (バスタード, Bastādo?) in the Japanese version, is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

It is a job exclusive to the gria, and specializes in wielding greatswords, usually as big as themselves. It uses abilities that boost their combat skills or deal damage that depends on the enemies themselves. Their Sneak Attack ability is especially useful, as it does massive damage to an enemy when attacked from behind them, something which is fairly easy to accomplish with the gria's ability to fly. Even more damage may be accumulated by the P-Ability Unscarred and utilizing Bulwark enhanced by wearing a Ribbon to guard her until she can approach an enemy from behind and deliver the fell-strike.

Prominent Ravagers include Tigrina, from whom the player receives the class, and Loa of House Bowen.


To unlock the Ravager, the player must complete the "Ravager", which appears after the story mission "A Request". To use the job, a character must master one Hunter A-Ability.


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Greatswords Hats, Helmets Light Armor, Heavy Armor No

Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
4 1* 0 18 40 C G B C F F 50%
*The Ravager is a flying unit, so its Jump stat is irrelevant.



The base instincts of battle are the weapons of the RAVAGER.

Skill Equipment Effect Range AP
Sweeping Spin Diamond Sword A forceful spin attack that damages surrounding units. All sides 250
Sneak Attack Dagriohm An attack that deals varying damage based on the facing of the target. Weapon range 300
Full Assault Ogrenix An extremely potent attack that gives no quarter. The effort leaves the unit is a state of deep SLEEP. Weapon range 350
En Garde Xankbras Assume a defensive stance. Unit will COUNTER attacks until the next turn. Self 100
Overpower Vigilante Strike at the target from the sky. By passes reaction abilities. 1 300
Battle Cry Ancient Sword Let out a fierce cry, rallying the unit to arms. Raises ATTACK but lowers DEFENSE. Self 200
Tenacity Hardedge An attack that deals more damage the more debuffs the unit has. Weapon range 300
Blast Wave Zweihander Loose battle's rage from the heavens to the earth. damages units in a row extending from the caster. 4 sq. line in front of user 350


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Bonecrusher Dragon Mail Counter attack after taking physical damage. Always deals greater damage than that taken. 250
Strike Back Bone Plate Avoid all basic attacks and launch a counter attack in return. 250


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Defense↑ Diamond Armor Raises DEFENSE. Decreases physical damage received. 300
Tank Platinum Armor Enables the user to equip helms and heavy armor, regardless of their current job. 300
Unscarred Judicer's Coat Raises ATTACK, DEFENSE, MAGICK, and RESISTANCE when the user has full HP. 150

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Ravager TCG

Ravager appears with a Lightning-elemental card.



A ravager is a person who ravages. From French ravage ("ravage, havoc, spoil").