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Rapid Shot (ラピッドショット, Rapiddo Shotto?) is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Rapid Shot is a trait that occasionally reduces delay when using ranged weapons, be it throwing weapon, archery, or marksmanship. This trait was available originally only to Rangers starting at level 15, but was later made accessible to Corsairs at level 15 and Blue Mages at level 38. The chance of activation may be affected by level.

Equipment that enhances this trait
  • Hunter's Beret, Hunter's Beret +1
  • Beater's Mantle
  • Scout's Jerkin
  • Siege Bow
  • Navarch's Tricorne +1, Navarch's Tricorne +2
  • Entois Trousers

Final Fantasy Legends IIEdit


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