Rakshasa is a mark in Final Fantasy XIII. It can be fought in Mission 08 The Eleventh Hour.

Battle Edit

It carries what appears to be shuriken-type projectiles on its back and uses them as a means to attack the party. It carries three of them and they work like boomerangs: once thrown they return to the Daemon type enemy.

Strategy Edit

It is recommended to use a Deceptisol before fighting the mark for a five star rating.

Once in battle, the party should kill the three Flans first so that they do not merge into a Dire Flan or else the player won't get a five star rating. The Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV) paradigm works well in this battle.

Etymology Edit

Rakshasa are gigantic demons from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. They are powerful beings aligned with evil, who live on human flesh and spoiled food. The creatures make an important appearance in the epic of Ramayana.

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