A knight of Grandshelt whose prodigious talents have earned him command of an airship brigade despite his young age. He harbors conflicted feelings toward his father, Sir Raegen—the kingdom's finest until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving Rain's family behind.
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Rain is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A respected knight from the Kingdom of Grandshelt, he and Lasswell are on a patrol above Grandshelt when the mysterious Fina grants them the power of visions so that they may save the world of Lapis. On their adventure, they find out what happened to Rain's father, Sir Raegen, who disappeared years ago.

Rain wields the sword Crimson Saber, which appears in the game's logo along with Lasswell's Purple Lightning and Fina herself.

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Rain has blue eyes and blond, lightly disheveled hair. He wears a black shirt, a green vest adorned with military decorations, grey iron pauldrons and bracers, and a red cape attached to his right pauldron. His look is complete with white pants and black combat boots.

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If the choice is to save one person or a hundred people...then save both! That is the creed of a Grandshelt knight!

Rain is a light-hearted, affable young man and usually maintains a carefree demeanor, but can turn serious when the situation requires it. Committed to his duty as a knight of Grandshelt, he sees it as his responsibility to look after and help others within his capabilities; he is unable to ignore pleas for help and goes out of his way to aid people ever since he was a child. Rain, who tends to get carried away, can be impulsive and charge into battle heedless of the danger around him, especially when in the presence of a "pretty girl."

When the atmosphere grows heavy around him, Rain may speak complete nonsense causing confusion among his comrades or give them nicknames, like nicknaming Lasswell "Welly", who in turn nicknamed Rain "Rainikins". Rain has also proven to be keenly logical as shown during his and Lasswell's search for Fina in Lechios Hills, as well as keen senses—being able to detect things that others cannot. Rain, too, is blessed with natural talents: he is able to quickly pick up skills that would take most people years to master.

Rain harbors mixed feelings for his absent father, due to how often Raegen left the home on orders of the King without saying goodbye, as well as his mysterious disappearance, which resulted in his mother's condition.

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Early life Edit

Rain was born to Sophia and Sir Raegen, an accomplished knight. He was raised alongside Lasswell, who was taken in by Raegen after his parents had been killed by monsters, and the two grew up as brothers although Lasswell had trouble accepting them as his family. In one occasion, Raegen left to take care of some monsters near the capital; Rain, Sophia and Lasswell awaited him at the city gates. On his return, he was covered in wounds, but Sophia explained to Rain and Lasswell that he fought to keep people safe, including himself, as a knight of Grandshelt—giving Rain the idea of becoming one himself.

In "Guardian of the Order", Rain, Lasswell and two other children are seen playing when a stranger approaches them. The cultist hypnotizes the boys and claims he will make their wishes come true if they go outside the city at night, before leaving. General Loren and Captain Amy then approach Rain and Lasswell and ask whether they saw a bard, but they answer that they didn't and then return home. Later that night, and under the cultist's spell, they both sneak out. Rain and Lasswell are followed by their father, but a large number of monsters start attacking the city. Rain and the other children are led to a cavern, where they will be sacrificed to the cultist's god. However, Loren's team manages to rescue them on time.

FFBE Rain and the Crystal

Rain's encounter with the earth crystal as a child.

At one point, Rain followed his father into the caverns below Grandshelt Castle but got lost; he then came across a crystal and touched it out of curiosity, but it awakened his latent power. Raegen heard him and came to his aid, but upon seeing that Rain's dormant power had reacted to the crystal, he walked away despite Rain's pleas. In the following weeks, the pain on his arm began to worsen with no apparent cure. Before it was too late, a girl encased in crystal appeared before Rain and stored his power away until a time he could handle it.

Soon afterwards, and five years before the events of the game, Sophia was killed under Raegen's watch; he brought her body to their home where Rain was waiting for her. His father blamed himself for her passing (although Rain did not want to believe the claim), but rather than explaining what had happened, Raegen abandoned them.

Although Rain began to resent his father, he did not forfeit his dream of becoming a knight. During their training as squires, Rain and Lasswell became acquainted with Charlotte and Lawrence. In order to become full-fledged knights, the four took part in a trial supervised by General Loren. Although Rain could not stand the heat, the four made it through Inferno Hollow as expected. Back at the capital, Loren congratulated them on passing their test. Partly due to his talents, partly due to his father's reputation, he earned the trust of the King of Grandshelt, and by the age of 18, he was given shared command of the airship fleet with Lasswell.

Season One Edit

While on patrol aboard their airship, Rain and Lasswell are attacked by a horde of monsters and a girl encased in crystal, Fina, warns them of the Earth Crystal's shattering. Unable to dismiss her plea, Rain and Lasswell go into the Earth Shrine, where they find an armor-clad man contemplating the crystal. Despite their efforts, the man destroys the Earth Crystal and leaves. Fina then reappears, grants the two friends the power of visions, and teleports them away. Outside the shrine, Rain and Lasswell find their airship destroyed and their men killed by the armored man.

They resolve to retell the events to the king, but when they arrive at the castle, they find it sieged and set ablaze. They rescue the king, and meet with the armored man once again, who reveals his identity as "Veritas of the Dark", member of the Sworn Six of Paladia. Before leaving, he attacks them, but Fina reappears and protects them, her crystal encasement shattering in the process. After the assault, Rain resolves to prevent the Sworn Six from destroying the other crystals and departs on his own, but Lasswell decides to accompany him. At Port City Lodin, the amnesiac Fina asks to join their party, to which Rain immediately accepts.

Together, the trio reaches Grandport, from where they follow Darklord to the Lanzelt Ruins. He easily defeats them, and takes the Sacred Ring of Paladia. Undeterred, the trio hires a ship that calls at Kolobos before continuing onto Dirnado. They meet Emma, whom they escort to the Shrine of Decay so that she can meet with her mother. At the shrine, they meet Dr. Lazarov (a researcher behind the zombie plague ravaging Kolobos and ally of the Veritas, responsible for the death of Emma's mother), but he manages to escape. As for Emma, the trio escorts her back to Kolobos Port and bids her farewell.

Their ship is attacked by Leviathan, causing them to end up washed up to the shores of Maranda Coast. The trio then goes to Dilmagia to request an airship from the master engineer Lid, but she refuses to ask the military for it. Instead, she accepts to guide them to the Wind Shrine. On the journey, the discovery of her brother Evan working on the Invincible for the Sworn Six prompts Lid to join the party. At the Wind Shrine, they defeat Veritas of the Heavens but he manages to destroy the Wind Crystal .Now committed to the trio's cause, Lid helps them request an airship in order to travel to Olderion.

They soon meet Nichol, whom they help find his sister Luka. The escrot the two siblings to Lake Dorr, where discover that Veritas of the Waters has injured the Leviathan and polluted the waters, thus endangering the Aquapolis. Luka pacifies the esper, and then descends to the bottom of the lake to purify its waters and heal Leviathan. The next day, Waterlord floods the capital; when they confront her, Dark Fina is awakened in process and Waterlord flees. They pursue her on Mercedes's ship and best her in battle, causing Waterlord to drop the Sacred Ring of Paladia. Rain grabs it, but in doing so, his dormant power is forcibly reawakened, and Waterlord flees.

In Amore, Rain's condition worsens and Fina tells him to accept his power or it will kill him. After a night's rest, they go to the shrine to restore the Aquapolis. Nichol's brother Elle, wishing to make himself useful, uses his powers to magnify the Water Crystal's power, but Waterlord fatally injures him and shatters the crystal. In Elle's dying moments, Fina uses the crystal's remaining power, along with the Sacred Ring, to save Rain and the Aquapolis. She then returns to her usual persona. They return to the Aquapolis and inform Arsha of Elle's passing, and Rain summons Elle's vision so that they can see each other one last time. Nichol then decides to join the party.

In imperial territory, they meet rebel leader, Jake, whom they agree to help sabotage the Empire's war efforts. They soon find themselves opposed by Veritas of the Flame at the Fire Shrine, where Lasswell is fatally injured trying to protect Rain. As they confront Flamelord, Lasswell tells Rain that he wants a duel to see who is stronger; when he collapses, he only survives due to Darklord's intervention (who wishes to fight him now that he has awakened Purple Lightning). Battling the two Veritas, Rain's party is victorious. However, they are betrayed by Jake, who shatters the Fire Crystal himself.

Despite this, the party follows him to Downtown Zoldaad. While they are imprisoned for trying to rescue Prince Shera, they escape with Amelia's aid and confront Lazarov, Emperor Sozhe and Evan. Although Sozhe passes away, Lid manages to snap her brother out of his brainwashing; he helps them board the Invincible with the Enterprise. In its interior, Veritas of the Heavens appears and kills Lazarov for attempting to steal the Invincible, and teleports Rain and the party out of the airship. After a meeting with Emperor Shera and Evan, Jake joins the party to atone for his deeds. As they decide what to do next, Sakura presents herself and offers information on the Sworn Six if they pass a test: to escort her to Mysidia.

They accept her request, and bring her back safely to the Mysidian capital. Before she can explain, the party must face Veritas of the Light and Veritas of the Earth to protect the Light Crystal. They are overpowered by Lightlord and Earthlord, and the latter forcefully reawakens Dark Fina (thus starting to slowly erase the other Fina) to fight her. Leaving the crystal at their mercy, Sakura teleports the party away to save them. To save Fina, they use a book from the Magic Library to enter Fina's memories of the civil war between Aldore and Hess. Although momentarily interrupted by Lightlord (who reveals Darklord was once Rain's father, Raegen), they save Fina after witnessing the civil war's final battle. On their return, they find that Fina has split into two, just in time for a battle against Lightlord and Earthlord. Following their defeat, Darklord appears and teleports them away, and Rain vows to defeat Darklord, even if it is his father behind the armor.

In Gronoa, the party learns the truth behind the Sworn Six's actions—of their revenge against Aldore by undoing the seal upon Lapis, so it may return to Paladia, likely destroying Lapis in the process. Assisted by Ilias and Fohlen, they make it to the Gronoa Shrine where the last crystal stands. To their surprise, Dark Elf seeks to destroy the Dark Crystal as well, prompting Lightlord to duel him to no avail. She lays defeated when the party approaches her; resigned, she asks Sakura and then Rain to kill her. When he refuses, Lightlord reveals she had been the one to kill Sophia, but Rain refuses again out of principle and leaves to battle Dark Elf, whom they ultimately defeat with Lightlord's help before she retreats.

As they clear the shrine from monsters, Sakura senses the presence of Veritas of the Frost at a nearby village. When the party arrives, Frostlord freezes all the villagers and agrees to release them if they defeat him, but that he will fight whoever they determine (through battle) is strongest among them. Rain duels and wins against Sakura and Dark Fina, and finally fights Lasswell. Rain is initially bested by his friend, but as he realizes that is not what Lasswell wanted, Rain finally accepts his power and defeats Lasswell.

Frostlord then fights the party next to the Dark Crystal; he is defeated just before the Sworn Six make their appearance. They ask Frostlord to join them, but he refuses and reveals his face: he is Sir Raegen. The two groups battle until the Shrine starts collapsing due to the gate's instability, and Raegen has Sakura teleport the party to Pharm. There, they confront the Veritas one by one (of which Earthlord, Heavenlord and Flamelord fall in battle), due to Nichol wanting to exact his revenge on Waterlord in spite of Rain's pleas. However, he allows her to live so that she may atone for her sins, and the party catches up with Raegen. Together, they prevent Darklord (who is revealed to be a vision of Raegen) and Lightlord from destroying the crystal.

Before the party can rejoice, Sol and Behemoth K destroy the crystal, knocking the party out, and kill Darklord. When they regain consciousness, the party sets out to climb the Crystal Tower to stop the two sages and close the dimensional gate. As they climb, Raegen shows Rain and Lasswell a vision of Sophia, keeping his promise to her; later on, Waterlord and Lightlord join their efforts thanks to Nichol. The two remaining Veritas keep Behemoth busy, while Rain and the others catch up with Sol. When he puts up a barrier, the group realize that Fina is going to disappear, but Dark Fina sacrifices herself: she becomes the Earth Crystal, sealing the land once again, allowing Fina to carry on existing.

Fina then dispels Sol's barrier and the party makes it to the summit, where they defeat Sol. The sage, however, summons the Chaotic Darkness, which created the Wandering Lands. The group then traverses the lands; on the way, they put Behemoth to rest and, at the Land of Darkness, they defeat Sol but the sage declares his hatred of Rain, and disappears. Supported by the prayers of those they met during their journey, and Evan on the Invincible, Rain and the others defeat the Chaotic Darkness. They then proceed to close the gate, and Rain (who first leaves a crystal on the Invincible) helps his father by performing a full awakening of Aldore's power. They negate the magic pouring out of the gate, so that it collapses back in on itself. They are successful, but at the last possible moment, Sol reappears and aims to re-open the gate. Rain stops him; yet, during their clash, they both disappear. Rain's Crimson Saber then falls to the deck of the airship.

Season TwoEdit

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FFBE Rain Sprites

Rain is one of two starting units along with Lasswell, and his job is listed as Knight. Rain's main roles are dealing Physical Damage and providing Support, although he is also able to learn Fire and Earth Magic. He has affinity to both White Magic (Levels 1-5) and Black Magic (Levels 2-7). He starts the game at Rarity 2★, and can be awakened up to 6★.

Like the rest of the main cast, Rain has several variants: "Demon Rain" (5-6★), available during the Global-exclusive Halloween events; "Hunter Rain" (5-6★), obtainable during the Japan-only collaboration with Monster Hunter Explore; as well as "Vagrant Knight Rain" (5-6★) and "Awakened Rain" (5-7★), which were released at the time of the game's second-year anniversary.

Rain also appears as a boss by the name Crimson Knight, as one of two final bosses of the "Time for Revenge" story event (the other being Lasswell).

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Rain appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set he appears in is titled "FFBEスタンプ Vol.1".[3]



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Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity.

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  • By default, Rain is set as the leader of all five parties the player may customize and play with.

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