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A knight of Grandshelt whose prodigious talents have earned him command of an airship brigade despite his young age. He harbors conflicted feelings toward his father, Sir Raegen—the kingdom's finest until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving Rain's family behind.
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Rain is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A respected Knight from the Kingdom of Grandshelt, he is childhood friends with Lasswell, who unlike himself treats Sir Raegen with great respect. Together, they are granted the power of visions by the mysterious Fina so that they may save the world of Lapis.

Rain wields the sword Crimson Saber, which appears in the game's logo along with Lasswell's Purple Lightning and Fina herself.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

FFBE - Rain - Full body render

Full body CG render.

Rain has blue eyes and blond, lightly disheveled hair. He wears a black shirt, a green vest adorned with military decorations, grey iron pauldrons and bracers, and a red cape attached to his right pauldron. His look is complete with white pants and black combat boots.

Personality Edit

If the choice is to save one person or a hundred people...then save both! That is the creed of a Grandshelt knight!

Rain is a light-hearted, affable young man and usually maintains a carefree demeanor, but can turn serious when the situation requires it. Committed to his duty as a knight of Grandshelt, he sees it as his responsibility to look after and help others within his capabilities; he is unable to ignore pleas for help and goes out of his way to aid people ever since he was a child. Rain, who tends to get carried away, can be impulsive and charge into battle heedless of the danger around him, especially when in the presence of a "pretty girl."

When the atmosphere grows heavy around him, Rain may speak complete nonsense causing confusion among his comrades or give them nicknames, like nicknaming Lasswell "Welly", who in turn nicknamed Rain "Rainikins". Rain has also proven to be keenly logical as shown during his and Lasswell's search for Fina in Lechios Hills, as well as keen senses—being able to detect things that others cannot. Rain, too, is blessed with natural talents: he is able to quickly pick up skills that would take most people years to master.

Rain harbors mixed feelings for his absent father, due to how often Raegen left the home on orders of the King without saying goodbye, as well as his mysterious disappearance, which resulted in his mother's condition.

Story Edit

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Early life Edit

FFBE Rain and the Crystal

Rain's encounter with the earth crystal as a child.

Rain was born to Sophia and Sir Raegen. He was raised alongside Lasswell, who was taken in by Raegen after his parents had been killed by monsters. As a child, Rain once followed his father into the caverns below Grandshelt Castle but became lost; he then came across a crystal and touched it out of curiosity, thereby sealing his fate. His father heard him and came to his aid, but upon seeing that Rain had reacted to the crystal and his arm had began to shine, he walked away despite Rain's desperate pleas.

In the following weeks, the pain on his arm began to worsen with no apparent cure; it was then that Raegen went missing. Before long, a girl encased in crystal appeared and helped him by storing away Rain's power until a time he could handle it.

After Sophia's condition worsened, Rain began to resent his father, and yet, became a knight in order to learn what happened to him. During his training as a squire, Rain and Lasswell became acquainted with Charlotte, whom Rain would often butt heads with due to their differing personalities. Partly due to his talents, partly due to his father's reputation, Rain became a figure that all knights of Grandshelt looked up to, and by the age of eighteen, he was given shared command of the airship fleet with Lasswell.

Season One Edit

As Rain and Lasswell travel the airship with Grandshelt soldiers under their king's orders, they are attacked by a horde of monsters. When they defeat them a girl encased in crystal, Fina, appears before them and rushes them to hurry to the Earth Shrine warning them of the Earth Crystal's shattering. Unable to dismiss her plea, Rain and Lasswell go into the shrine, where they find an armor-clad man contemplating the crystal. Although the two try to stop him, the man destroys the crystal and almost kills them. Fina then reappears, grants the two friends the power of visions and teleports them away.

Outside the shrine, Rain and Lasswell find their airship destroyed and their men killed by the armored man. They resolve to retell the events to the king, but when they reach Grandshelt Castle, they find it sieged and set ablaze; they rescue the king, only to encounter the armor-clad man once again, who finally reveals himself as "Veritas of the Dark", and member of the Sworn Six of Paladia. He attacks them once again, but Fina reappears and protects them, her crystal encasement shattering in the process. Veritas then leaves to destroy the next crystal. After leaving the king and the amnesiac Fina with the medics, Rain resolves to prevent Veritas from destroying the Wind Crystal and departs on his own, but Lasswell decides to accompany him.

On their way to Lodin, they are followed by Fina, who seeks to stop the Sworn Six and to regain her memories, to which Rain immediately accepts. They go to Grandport, where they learn that Veritas has gone to the Lanzelt Ruins; there, they confront him but he proves too powerful and leaves with the Sacred Ring of Paladia. Undeterred, the trio hires a ship that calls at Kolobos before continuing onto Dirnado. They meet Emma and escort her to the Shrine of Decay, so that she can meet with her mother. At the shrine, they meet Dr. Lazarov—a researcher behind the zombie plague ravaging Kolobos, an ally of Veritas, and the one behind the death of Emma's mother—, but he manages to escape. As for Emma, the trio escorts her back to Kolobos Port and bids her farewell.

Their ship is attacked by Leviathan; the trio end up washed up to the shores of Maranda Coast, in Dirnado. After a dream of his encounter with the earth crystal during his childhood, Rain wakes up and finds Lasswell and Fina; after fending a few monsters, she is seemingly possessed and asks Rain whether he will choose Aldore or Hess before going back to normal, much to Rain and Lasswell's confusion. They reach Dilmagia, where they request an airship, but the master engineer Lid refuses to ask the military for it. Instead, she accepts to guide them to the Wind Shrine. On the journey, the discovery of her brother Evan working on the Invincible for the Sworn Six causes Lid to join the party. At the Wind Shrine, they defeat Veritas of the Heavens but he manages to destroy the Wind Crystal.

Now committed to the trio's purpose, Lid helps them request an airship from Dilmagia's military, and which they use to travel to Olderion. Soon after landing, they meet Nichol who is searching for his sister Luka to purify the waters of Lake Dorr and put an end to the monster attacks harrassing the Aquapolis. The party escorts the two siblings to protect them and the Water Crystal. At the lake, they discover Leviathan injured—its blood polluting the lake—by Veritas of the Waters. Though the esper attacks them, Luka's prayers reach Leviathan (causing him to attack Veritas) and, after giving Fina access to the Water Crystal, she descends to the bottom of the lake to purify the waters and heal the esper.

They return to the Aquapolis for rest, but the next morning the party wakes up to find that Aquapolis has been flooded by Veritas of the Waters. When they confront him at the plaza, Fina remembers something about the Sacred Ring and wrestles with Veritas; in the process, her Dark Fina persona appears and attacks Veritas, but he escapes with the ring. The party, along with Nichol's brother Elle, pursue him on Mercedes's ship and thanks to Fina, track him down to his ghost ship; Veritas is bested in battle and drops the Sacred Ring, which Rain grabs, but in doing so his arm starts to shine, and Waters flees. After bandaging his arm, they continue to the Water Temple to use the Water Crystal's power and save the Aquapolis.

In Amore, Rain's condition worsens and Fina tells him to accept his power or it will kill him, and that she won't be able to use the Water Crystal's power to save both him and the Aquapolis. After a night's rest, they reach the shrine, but Veritas ambushes them with monsters. Elle, wishing to make himself useful, leaves the others and uses his powers as a Warden of the Waters to magnify the Water Crystal's powers, after which Veritas fatally injures him and shatters the crystal. Rain and the others catch up with them and defeat Veritas, who once again flees. In Elle's dying moments, Fina notes that thanks to him the Water Crystal still has power and uses it along with the Sacred Ring to save Rain and the Aquapolis. Afterwards, she returns to her usual persona. Back at the Aquapolis, they inform Arsha of Elle's passing, and Rain summons Elle's vision so that they can see each other one last time. Nichol then decides to join the party and suggests that they go to Zoldaad next.

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Gameplay Edit

FFBE Rain Sprites

Rain's job is that of a Knight. Rain's main roles are dealing Physical Damage and providing Support, although he is also able to learn Fire and Earth Magic. He has affinity to both White Magic (Levels 1-5) and Black Magic (Levels 2-7). One of two starting units along with Lasswell, he starts the game at Rarity 2★, and comes equipped with a Broadsword.

Rain can be awakened up to 6★, and is one of few characters whose abilities can be enhanced. He can equip daggers, swords, great swords, hammers and maces, as well as light shields, heavy shields, hats, helms, clothes, light armors, heavy armors and accessories.

Rain's abilities for the most part are extremely limited until reaching his 6★. At which point he begins to learn a plethora of extremely useful skills including Undermine, which reduces all stats from one enemy by 30%, and Leadership which boosts all stats for the party for 40% for 3 turns, making him a valuable buff/de-buff unit. His resilience also increases in the form of larger HP boosts, although he still lacks damage mitigation as a Tank. However his exclusive-equipment gives him even more HP to resist hits.

For the Halloween 2016 event, a Global-exclusive limited form "Demon Rain" was released, which unlike his story version, has a 5-6★ Rarity and features different abilities as well as a different role: instead of Physical Damage, he is a Tank and Support-type of unit. For the Japanese-only collaboration with Monster Hunter Explore, the limited-time "Hunter Rain" (5-6★) unit was released.

Other appearances Edit

Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect Edit

BDFE Exvius Collaboration

Rain's outfit will be available for use during the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius collaboration.

Triple Triad Edit

Rain appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit

Puzzle & Dragons Edit

Rain appeared in a Final Fantasy collaboration event starting on March 21, 2016.

Brave Frontier Edit

Rain, alongside Lasswell and Fina, appears in a Brave Frontier collaboration event, as a unit available from October 25—November 8 2016 in the Japanese version. In the Global version, his artworks show him wielding Dandelga, Vargas' weapon.

Monster Hunter Explore Edit

Rain's appearance and weapons are available to players in the Monster Hunter Explore collaboration event.

Imperial Saga Edit

Rain appears as an obtainable character in Imperial Saga collaboration event.

Star Ocean Anamnesis Edit

SOA Rain SS4

Rain in the collaboration story.

Rain appears as an obtainable character in the Star Ocean Anamnesis collaboration event. His role is Defender. He is voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko and illustrated by Naora Yusuke.

His talents are Burning Soul which grants ATK/INT/DEF -10% effect on Undermine, Knight's Pride which grants HP +20% and also will not flinch to attacks under 20% Max HP to all allies, Young Authoritative which grants Damage +20% to Single Targets and Aggro Rate +3 to himself and Grandshelt's Knight which grants ATK +20% to himself.

His known skills are Undermine, Purgatory Slash, Flash and Ground Lava and his rush combo is Shining Nova which grants ATK Damage +30% to himself for 20 seconds.

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Etymology Edit

Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity.

Trivia Edit

  • By default, Rain is set as the leader of all five parties the player may customize and play with.

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