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The Raid menu.

Raids (レイド, Reido?) are special types of campaigns in Final Fantasy Legends II. Players are given the opportunity to fight against powerful bosses. This feature was first introduced on March 24, 2016.

FFL2 Mootiebar

Event system which can be accessed at the bottom-right of the game menu.


FFLTnS Raid Battle

Players participating in a Raid battle with the Ultima Weapon.

Players can participate in a raid battlefield through the entrance located at the bottom-right corner of the game menu.

The event emphasizes the value of players teaming up to defeat bosses with high HP. When facing raid bosses, players are given twelve turns to deal as much damage as possible. The higher the damage, the more the points the player receives at the end. If the boss manages to kill the party while the twelve turn limit is active, the battle will end. In addition, should the player fail to defeat a raid boss within that limit, other players will automatically assist until the boss is down. In addition, the turns Mootie use are also counted towards the twelve turn limit. As a bonus, summoning phantom stones doesn't use up Raid turns. All bosses increase their own level by 1 and their max lv is 99.

Upon defeat, each player that participated in the kill will be rewarded with RAID weapons and accessories, Babil points, etc. When the indicated level of the boss increases by one, All the stats and max HP of the bosses will rise significantly. Super effective skills deal 200% damage, while same elemental skills deal 75% damage.

FFLTnS PointSystem

Point system.

At the end of each battle, the system calculates the three bonuses together and adds them up:

Participating Bonus
  • This bonus is added every battle; different bosses provide different amount of points.
Damage Bonus
  • The higher the damage the player deal, the more points he/she obtain at the end of the round.
Finishing Bonus
  • Normally 0, only changes if the current boss or his defensive "barrier" is defeated.

SP Upgrade StarsEdit


Rare materials that can be used to upgrade certain event SSS phantom stones.

Rarely dropped by Lv60 Raid main bosses and above, SP Upgrade stars are used to "Rank up" three different event phantom stones currently. They can also be used as enhancement materials for phantom stones, where they provide a humongous amount of experience.

Name Ability effect (max) Passives
Sword Emperor Odin (Rank 6 - 8) Zantetsusen: Deals wind-elemental physical damage to all enemies, Deals more damage to machine-type enemies. Total damage + 20% - 40% if equipped with a sword or dagger.
Fool's Mist: Decreases attack, magic and speed of all enemies for 3 turns. (Cost : 2)
Kunoichi (Rank 6 - 8) Doom of the Living: Deals 15 random physical light-elemental damage to all enemies. Dark damage - 25%
Non-elemental damage - 25%
Speed down Resistance
Continuum Stasis: Casts stop on all enemies for two turns and delays their next turn. (Cost : 3)
Gladiolus (Rank 6 - 8) Dawnhammer: Deals earth-elemental physical damage to a single enemy. Attack + 10% - 20%
Critical + 15 - 25
Triple Flame: Deals fire-elemental damage to all enemies once, then deals fire damage to one enemy twice. (Cost : 3)
Chrono Dragon (Rank 6 - 8) ???: ??? ???
???: (Cost : 3)

Mini bossesEdit

FFLTnS GolbezBattle

Players participating in a Raid battle with Golbez.

Starting from the 3rd RAID event, the game introduced a hidden boss called "cactuar". This boss is rare and weak against every element and attack. On the 6th RAID event, the game introduced Golbez, which replaced Cactuar. The mechanics between Golbez and Cactuar are basically the same, but Golbez will cast Barrier Shift once at the start of the battle.

Raid APEdit

FFL2 RaidAPRecovery

The game system asking the player if they wish to recover all their Raid AP.

Different AP is used for RAID events, it has a maximum of five slots, and refills once every fifteen minutes. When their RAID AP runs out, players must wait for the refill in order to challenge the event again. However, players have the option to recover all their Raid AP via a recovery voucher in order to continue playing.

Team RAID bonusesEdit


Players lending bonuses to their friends whom they have added over the game.

Players can spend their Raid points to enhance various skills similar to the Crystarium system. There are six different elemental tables. By spending Raid points on the corresponding table, players will learn elemental attack boosts and resistances based on that element. Players can also learn useful skills such as "Attack down resistance", "Instant death resistance", "Earth Attack Power +16%", "Max Attack/Magic +10%". etc. However, these extra bonuses are only usable in RAID events.


FFLTnS Raid Reward Menu

Raid reward menu.

After defeating a monster, the player earns Raid points. Bonus points are given if the player manages to kill the boss within the set amount of turns. The more points the player accumulate, the more rewards they obtain. At the end of the event, all the players are ranked and given rewards accordingly. Players receive different ranks of the boss phantom stone depending on how well they scored in the event (5★ - 8★). Players are also rewarded with Cash shop vouchers, Space time stones, Babil points, Event weapons and accessories, Master crystals etc. In addition, rewards can include certain event components to rank up the summon's associated with the current event.

Clear rewardsEdit

Below are the possible rewards from the Raid event.

  • AP recovery vouchers will expire on the end of the month.
Space time stone Big tail IV-VI Rank jewel V-VII Cash shop voucher
AP recovery voucher Raid recovery voucher Raid weapons Raid accessories
Event weapon Stats boost I-II Babil points ★5 gysahl green
Crystal shell Crystal fragment Master crystal

List of Raid EventsEdit

Name Enemies Featured Summons Featured Event Duration
The Dragon That Passes Through Time
FFLTnS Chrono Dragon Event
  • Chrono Dragon (无)
  • Ice Dragon (水)
  • Flame Dragon (火)
Chrono Dragon
March 24 - March 30, 2016
Chaotic Knight of Endless Death and Rebirth
FFLTnS Garland Event
Warriors of Light OR
April 28 - May 5, 2016
The Sealed Ultimate Power
FFLTnS Ultima Weapon Event
Ultima Weapon
Warring Triad OR
May 26 - June 2, 2016
Gale Plaisir
FFLTnS Gale Plaisir Event
  • Gale Plaisir (風)
  • Blast Coeurl (風)
  • Divine Coeurl (光)
  • Cactuar (无)
Cactuar OR
July 2 - July 8, 2016
Eternal Zeiss Misch
FFLTnS Zeiss Misch Event
  • Zeiss Misch (土)
  • Earth Gigas (土)
  • Cactuar (无)
  • Dark Gigas (闇)
Sylph OR
August 2 - August 8, 2016
Crimson Behemoth
FFLTnS RaidEvent6
Crimson Behemoth
September 2 - September 8, 2016
Glacial Archangel
FFLTnS GlacialRaid
  • Glacial Archangel (水)
  • Aqua Lamia (水)
  • Wind Lamia (風)
  • Cactuar (无)
Mother Lamia
Mom Bomb
October 6 - October 10, 2016*
Chaos (Final Fantasy)
FFLTnS ChaosOriginal
Father Mootie November 1 - November 6, 2016
Holy Castle of Alexander
FFL2 AlexanderRAID
Alexander December 1 - December 6, 2016
New Year Fat Chocobo
FFL2 NYFatChocobo
Fat Chocobo January 1 - January 7, 2017
Sword Emperor Odin
FFL2 OdinRaid
Sword Emperor Odin February 1 - February 7, 2017
Bahamut in the Abyss
FFL2 AbyssBahamut
Dr. Mog March 11 - March 19, 2017
Afexion's Light
FFL2 Light2017Raid
  • Afexion (光)
  • Light Machine (光)
  • Earth Machine (土)
  • Cactuar (无)
Gladiolus Amicitia April 1 - April 7, 2017
Odium's Darkness
  • Odium (闇)
  • Black Soul (闇)
  • Blue Soul (水)
  • Cactuar (无)
Chrono Dragon May 1 - May ?, 2017
  • Event duration delayed due to game version update.

Weekly RaidsEdit

Weekly Raids take place immediately after the "Monthly Raid" ends, which one out of four elemental beasts is randomly chosen, and represents the focus of that event alone. At least three of such events take place throughout the month, each having a duration of 6 to 8 days. They, however, do not reward the players with various in-game items as more points are accumulated. The items they reward after the event are also different. The song that represents them is called "Gods of the Rainbow".

  • Red (Crimson Behemoth), Fire.
  • Yellow (Eternal Zeiss Mirch), Earth.
  • Green (Gale Plaisir), Wind.
  • Blue (Glacial Archangel), Water.
Type Cos Babil STS M.C Vouc EPS
Monthly N N Y Y Y Y
Weekly Y Y Y Y Y N
Coin N Y Y Y Y Y

  • Cos = Costumes that change the character's appearance in battle.
  • Babil = Babil points for usage in Tower of Babil.
  • STS = Space time stone, the game's in game currency.
  • M.C = Master Crystals that upgrade SS+ phantom stones.
  • Vouc = Cash shop one time free summon.
  • EPS = Event phantom stone. Changes rank according to the rank of the player.


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