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Rahal Lebrart FFXI Minigawa Art

Rahal S Lebrart

Rahal S Lebrart, sometimes called Rahal Dragonslayer, is a non-playable Elvaan character in Final Fantasy XI. He is the general of the Royal Knights of San d'Oria. Under the command of Prince Trion I d'Oraguille, he oversees all actions taken by San d'Orian soldiers beyond the Kingdom's walls. Though he is reputed to descend from a prestigious line of Dragon Knights, he does not practice their art.

As a child during the Crystal War, Rahal was a member of the Young Griffons. He served as second-in-command to his friend Excenmille M Aurchiat.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Rahal TCG

Rahal appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

Triple Triad (Portal App)Edit

237a Rahal

Rahal appears on a Triple Triad card.

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