Rain's father and Lasswell's adoptive parent. He had a strong influence over the two young men as a knight of Grandshelt. Although he has been missing for many years, in the battle over the crystals, he may meet with Rain once again.
—Official description[3]

Raegen, more commonly referred to as Sir Raegen, is a major character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Husband to Sophia, he is the father of Rain, the adoptive father of Lasswell, and the swordsmanship mentor of both of them, as well as Grandshelt's greatest knight until his mysterious disappearance.

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Raegen resembles his son, Rain, having the same blond hair and a similar haircut, but sports a short beard and has a deep scar across his left cheek. He is usually seen wearing a long blue coat above a grey collared shirt with metallic rectangular buttons, dark blue pants, black gloves and combat boots.

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Under the title of "Veritas of the Dark", he wears an intimidating black armor with golden trimmings and a few violet crystals as adornments. His head is covered in a demonic-looking helmet which entirely covers his face, and wears a dark violet cape with golden rims. He wields the blade Organyx.

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Raegen is famed as an honorable and dutiful knight, which has earned him the praise and respect of all of Grandshelt and, in particular, its king. Even during his time in Paladia, he was a respected leader, trusted by his companions and underlings. Despite his position and fame, he usually employs rather casual mannerisms on his speech. Raegen is also capable of making the proper choices regardless of his circumstances, opting twice to forsake revenge and focus on the more important picture. However, his commitment to duty – coupled with his adventurous streak – alienated him from his son Rain as he tends to neglect his family: Whenever he received new marching orders from the king, for example, he would often leave without saying goodbye.

During the Paladian civil war, Raegen was loyal to Aldore's cause but he was not pleased with the conflict, disgusted at having to cut down fellow humans out of disagreement of beliefs. Thinking there was one way to end the war once and for all and to prevent further bloodshed, he wanted to cut the darkness that surrounded his world.

While he is normally calm and level-headed, Raegen is shown to be visibly angry at Akstar due to him calling Lasswell denigratory names and insulting his skills, with Raegen even threatening to physically attack Akstar until he realizes that Akstar is no ordinary swordsman.

While posing as his former comrade, he's capable of perfectly mimicking Frostlord's personality and likely also his voice, as every other member of the Sworn Six was unable to tell him apart.

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Civil war Edit

Originally hailing from the world of Paladia, Raegen (birth name unknown) was born over 700 years ago to Rubens, son and heir apparent to King Varenis – thus making Raegen a prince of Aldore royalty. Despite Aldore and Hess's long-standing conflict over the latter's claims of independence, Rubens had no prejudice towards Hess, personally being friends with Yuraisha (the "Mother of Hess"). Yet, soon after Varenis' ascension to the throne, an aide of his, Vlad, assassinated both him and Rubens, and attempted to get a hold of the two-year-old Raegen. Yuraisha's husband, however, took Raegen from the castle and left him with Yuraisha, reporting to Vlad that Raegen had died due to an illness. Yuraisha decided to adopt Raegen, giving him that very name, and raised him alongside her own son, Rowen. Vlad, for his part, became Aldore's first Emperor.

Eventually, under her patronage, Hess developed the "visionary magicks" (a power born from scientific progress, different to preexisting magic used by the rest of the world) and attempted to declare themselves independent from Aldore, as they had been before their conquest. Deeming these magicks dangerous, Aldore declared war on Hess.

When the civil war broke out, Raegen took on the title of "Veritas of the Dark" and became the leader of the Sworn Eight of Paladia. Given distinctive suit of armors, Raegen and his comrades – Ignacio (Flamelord), Citra (Lightlord), Sieghard (Earthlord), Folka (Waterlord), Cid (Heavenlord), Sakura (Boltlord) and Frostlord – were augmented, being rendered nearly immortal by Aldorian technology, in order to lead Aldore's military forces from the frontlines while being prepared to face their counterparts, Hess' Eight Sages. During this time, he received the sword Purple Lightning from Ignacio. On the Emperor's orders, Raegen had an audience with Yuraisha, but despite his many peace proposals, she refused to accept them, wanting freedom for her people.

In a final attempt to end the conflict, the Aldorian government devised a plan. The Veritas would seal the Eight Sages inside crystals; with their military leaders out of the way, Hess's military power would be dramatically reduced and would have no other option but to agree to have peace negotiations, through which Aldore would grant Hess its independence. Raegen complied, but would openly threaten to side with Hess should the leaders of Aldore refuse to keep their promises.

Of the Sworn Eight, Frostlord deemed the plan a waste of time and sought to fight the sages on his own. Although Raegen tried to reason with him, Frostlord demanded that Raegen use his strength to make Frostlord obey him. Raegen opted to let him to do as he pleased; ultimately, Frostlord perished, though his remains or armor were never found after his death. Before the final battle, Raegen was approached by Citra and Sakura, whom he asked what they would after the war ended. The sisters were unable to respond, but Raegen in turn said he wanted to discard his armor and travel the world. Citra – who secretly held feelings for him – decided to accompany him, promising a good journey, with Sakura echoing the sentiments, and he accepted.

However, upon sealing the sages, the Veritas were betrayed. The leaders of Aldore feared the Sworn Eight's power and their influence over the people as heroes, and felt threated by the possibility of the eight playing a major part in shaping Aldore's future after the war. To get rid of them, they created a massive dimensional gate and banished the Sworn Eight, the sealed sages, the soldiers of Aldore and Hess, and the very land they stood upon, to the world of Lapis. To ensure that it would remain fixed to Lapis for ages to come, Aldore put a seal upon the land which consisted of eight great crystals, each corresponding to one of the elements.

Life on Grandshelt Edit

In the aftermath, Raegen and his comrades were left with a lasting grudge against their commanders. Yet, as much as they wanted to take revenge, they were unable to find a way to return to Paladia and, over the centuries, their feelings of anger began to subside. Six centuries after the occurrence, however, Citra and Sakura found a book at the Magic Library which said that the dimensional gate had never really disappeared, and that it could opened every 100 years or so. Most of the Veritas were on board with the plan to destroy the crystals, but Raegen and Sakura discarded their armors and decided to forsake revenge in order to leave peaceful lives. Raegen decided to travel the world, as he had intended before their banishment.

His journey brought him to Grandshelt, where he joined the Royal Guard and where he met and fell in love with Sophia. After marrying, they had a son Rain. Raegen also took in the orphaned Lasswell after his parents were killed by monsters, and raised him as his son – just as Yuraisha had done with him. Upon seeing Lasswell's determination and frustration with growing stronger, he gifted him Purple Lightning, believing Lasswell could unleash its true power.

As seen in "Guardian of the Order", a wave of children's kidnappings beset the kingdom, for which he worried over Rain and Lasswell's safety. While he wanted to help solve the case, he expressed his confidence in his fellow knight, Loren. Before her team could end the kidnappings, Rain and Lasswell fell under the cultist's spell; during the night, they sneaked out of their home. Raegen followed them, but he was unable to stop them from leaving the capital as a large number of monsters started attacking the city. Forced to protect the townspeople, he entrusted their rescue to Loren. She was ultimately successful, and Rain and Lasswell returned home safely.

He also found the crystal that contained Fina, one of the eight sages, below Grandshelt Castle. One day, as Raegen traversed her dwelling place, Rain followed him and saw Fina's crystal. He touched it out of curiosity, forcibly awakening the blood of Aldore's power within him; Raegen came to his aid but, surprised that his son had inherited this power, he walked away despite his son's pleas. In the following weeks, Rain's condition worsened until Fina stored away his power until a time he could handle it.

FFBE Sophia vs Citra

Soon afterwards, and five years before the events of the game, Citra visited Raegen to try and convince him to rejoin their efforts. He refused, pointing out that a normal life was the greatest journey of all. Citra then attempted to coerce Raegen by force and the two battled, although Raegen was at a disadvantage without his armor. Sophia, who begged Raegen not to join the Sworn Six (being aware of their nefarious plans), intercepted a blast intended for Raegen.

Raegen carried her home; in her dying moments, she asked him to preserve his memories of her as a vision to show Rain and Lasswell when they were older. Raegen told her she loved her, and she passed away. He brought her body to their home, where Rain was waiting for her. Raegen told his son that she was dead and blamed himself for her passing. Raegen then disappeared, in order to search for Frostlord's armor, as he could no longer access his own armor due to somebody else being in possession of it.

Season One Edit

After five years of searching, Raegen finally locates the armor at Duggle Village, on the Gronoa continent, where it is worshipped as a deity. With the Veritas having destroyed all but the Dark Crystal, he steals the armor and puts it on so that he may be able to fight the Veritas. Sakura, who too opposes their former comrades, feels Raegen's presence and comes to the village – accompanied by Rain, Lasswell, the two Finas, Lid, Nichol and Jake. As Sakura mistakes him for the original Frostlord, Raegen takes advantage of the confusion and assumes the identity. He seemingly freezes the villagers, including Camille, and demands that he will not release the people unless they defeat him.

Further stating he won't bother with meaningless battles, he forces the party to battle with each other in order to find who is the strongest. The party fights among themselves, until Rain and Lasswell finally face each other in a duel. However, Raegen notices that Lasswell is holding himself back and demands that the two fight seriously. Lasswell reveals that he only wanted to be able to keep up with Rain's talents, and feels guilty about the current situation. Rain curses his own weakness at seeing his friend hurt and draws forth his dormant power, accepting it as a part of himself at last. In the end, Rain emerges victorious.

Satisfied with their growth, Raegen keeps his word and thaws out the villagers. He then decides to settle the fight at Dark Crystal's chamber, where he is defeated by the party. He reveals everything was a lie to motivate them, but before he can finish explaining, the Sworn Six of Paladia appear before them. Sieghard notices Raegen behind the party, and invites him to rejoin them. Raegen declines, taking his helmet off and revealing his identity at last, leaving everyone flabbergasted.

The two group then clash in battle until the shrine becomes unstable, and Raegen has Sakura teleport the party to Pharm, while he teleport the Dark Crystal. At Hashin Area, Raegen faces Darklord and Citra in combat, until Darklord defeats him to protect her. Unable to continue using Frostlord's armor, he lays wounded until Rain's party catches up with him. Together, they prevent Darklord (who is revealed to be a special vision of Raegen as he was 700 years ago) and Citra from destroying the crystal. Before the party can rejoice, Sol and Behemoth K destroy the crystal, knock the party out, and kill Darklord before departing to the dimensional gate in order to destroy Lapis.

When they regain consciousness, Raegen and the others set out to climb the crystal tower to stop the sages and close the gate. As they climb, Raegen shows Rain and Lasswell a vision of Sophia, keeping his promise to her; later on, Volka and Citra join their efforts thanks to Nichol. The two remaining Veritas keep Behemoth busy, while the party catches up with Sol. When he puts up a barrier, the group realizes that Fina is going to disappear, but Dark Fina sacrifices herself: she becomes the Earth Crystal, sealing the land once again, allowing Fina to carry on existing.

Fina dispels Sol's barrier and the party makes it to the summit, where they find and defeat Sol. The sage, however, summons the Chaotic Darkness—which creates a floating continent. As they traverse the various lands, Raegen converses with Lasswell intending to tell him the truth of his parentage after the battle ends, all the while being internally conflicted that Lasswell does not call him "dad". Behemoth K, having defeated Citra and Volka, teleports before them, but in his weakened state, the party puts him to rest. At the Land of Darkness, they defeat Sol, but the sage declares his hatred of Rain, and retreats. Supported by the prayers of those they met during their journey, the party defeats the Chaotic Darkness for good.

To close the gate, Raegen does a complete awakening of Aldore's power; he admits that sealing the gate is risky, but he is confident he can do it. Despite this, Lasswell tells Raegen to be careful and finally calls him "Dad". Raegen's attempts are unsuccessful as his strength has been drained, so Rain awakens to his own power and assists Raegen in closing the gate. When Sol reappears and intends to force the Gate wide open, Rain intercepts the sage, with the clash causing both of them to disappear. Raegen returns to tell the others that Rain is gone, but Lasswell is confident that Rain is alive and vows to find him.

Season Two Edit

A few months later, Raegen, Lasswell (who now calls Raegen "Father") and Fina hear from Sakura that she has received information that Rain ended up in Paladia. Aboard the Invincible, the three – alongside Sakura, Jake, Lid and Nichol – pass through the partially-open gate in order to find Rain. However, the group splits up at one point: Raegen, upon discovering that his homeworld has been turned into a dictatorship, vows to free Paladia and goes to the Aldore Tower to confront the Aldore Emperor, assisted by the mysteriously-revived Veritas. Whereas Lasswell and the others search for Rain in the Georl continent while Raegen and the Veritas were going to defeat the Aldore Emperor.

Raegen and the others were inside the tower on the lowest level, before they began to reach on the top to the Emperor's chamber, Raegen then began to wear the Darklord armor once again as the Sworn Six begins their new final quest, when they reached to the gate, the gate was powered in protection blocking their access, Flamelord then used his axe and all his strength to blast the door, but despite being the largest of his group, he couldn't make a single scratch, Raegen then goes in front of the gate as he used the power of his "Complete Awakening" in order to remove the powered protection for the gates, at the same time, Raegen began to sense something that worried him. Once they reached to the Aldore Emperor's chamber, they meet their new successors and the Aldore Emperor's new commanders called The Orders, they engaged in battle but ultimately lost, Raegen faced against Hyoh, he used the power of his armor and his Complete Awakening but wasn't strong enough to defeat Hyoh, Hyoh then walked down to the defeated Sworn Six and delivers the final blow, however instead, Raegen and the Sworn Six were spared because they were not strong enough to be a worth to kill, instead they were sent to prison.

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Raegen's job is listed as Sworn Eight, while his role in combat is Physical Damage and Support. A 5-6★ Rare Summon, he is currently obtainable since the event Grandshelt Warsong. He can equip daggers, swords, greatswords, katanas, bows, spears, guns, fists, along with light shields, hats, helms, clothes, light armor, heavy armor, and accessories. Like the other CG units, Raegen's Limit Burst, Secret Slash Attack (闇討チ払ウ緋蒼ノ剣, [missing rōmaji]?, lit. Scarlet and Azure Swords Drive Back the Darkness), is a special CG movie and has a powerful effect: it deals unmitigated damage to all enemies, and reduces their resistance to both Ice and Fire.

Raegen also appears as a boss in Gronoa Shrine Depths - Hall under the guise of Veritas of the Frost. He is Level 67; he has 300,000 HP, is immune to all status ailments but Blind, and is immune to Ice, but weak to Fire attacks.

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  • Not counting Ariana Grande and her background song "Touch It", Raegen is the first character to have an in-game voice sample, albeit only heard during his Limit Burst. He says (刻め, kizame?), which can be translated roughly to "Shred 'em".
  • His favorite dish is the cream stew that Sophia used to make.

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