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FFLII Race Course

Race Course in Race World.

Race Course is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II. The party has entered the race in an attempts to claim the prize, MAGI.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Regardless of which dragon the party has chosen, their dragon falls behind from the other three contenders. Along the way, they come across one of them laying on the ground. They were waylaid by the monsters, another team defeated those monsters and took the MAGI.

Further down the race track, another one is found laying on the road and the same thing has happen to them. The last contender is also found laying on the road, mentioning that he couldn't make it any farther. When the party tried to continue pass him, a monster appears and attacks the party.

Upon defeating the monster, the party receive four MAGI. The party continues the race and they are the only ones to reaches the goal.

Spoilers end here.



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